IQCent Review: Navigating Scam Allegations and Features is a digital trading platform. It offers various trading options, such as CFDs and cryptocurrency. Users from different parts of the world can trade and invest through this platform. However, it’s essential to note that they don’t provide services in the USA.

In this review, the primary goal is to assess’s authenticity and reliability. We aim to evaluate whether it’s a legitimate platform for investors to trade and invest their funds safely. We will scrutinize the website’s features, trading options, and user experience. This will help potential users make an informed decision before investing their money. We will explore the platform’s user interface, customer support, and trading features like CopyTrading and LiveTrades. These features are crucial as they enhance the user’s trading experience by simplifying the trading process. For instance, CopyTrading allows users to replicate the trades of successful investors automatically. has also made a significant effort to clarify the risks involved in trading on its platform. They emphasize that trading involves substantial risk, and one can lose all their invested funds. This transparency is a positive aspect as it shows the platform’s commitment to informing its users about potential risks involved in trading.

In conclusion, this review aims to provide a clear and comprehensive evaluation of We aim to determine whether it is a safe and reliable platform for trading and investing in digital assets.

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First Impressions

IQCent’s website gives off a professional vibe at first glance. It’s designed well, making it easy for users to navigate. The layout is simple, and the information is presented clearly. This user-friendliness makes the website appealing to both new and experienced traders.

Contact information is easily accessible on the site. It shows they are open to communication and ready to assist. The site offers an email and live chat feature, ensuring that help is available. Quick and helpful responses can be expected, showcasing their commitment to customer service.

The registration process on IQCent is straightforward. It doesn’t take much time and is easy to complete. Users need to fill out a form providing some basic information. Despite its simplicity, the registration maintains a strong level of security. This protects users’ information, adding to the site’s reliability.

Overall, the first impression of IQCent is positive. The website’s design is professional, and the necessary information is easy to find. This includes precise contact details, ensuring users can get support quickly. The registration is user-friendly without compromising the security and safety of user information.

Offered Services

IQCent deals with various types of cryptocurrencies. They offer options like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, among others. This range of options provides traders with flexibility and choice in their transactions.

In terms of trading, IQCent offers Forex trading, which involves currency trading, opening the door to the global currency market for traders.

Besides, IQCent provides additional services to enhance trading experiences. One notable feature is CopyTrading. This feature allows users to copy trades from experienced traders, simplifying the trading process for beginners. Another extra service is a demo account. It lets users practice trading without real money, providing a learning opportunity without financial risks.

IQCent is committed to providing a comprehensive and user-friendly trading experience through these services. Their various cryptocurrencies and trading options cater to different trading preferences and experiences. Moreover, the added features aim to support and guide traders, especially those new to the trading world.

Platform Security

IQCent prioritizes the security of its users’ data. They use SSL certification to ensure that the data is protected. SSL certification encrypts the information. This way, the data shared between the user and the site remains private.

In addition to SSL, they also use robust data encryption technologies. These technologies add another layer of security. They help to safeguard users’ sensitive information from potential threats.

There haven’t been any known security breaches or significant issues reported against IQCent. This track record helps to build trust with users. A secure platform encourages users to trade confidently, knowing their data is safe.

IQCent’s commitment to security through these measures plays a crucial role in its reliability as a trading platform. By prioritizing user safety, they make sure that the users can focus on trading without worrying about their data’s security.

Regulatory Compliance

IQCent operates without official regulations or licenses, as per the provided details. This means there aren’t strict legal guidelines they must follow.

However, they show awareness of international laws and restrictions. They ensure they don’t offer services in regions where their operations are illegal. For example, they don’t provide CFDs in the USA due to legal restrictions. This shows a level of adherence to regional and international rules.

Yet, the lack of formal regulation raises questions about their compliance and reliability. Remember, operating without a license often means fewer protections for users and their investments.

Customer Support

IQCent provides reliable customer support through various channels. Customers can reach out via email at for detailed queries and assistance. This ensures that user questions are addressed effectively. Moreover, they maintain a presence on social media, enhancing their accessibility.

You can connect with them on Instagram and Twitter through and

platforms allow users to stay updated and engage with the latest information. Including multiple contact options highlights IQCent’s effort to ensure a supportive and responsive user experience.


IQCent doesn’t fully disclose its fee structure in the provided sections of its website. This lack of transparency might make it challenging for users to understand potential costs upfront fully. Even though detailed fee information is missing, they outline operational processes and user agreements.

Users can easily access terms and conditions, bonus rules, and the risk statement on the website. These documents are crucial to understanding how the platform operates and what’s expected from the users.

So, while some operational aspects are transparent, the absence of a detailed fee structure could be a point of consideration for potential users. For precise fee details, contacting IQCent’s customer support is advisable.

User Experience with IQCent

Site Jabber

Sitejabber features a range of customer reviews for IQCent. IQCent has a 4.11-star rating from nine reviews, indicating decent customer satisfaction. Most users seem happy with their experience. They praise the platform for its supportive customer service and user-friendly interface.

