Luno Bitcoin Exchange Review

Formerly known as BitX, Luno is one of the oldest Bitcoin exchanges in the World. The UK-based company was established in 2013 at a time when most people hadn’t heard of the digital currency and those who had were mostly not interested. With time, Luno has built a reputation for being one of the most reliable, safe and affordable Bitcoin exchanges in the World. Ironically, their market share remains relatively small and trading rarely exceeds half a million dollars. This could be because, for the longest time, Luno was only dealing with bitcoins, leaving out other currencies which might have brought it a bigger number of clients. As such, when the company changed their name from BitX to Luno, there was speculation that they were planning to introduce supporting services for other digital currencies in a bid to improve their market share. Whether that is true or not remains to be seen.

Update (November 9, 2017): Luno now also offers service for Ethereum, allowing their customers to buy, sell and store ETH. Bitcoin Exchange

Trading Platforms

Luno supports a number of platforms which are all integrated to enable seamless cross-platform interaction. First, there is the web platform, accessed through the main web page and which requires no downloads whatsoever. For mobile users, the Luno mobile app is available at Google PlayStore and is tailored to make trading as safe, smooth and efficient as possible in mobile devices. WebSocket and API platforms are also supported and provide alternative ways to access the exchange system.

Transaction Charges and Commissions

Luno has some of the lowest rates in the industry. Basically, traders incur zero charges when sending or receiving BTC using their email addresses or phone numbers. When sending or receiving BTC through your Bitcoin address, a transaction fee of BTC 0.0002 applies. When it comes to purchases, the payable commission is dependent on whether you are a ‘taker’ or ‘giver.’ Takers are generally those traders who decrease the liquidity by buying Bitcoins. Givers, on the other hand are traders who increase the liquidity by offering Bitcoins for sale.

Transaction charges when funding your account depend on your geographic location and means of payment. Credit card payments attract a maximum 1.50% commission while bank transfers are free for most countries.

Withdrawals attract commissions of up to $50 again, depending on the amount to be withdrawn.

Luno Bitcoin Wallet

The Luno Bitcoin Wallet application for mobile devices makes it possible to buy bitcoin using a credit card. Currently in beta, this feature is only available in Canada, India and Europe. Other features include quickly buying and selling bitcoin, accessing your bitcoin account easily even when you’re away from your computer, and a lot more. You can even use the application to trade on the Luno Exchange. Instant buy/sell and the Luno Exchange are currently available in Indonesia, Nigeria, Singapore and South Africa, with more countries coming soon.


As of now, Luno has no known licenses under any jurisdiction. This is probably because Bitcoins are not considered legal tender and governments are yet to develop regulatory frameworks. That said, the company complies with Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering standards to prevent money laundering and ensure that all transactions are secure.

Payment Method

You can fund your Luno account and/or buy BTC via bank transfer, international wire or credit card. Currencies supported include British Pound, Indonesian Rupiah, Malaysian Ringitt and the South African Rand.

Customer support

Luno customer support can be reached by visiting the help page ( and filling out the inquiry form.

Local office addresses

1 Fore Street, London EC2Y 9DT

120 Robinson Road, Singapore 068913

De Waterkant, Cape Town 8001


We couldn’t find a lot of negative reviews about this bitcoin exchange. One reviewer from South Africa wrote that he has been “using Luno for a couple of months now and I must say I’m impressed. No delays in incoming/outgoing BTC or FIAT to ZAR. Verification checks were straight forward and no issues paying into Capitec.”

Unfortunately, the Bitcoin Wallet application received quite a few negative reviews on the Google Play website. For example, one reviewer said: “this luno is begining to look more and more like a scam.. first I can’t withdraw my money to my naira bank account now I can’t even send out BTC to another account.. what happened to BITX? Luno is a scam..”

Another reviewer writes: “This guy’s are scam there staff hacks into my account as soon as I received btc, my password, my pin n email where never tempered with, luno AR big thief’s it will never be well with you people.”

