KapitalOf/WebLider.net Review

Kapitalof.com - Scam Review

KapitalOf (KapitalOf.com/WebLider.net) claims to be a multi-purpose platform which is said to be involved in mining and trading activities.  They do not put a dollar figure amount on the returns you can expect from them. All of the contracts offered by them has no maturity date.  

From their platform to their business model just about anything and everything about them is creepy and misleading.  If you ever come across this service and are struggling to make a decision then rest assured by the time you read our full review you will have enough data to draw your own conclusion and take a sensible move with regards to this platform.

License and Support

Regardless of whether they are involved with mining or trading cryptos as both involves a degree of risk and uncertainty this platform has to hold legal documents in order to continue operating without any issues from the government side.  

KapitalOf represents an ICO which offers paid investment plans which gives the investors a right to get certain returns depending upon the pact both the parties consented.  They say that they accept clients from all over the world but at the same time hold anonymity at the highest level.

As it is a routine, we checked FCA and FTC but both the authorities does not have any information about them.  Given these conditions we strongly believe that one should never indulge with them.

Have you noticed that even they do not care to provide their licensing details.  Usually all the investment platform features details about their legal formation unlike these fraudsters who like to keep things way too simple and untraceable.

How does KapitalOf Work?

There is a lot of confusion about this matter.  They say that they are involved with trading but also provide the welcome bonus in terms of hashrate.  Their approach is mind boggling and as a result it drives many people away from signing up with them which is a positive thing.  

Apart from the mediocre narration there is nothing to consider or go over on this platform.  We do not know which assets they are trading, what type of strategy works for them.

Just like a swindle program they have failed to put up verified trading history because they know that they do not have any abilities which deserve attention.  The very moment they skipped the other associated elements of trading we were sure that they do not have a clue about what they are talking.

If you are interested in their mining operations sadly there is no explanation on that also.  We do not know anything regarding their farms or the type of margins they have managed to achieve.  In fact there is no proof to support their claims.

In today’s time if you are involved in crypto sphere then you probably know that cloud mining takes a lot of time not to turn profitable but just to break even on the costs.  Are you willing to risk the time testing them out considering these loopholes?


There is no one word answer for that.  Though their platform gets tons of traffic from all over the globe they have not cared to answer these questions and clarify the mysteries.  

The only way to increase the daily earning is by purchasing the hash power but as we have said earlier mining is not as easy as it was few years ago.  Moreover considering their traffic stats which are impressive there aren’t many user testimonials out there.

Only thing we can suggest you as of now is to start with the absolute minimum amount if you have to sign up with them as many sites operation from Russia in a similar manner have turned out to be scams.

Affiliate Program

One of the key element which has helped this service in gaining virality is the way they have structured their partner program.  This scheme acts more like a pyramid scheme and certainly raises serious suspicion as no legitimate alternatives operates in such manner.

Kapitalof.com - Affiliate Program 

The affiliates gets 20% of the amount deposited by their referrals.  If he/she wants to step up their role and aims to increase their revenue they can do so by inviting other promoters to this service thereby taking advantage of tier commissions.  Regardless of where they are in the pyramid the promoters and marketers are not required to be a part of the actual ponzi scheme.

Domain Popularity

Due to the fact that they use Privacy Protection Service we were not able to trace any identities but with the help of whois.com we do know that there domain was registered on 14/12/2016 and it expires on 14/12/2018.

This website currently has a rank of 5,725 in Russia and has secured a rank of 37,399 globally according to alexa.com.  They rely on ad networking sites for traffic.

Is KapitalOf Scam or Legit?

This platform is probably a scam,

They lack clarity and are operating in a way which is neither appreciable nor commendable.  Transparency and morals should be the impeccable aspects of every business in general, since this firm does not prove to hold any of them in high standard there is nothing which makes them appealing or even trustworthy to say the least.  

Based on what we see it appears to be a ponzi scheme in its full glory which will decimate after some time.  Here is the people’s opinion about them which they have shared on Beermoneyforum:

I think I’d have more confidence in this site if we weren’t mining rubles and were actually mining bit coins or another currency. I had a lot of bad experiences with sites out of Russia. Most of the ones I’m investigated or even worked on in the past are basically after one thing only. A way to get your information and sell it off to the highest bidder. I sorry, but this site doesn’t have a high trust level as it is. It is great you’ve been paid. I think if anyone joins this site they shouldn’t invest in it. I fear they will lose a lot of their investment. I agree that if you want to give it a try to just use the rubles that you accumulate after signing up to the site. See how this goes before even investing out of your pocket.

WebLider.net Twin Scam Warning (Brutal Review)

WebLider.net is a twin website of Kapitalof.com.  Basically the layout and the promises made by them are same.  Whatever factors we have discussed in this review also applies to this platform.  

The only notable difference is in terms of website details and analytics which are as follows.  Note that the following details were based on the data provided on whois.com and alexa.com.

Domain – WebLider.net

Registration Date – 10/04/2017

Expiration Date – 10/04/2019

Global Rank – 69,070

Rank in Russia – 13,081

The identity of the registrars are masked apparently for privacy concerns.

KapitalOf Review Conclusion

KapitalOf appears to be formed by a group of skilled internet marketers who have the perfect knowledge about the online world but that has nothing to do with investments.  

There is not enough information to draw out any conclusive confidence boosting factor but given the amount of choices you have i.e the number of legit services out there why should you take a chance with them?  For now it will be safe for your wallet if you avoid investing on their platform.

Do you have any experience with KapitalOf.com/WebLider.net?  We invite you to share your opinion with us by leaving a comment.


  1. Anonymously

    kapitalof site scam, I have deposited here at 2000rubel equivalent to 200hash mine, and can only withdraw 5% of funds, the rest cannot be withdrawn, and your never try to deposit here, this scam is very extraordinary.

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