Review Faucet - Review is a cryptocurrency faucet which rewards the users for playing games.  The payouts are made in Bitcoins and the withdrawals are said to be processed within a day.  This platform is creating a lot of buzz lately and as usual people are worried about their legitimacy also.  

If you are considering to get started with this faucet and want to know what to expect along with the details of their business model then continue reading our comprehensive review to find out all there is to know about them.

How does Work? is a classic faucet which gives out satoshi every 3 minutes once.  The users can increase their earning by playing games, gambling and other offers.  Games they have in store require certain plugins like Flash and HTML5 without which you won’t be able to run or play them.  

Many users have complained about non compatibility but before jumping into any conclusion make sure that technicalities are taken care of.  Their is a fun dice game which is pure gambling, users just have to select over or under certain value and roll the dice.

This game will make or break your balance but since it is fun there is no point nagging around.  Other popular method to earn coins include filling out surveys and watching ads. All the rewards are directly credited to your coinpot account.


Since it is a free platform to earn satoshi you should never expect the rewards to be appealing rather consider it to be an easy way of making something of value while playing games for timepass.  The exact amount of satoshi depends upon the bitcoin value but here is a rough chart but it might vary at any moment.

24 Satoshi – Every 3 minutes

36 Satoshi – After 5 minutes

92 Satoshi – After about 15 minutes

Affiliate Program

Just like all the services out there this one also tries to grow their user base which will increase their revenue axiomatically.  This faucet features an affiliate program wherein anyone can sign up and refer people to make more money.

The commission percent is 50 of the total amount made by your referral.  Also the affiliates do not have to be an active user, if they have blogs or vlogs related to this sector then they can take advantage of this offer.

Domain Insight

We ran a search on and and found out that this domain was registered on 25/01/2017 and it expires on 24/01/2019.  The owners of this domain have masked their details due to privacy concerns.

This website has a global rank of 6,238 which is too impressive and it ranks 819 in Iran.  The list of countries where they are popular are Iran, Brazil, United States, Japan and Italy.

Is a Scam?

As of now we do not believe that it is a scam,

One of the easy way for us to determine their credibility is to check the user testimonials online.  As this platform turned out to be a popular one we did not have any trouble finding the comments. However, there are positive and negative feedback but the positive comments clearly overweighs the other.  Check out what the users on popular platforms like and Beermoneyforum are saying about them:

None of the big offers pay. Even after emailing them more than once. No response no nothing. The Videos don’t pay most of the time either. Nothing sux worse than watching a bunch of ads and never getting paid.

To Date this site owes me something like 850,000 Satoshis. They never respond. They dice are just there to get you to lose your money right back. The faucet is ok but I don’t know if this site actually pays. Since they never respond like a normal business … I doubt its legit.

Yeah same goes for me. I am interested in Bit coins and would love to do well in this as well. But this online gaming thing is what I don’t like much but if I can manage to earn good amount of money from that then why not, give it a try. Review Conclusion seems to be a legitimate faucet which is currently paying promptly but since it is a free solution nothing much can be said about their future.  If you have spent some time playing on their platform then know that minimum withdrawal threshold is somewhat steep at 10,000 satoshi but if you have that much in your account then it is wise to withdraw that on a frequent basis.

Have you tried  Share your opinion and feedback by commenting below.


  1. Bernardo Cayabyab

    Always pay been using since it started, the most legit site I have ever known. Don’t believe on this review done by this man, the site is absolutely legit and paying.

  2. genuinefreebitcoin

    I have been using only the faucet for nearly a year, always had me earnings sent to my Coinpot Wallet instantly.
    As i said, only used the Faucet.
    [affiliate link removed]

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