Now, Luno has taken time to reply to each of these comments, we’ll give them credit for that. But whether or not you should trust this company remains disputable. We dislike the fact that there’s no telephone number for customer support. And also in general we would not recommend doing business with a non-regulated company.

Luno Review Conclusion

We currently believe that while Luno may not be a scam, there are better Bitcoin exchanges out there. 

If you traded with Luno, please leave a comment below detailing your experience with this bitcoin exchange. Once we have additional feedback about Luno, we will be able to reach a more definite conclusion regarding this company. For now, you’re welcome to visit our List of Bitcoin Exchanges for alternatives.

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  1. Mark

    Luno is most defiantly a scam. PLEASE do your research, they will respond to these comments and say the complaints are not true but I will gladly supply documents to show they have stolen a whole lot of user’s funds. They recently stole 1300 from me and I am working on different options to try to recover my funds. I am also on working on a website I will be putting to help people like me that have been a victim of this company’s scams. There are a lot of posts on the internet where people have deposited their money and Luno locks them out of their account and keeps their money. That is what they did to me October 13th 2022 and in just a few short days I have talked with 78 people that had virtually the same experience I did,

    I purchased 1300 dollars in bitcoin and sent it to my personal wallet, however it never arrived and when I contacted Luno they said they needed to verify my identity again. After days of sending pictures, videos and messages they send me message saying my account will be closed. They will not return my 1300 and will not answer my messages or emails. I get no responses from them. But they will find my reviews and leave comments saying it is not true. Like I said I will produce documents to show it is most defiantly true. Soon I hope to have website up where people can post their proof also, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND STAY FAR AWAY FROM THESE THIEVES….

  2. Elyo is absolutely a SCAM. First time i was trying to invest with them. after i sent 4500 EUR i received an email that i should provide more information to them about my ID. Of course that i did and still i has been 10 days with no answer. they dont reply to my mail and they just close my tickets without explanation. Also they blocked the WITHDRAW and i cannot get back my OWN money. DON’T USE THIS EXHCANGE

  3. mat

    they fees has incredibility high just for sending 0.00025 they charge me R126.00 for just R30.00 and they say it is dynamic fee i suggest using other wallet.

  4. William

    Yes, is the biggest scam I’ve ever seen. 😡😡 they don’t pay out!

  5. Lynn Katsoulis

    We just lost all our bitcoun on Luno. The are no contract details or any option fot recoirse.

    As far as I can see it’s a total scam.

  6. Pascal Büchel

    Can you check
    If it is a scam?
    I think they ar, because you have to register other people to payout your win. 😩😢

  7. Abu hanifah

    Luno-pay .com is ur company too?

  8. Mar

    Please kindly take my review as a high priority.
    Firstly,i think your service in terms of security of accounts/funds is very good,really good.
    Your KYL and other verifications before an account could be upgraded to level 2 or level 3 is also very good,really good.

    All these said,i think once an account has been verified and all is good,and a customer sends money from his/her bank account to his/her account on luno (with both bank account and luno profile showing the same person as the owner,hence not a third party),then a customer can have a smooth usage of your service considering the nature of the rapid change of bitcoin prices,considering bank payments to have gone through some verification by the banks before finally getting to luno,most bank payments have a 2FA-like features which it is so hard for a third party or hacker to possess. And even if there would be an issue,i believe this issue should be solved by your team within few hours of the same day. I think this should be highly taken into consideration because of the losses it can amount to,due to bitcoin’s volatility.

    And if after-all you think something is fishy,you should contact the customer for further details or you should make a refund back to the funding account with adequate email/phone notifications to the registered email/phone. These two steps should be taken before the customer could decide to convert the fiat money to cryptocurrency. Once the conversion has taken place,i think the customer has the right and privilege to use his/her cryptocurrency as desired. You already have a KYL about this customer,so why delaying his trade and making him/her losing money while you are making money.