Positive reviews highlight quick and helpful support. One user complimented the live chat feature, noting swift problem resolution. Others appreciated the platform’s visual appeal and functionality, creating a satisfying user experience.

However, the platform also received some criticism. A few reviewers expressed discontent regarding the withdrawal processes. They described their experiences as problematic, facing delays and difficulties accessing their funds.

It is worth noting that IQCent doesn’t typically respond to these reviews on Sitejabber. However, potential users might find these real user experiences helpful when considering whether to use IQCent’s services. Positive and negative reviews give insights into what one might expect when dealing with the platform.


IQCent is a trading platform with mixed reviews from users. Some customers appreciate the quick support and user-friendly interface, finding it suitable for beginners. They like the fast deposit and withdrawal procedures involving cryptocurrency and praise the platform’s additional features and bonuses.

However, many users express dissatisfaction mainly due to withdrawal issues. Complaints highlight delays, with some waiting for extended periods without receiving their funds. Others label the platform a scam, mentioning unexpected losses and rigged trading experiences.

IQCent’s response to these complaints is generally apologetic, offering direct contact information for further assistance. They are committed to resolving issues and improving user experience, aiming for complete customer satisfaction. It’s also noted that Trustpilot detected and removed several fake reviews for the company, which can influence the overall perception and rating of the platform. In summary, potential users should exercise caution and consider the mixed feedback before using the platform.

Analyzing the IQCent Reviews on SiteJabber and Trustpilot

Sitejabber and Trustpilot have various reviews on IQCent. Sitejabber gives IQCent a 4.11-star rating, showcasing decent customer happiness. People generally like the platform. They say it has good customer service and it’s easy to use. Users mention quick, helpful support, especially in the live chat. They also like the way the platform looks and works.

However, not everything is positive. Some users talk about issues with getting their money out. They say there are delays and problems accessing funds. IQCent doesn’t usually respond to comments on Sitejabber. These good and bad reviews can help future users choose to use IQCent.

Trustpilot shows mixed feelings about IQCent. Some users like the quick help they receive and find the platform beginner-friendly. People also mention fast money deposits and withdrawals with cryptocurrency. They say the platform has good extra features and bonuses.

On the other hand, some users aren’t happy. They complain mainly about issues with withdrawing money. Some say they waited a long time without getting their funds. A few even call the platform a scam and talk about unexpected losses and unfair trading experiences.

IQCent usually responds to these negative comments. They apologize and offer ways to contact them for more help. They promise to solve problems and make the user experience better. Trustpilot also found and removed fake reviews about IQCent. This might change how people see and rate the platform. Users should consider these varied opinions carefully before deciding to use IQCent.

New in IQcent – November 2023

Direct card deposits are now available on! This exciting update allows clients to use card deposits immediately, offering an alternative to cryptocurrency deposits. This feature is currently accessible to clients in most regions, except for Cuba, North Korea, Syria, Iran, Russia, Uzbekistan, and Turkey. The team at is diligently working to extend this service to these regions as well, though it will require some additional time. This development provides enhanced convenience and flexibility for all IQCent users.

Moreover, IQCent has boosted its payment systems. Withdrawals and deposits will process faster now, ensuring a smoother user experience. They’ve also introduced a Mystery Box feature. It has gained popularity, adding fun and excitement to the trading journey.

Expanding its horizon, IQCent is partnering with a notable CFD broker. This addition will cater to clients who prefer exclusively trading CFDs, enriching the platform’s diversity.

The trading space now boasts a fresh look, making trading more straightforward, especially for new traders. An enhanced UI scale feature has been added, letting users personalize their trading space. They’ve also improved support access, streamlining the process to offer quicker responses.

A new TurboSaving feature at withdrawal offers users more control and flexibility. Plus, upcoming features aim to make deposits and withdrawals even more convenient.

Lastly, clients can look forward to a major network update. These improvements are designed to enrich the user experience, making trading on IQCent easier and more enjoyable. Stay tuned for more impressive updates from the platform!

IQcent Review: Conclusion

In wrapping up, our review presents a mixed image of The platform excels in user-friendliness, customer support, and security measures. They offer various trading tools, aiding both novice and experienced traders. However, concerns arise due to regulatory uncertainties and withdrawal issues highlighted by users.

Our analysis doesn’t unequivocally label IQCent as a scam or entirely safe. We advise potential users to exercise caution. Always conduct personal research and practice safe online habits to guard against scams. Victims of fraudulent activities may seek help from cryptocurrency tracing companies.

Remember, our review aims to inform based on extensive research. While we strive for accuracy, we encourage readers to apply their diligence.

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We welcome readers to share experiences or queries regarding IQCent in the comments, fostering a community of informed traders.

Thanks for reading! If you have been scammed, learn how to recover your funds. To report scams, please visit our blacklist!


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