Xbtc100.com/Xbtc200.com Review

xbtc100.com,xbtc200.com - Scam Review

Xbtc100.com/Xbtc200.com is basically a perfect clone websites operating in the cryptocurrency niche for considerable amount of time.  They claim to have found some sort of exploit in the blockchain technology which supposedly enables them to earn as much Bitcoin as they want but the facts and common sense points towards south.  

Their website layout looks like a faucet but unlike them these crooks charge a fee for using their service and deliver nothing but regret to the investors.  There isn’t any information about the people running this fake generators which is apparently because of their illegal business model.

Before they trick you into send them money under the name of miner’s fees go through our full review which will give you the reasons as to why you should stay away from them.

Company and Support

Any type of activities or service which is catered to the retail clients in the form of investments has its own set of prerequisites and it involves regulation as well.  In the most basic form Xbtc100/Xbtc200 represent an ICO wherein people have to pay some percentage of their so called returns for using their algorithm exploits.

Since we are concerned about the legitimacy of the services we review, we went ahead to check what type of licenses they hold but we couldn’t find any.  Even the FCA and FTC authorities do not recognize their enterprise which means they have no rights to play around with the investors money and not to mention if there was really any kind of exploit they were using, they would have ended up in prison.  

If you browse through their one page website they have not mentioned any information about their incorporation, why do you think they are keeping quiet on this matter?  It is because they know what they are doing is illegal so they are operating from the shadows.

One more thing you should be aware of is that this platform has no support team, if you ever face a problem with anything then there is no one you can reach out to.  Ask yourself is the risk worth it?

How does Xbtc100/Xbtc200 Work?

They supposedly have a cheat code which can generate up to 2.5 BTC within few minutes.  The users just have to copy their Bitcoin address and paste them on to their platform and run their web based software.  

Once the exploit successfully beaches the blockchain network the returns should reflect on your account.  It all sounds easy but here is the catch, before the transaction gets verified they ask for some percentage of your deposit amount as miner’s fee.  

If you unfortunately pay them then it is gone forever.  As they use BTC it is very difficult to track them down.  The exploit they claim to have in unreal and they are just using telltale stories to lure people in.  Blockchain and Bitcoin networks are arguable even safer than the traditional bank systems, given this kind of conditions do you think that these scammers really have what it takes to nullify them?


The returns are to be set by the users.  It ranges from 0.5 BTC to 2.5 BTC, sounds enticing right?  Obviously we assume that you will chose the top end of the spectrum but know that as you increase your returns the amount of commissions you have to pay to them also increases axiomatically.  

So it might not be a good idea.  High income claims and hype created by their promotional videos they have featured on their platform are all sneaky ways of getting a lot of attention on the web but do not let it fool you.  They are using fancy things as a bait to catch you and turn you into their next victim.

Domain Insight

We tried to find the identity of the registrars of this domain but we did not succeed.  Below we have segregated the important factors of this domain with the help of whois.com.  Note that the first one is details regarding the Xbtc100.com and the second one is regarding Xbtc200.com.

Registered on – 24/12/2017

Expires on – 24/12/2018

Registration Date – 17/08/2018

Expiration Date – 17/08/2019

Registrant Contact details of Xbtc100.com are as follows:

Name – Vladimir Vladimirov

Address – Stroitelei 445, Saratov, Russia

Phone – +7793864521382

The website stats of both the Xbtc100/Xbtc200 are somewhat similar but here is a detailed run down of the website stats of Xbtc200.  It has a global rank of 192,651 and it ranks 12,926 in Iran. Their traffic mostly originates from Iran, India, United States, Poland and Italy.

Is Xbtc100/Xbtc200 a Scam?

The most Dumb one,

If you have fallen victim for their scheme it means that either you were very greedy or completely new to the crypto world.  Generating instant returns of 100 or 200 times the deposit amount is not possible at all at least legally speaking.

They might have processed some small transaction to give people a sense of hope but bottom line is that you will be the one who will get robbed.  Online world has opened up everyone to a land of opportunities but do not be naive enough to believe just about anything.

Take a look at what the users are talking about this service on Beermoneyforum:

Monitored the chat for a half hour on two different browsers at the same time. They show different time stamps by 27 minutes. The names are different but their response to any post is exactly the same. All bots. Ran small test transactions 48 hours apart with no success. Have the screen shots to prove it.

The cycle for chat comments is about 5-7 minutes long.

Xbtc100/Xbtc200 Review Conclusion

Xbtc100/Xbtc200 is a fake system which is good for nothing.  Their approach has won them a lot of traffic overtime but remember their endeavour has cost a lot of people their investment amount.  There is absolutely nothing which can supplement your earning without requiring you to spend time and money, if any other type of means is catching your attention be a responsible adult and check them thoroughly before throwing your money at them.

Have you been scammed by Xbtc100.com/Xbtc200.com?  Share your experience by commenting below.


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    They have others web wich offer the same service SCAM!!!!!!!…

  3. Maria Arias

    I woud like to know about DoubleBitcoin.io I sent them 0,00020000 in order to receive the double in 24 hours and I stil waiting…… Do you know something about this page?

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