    My personal issue for writing this review is because since friday 1/march/2019,i made a payment from my bank account using SEPA payment,i received this payment on my luno account the same day. After a little while,i tried to buy bitcoin with this fund and then send the bitcoin to my other wallets where i hold the backup phrase keys,considering the recent hack from luno-like exchanges, ,This is why it is always advisable to have your bitcoin in a wallet you control the backup phrase keys. Back to my ordeal,since friday and till now,the bitcoin transfer from luno to my other wallet shows “pending” . I thought maybe because i didnt make the transfer during business hours,so i decided to wait till monday morning. And after the friday SEPA transfer,i had made some money transfer from my bank account to luno account with the knowledge that the money will be shown in my luno account by monday so that i can buy bitcoins and ethereum. On monday,the whole batches of my SEPA transfers came into my luno wallet. And then after,i converted them to bitcoin,then after i tried to move my bitcoin to my desired wallets. Today is Wednesday,all my bitcoin transfers are still showing “pending”
    However,i contacted their support via chat and emails because luno cant be reached by phone except they call you. So on tuesday,a mail was sent to me to ”
    Your identity document.
    A handwritten note with today’s date and ‘For Luno Use Only’. ”

    I did that and sent it to them,very clear and readable !
    And they also stated that if all is good then they will send my bitcoin to my desired addresses,or maybe place a fone call to me,which i expected to do but they didnt call ,neither was any email sent to me.
    This was on tueday !!

    I didnt hear from them,not even an email for acknowledging that they have received the documents/photos,or email notification to communicate to you if the photo was acceptable or not,or maybe a further (simple or complex) step is required. Please note,some exchange do complain of photos/documents sent to them not being too clear enough,so i always make sure i sent a very clear document/photo with high resolutions so that when you zoom it then you would see clearly every little information. But honestly,you guys please dont compare the camera qualities of a phone to a professional digital-camera,moreover 99.9% of customers use their phone camera to snap these documents/photos. So a high consideration should be considered as regards to the general populace usage.

    On wednesday,i didnt hear from them, then i sent another required photo to them again showing the current date which is wednesday and not the previous (tuesday).

    Still,no respond from them,not even an automated email to acknowledge the received mail,i think this is really bad for a company like luno who is charged with the responsibilities of our funds and our personal data.

    Later that same day which is today wednesday,i decided to login into my luno account, to my dismay my account shows that it has been temporarily suspended. Why would you do such a thing without any notification of any sort? This is really very ridiculous !!

    Immediately,i contacted one of their agents on their chatting platform,his name is mihail. Mihail approach was so good and concise,i told him everything,then he saw that i already contacted them and that i was already assigned a ticket,he read this ticket and he told me they are working on it and that i would have to wait between 2 business day for a resolution (another 2 days? ). My issue with luno is firstly,they are not fully communicative and secondly,they are not timely !! And these two factors are not good for a cryptocurrency dealing considering the high volatility of bitcoin and also the case of a hacker taking down your account,luno’s late or slow response could make things so tensed for you.

    For clarity,my ticket ID is: #604732 and i have more than 2.0 BTC “pending” on luno. Already i have lost some money in the conversion and also in luno’s charges and fees. Will i keep loosing considering i am not being able to trade when i should have ?

    Please put yourself in my situation. This is so sadden.
    In conclusion,i think luno is good in terms of security of accounts/funds,they are very good,really good because they have a 2FA password feature. I will look forward to see luno adding a backup seed to their wallets,i dont know how this is possible,or not.

    But what i’m really looking forward to is to be in possession of my bitcoin.
    Please i want all the team leaders/departments in luno to read this,this could/should be a wake-up call for them so that they can improve their services.


    • Samantha

      luno is a whole scam do not trust them, the person who was managing my account told me to keep on buying the coins buy using the Luno app, please I am currently pointing together a legal case against companies like this on myscamexperience. The more we are the stronger our case, I believe by sharing our reviews we can help others avoid scams like this.

      • telegram_@keepbanking

        What the heck !?!
        THeir support is good and kind AFAIK.
        What’ bothering you srsly

        do you mean
        you can find on wikipedia. All companies listed on wikipedia usually not scam!

        contact support if got a problem do not judge!

  9. Sinbad

    Hi. I live in Johannesburg south Africa. Im interested in bitcoin but don’t know how and where to start. Will the system generate money fore automatically if i buy the bitcoin as I do not have any idea on how to run it

    • Charlotte

      WhatsApp me I will help you through it. 06174211425

  10. Francesca Gubellini

    Luno is a scam don’t use it. No customer service, no fraud department, no investigations. They owe me money that I’m trying to recover in other ways because they are scammers. Don’t use it keep your money safe. Luno is not safe at all. I was scammed on their app. Never again and I’m already spreading the word as far and wide as possible. Appalling

  11. I.J. Blanco

    My wife opened up an account a few months back. It started well. No complaints untill a few weeks back when 0.03 btc simply ‘vsnished’. I had sended her the btc into her account. After more then 700 confirmations her account only showed ‘pending’. She resides in the USA I in Europe but I will join her in a few weeks.

    Because of this I opened an account as well. Leveled it up. Made a transfer so far so good until I asked helpdesk where the so called ‘pending’ transaction was. I was a lucky customer I received a reply. My wife was unlucky her account became ‘suspicious’.

    Ater several contacts and repeated sending the transaction ID I received word she finally had received the btc. While I read the message she called me upset and in any state. Luno had blocked her account! I inmediate sended a message and received a call. If I was aware that my wife is a Nigerian Scammer trading in Nigeria in Lagos!!!!!!!

    I can asure you that the USA is not even near Nigeria!. I had to answer several Questions and send in proof which I dit. But instead of answering any question they just blocked my account as well. No notice, no message. The phonenumber is blocked and the btc? Well gone.

    After doing a short google search I noticed the number of bad reviews and scam notifications increased intensly over a period of 6 weeks.

    My conclussion? Its a scam stay away from it

  12. Luno

    We are happy to announce we start our Investment Campaign to public users.

    Now you can invest with Luno Corporation and grow your coin portfolio.

    Luno will apply your investment in bitcoin and ethereum mining equipments and chips, and in our BTC-ETH Wallet structure. Our shares will pay 27% profit in your Ethereum investment base each Monday at 12:00 GMT, for 4 months.

    To Signup as a Luno Investor please visit our Investment page here:

  13. Lozelle

    I have only had really good service from Luno. It is my preferred platform for BTC trading.

    I have deposited a few times, and also withdrew money. I have not had any problems with Capitec Bank South Africa yet, and I am entirely satisfied with Luno.

    The nice thing is when you give your code as a refferal to someone and as soon as they have traded more than R500 they recieve R10 free bitcoin.

    My referral code: ZVJRD

    Feel free to use it any time.

  14. Jaime K. Nobles

    Selling BTC at liviacoins is easy and reliable.

  15. Imtiaz

    I like the Luno exchange – it’s easy to use and I have had no issues with transactions thus far. Recently when BTC took a nose dive, the robustness of the exchange was tested but it held up reasonably well.
    I would like to see more features added to the graphical displays like is available on Bitstamp, Coinbase etc. but I guess that these features must be on the cards for implementation in 2018 as the site is growing.
    Also – Luno please review your taker fees structure in line with current BTC pricing. Do that and this site will grow exponentially.
    About the ‘premium’ on this site, this ‘premium’ exists on both sides of the equation. One might buy at a higher price but one also sells at a same premium.
    **** 4 stars for you.


    Dear Luno,

    i am having trouble withdrawing money to my Malaysia maybank account since mid of December , there is a alert saying you guys a facing a trouble for withdrawal and deposit from maybank , but i have tried withdrawing to another bank in Malaysia such as CIMB or HSBC also there deposit keep pending for almost 10 days now , i wanted to know the way forward on this , the last update from luno team was on 28th dec 2017 , since then there is no updates on the page about the withdrawal issue , and i have seen there the response from ticket is a automated response , with a such profile company operating in many counties i don’t expect such a low follow up on a issue that put the customer nerve on a knife , its a about money issue , pls guys , wake up and make a response , you guys having bunch of people and your salary is been payed from customer transaction , but when we need in your service , you guys are neglecting , what going on ?? I need know the updates on my withdrawal money

    • leong kaiyuan

      Hi Luno,
      I have having trouble withdrawing money to my Public bank account since mid of December, and the withdrawing keep pending almost 17 days, please help me to take a look on it thanks you.

    • Andrew santo joseph

      hai, I got solution for your all, I am from malaysian to…let me tell you my experience…
      1. I bought bitcoin for usd 2.45 and transfer it into dogecoin from Luno bitcoin to dogecoin at ,after sometimes it goes 0.02 perbit dogecoin (total amount up to usd33.17), then problems come..cannot buy bitcoin back to luno because of some reason…so after 2 hours finding some solution ,then I went to ATM machine to withdraw the invested money…hahaha I got my rm 120.00 from rm 10.00 investment after selling the dogecoin.. visit this to try my solution

    • Donotuseluno

      LUNO is beginning to behave like a scam. I have similar problem withdrawing my money just like you. Looking at all these post means mine is not an isolated case. Same message appears on their website and it’s always “tomorrow” I am starting to spread word all over other platforms to warn others. Share as much as possible.

  17. Fairus Khafiz

    Luno is scammer. I never received my money back. Keep pending.

    • Alana

      I lost $3000 earlier this year. I tried to transfer currency from another platform to Luno. The transfer was successful but after days of waiting and enquiring as to why it is not showing up in the Luno account, Luno came back to us saying it has been lost and it is not retrievable. We demanded that a technical person or management contact us as we could not just let it go. But the customer service guy just kept saying sorry for your loss. They don’t list contact numbers anywhere and I don’t know what else to do. Worst experience ever.

  18. Cristie Bowcher-Royce

    Interestingly my Mum deposited money into her account in early December and it still doesn’t show as a deposit yet twenty ish days on, I however deposited money and missed the correct ref number but alerted them to this and it was picked up and it reflected as a deposit, maybe it was a five day wait, but Mum has raised three support tickets and had nothing back for a response.

  19. luno user

    Trying to withdraw my money from my luno account in Malaysia. Been few days, all I get is standard response of technical problem. What I don’t understand is I don’t have problem depositing money into anybody’s bank account.

  20. Reggie Lee

    Totally scam, just know to auto resolve your case and ask u wait and wait. So you need to reque again and again. Case can’t settle eventhough a month already. Scam! Scam! Scam!

    • Cristie

      Reggie has your case been resolved yet? Mum EFT’d her money on 12 december and now 8th jan it’s still not reflecting as a deposit in her wallet : o

  21. M ijaz

    I would agree with many people that it’s the biggest scam company. I have sent deposit of ££500 from my bank account to my UK account. It’s been 9 days now, funds gone from my account but nothing shows up in my Luno wallet. Raised 2 tickets so far, not a single reply. A total scam, would suggest people to avoid this exchange.

  22. Tahir

    Hi friends please don’t deposit i deposit 22/12/2017 but I’m still waiting I don’t receive anything and I send mail also not reply me please finds don’t deposit otherwise you lose your money
    It’s fake

  23. Kyle

    Dear luno.
    It’s been 3 weeks now that I have deposited money into your guys account and it is not reflecting as yet.. I did check the waiting period on luno and it said 48 hours. I tried again to deposit money on Thursday and till today still nothing. I also have a ticket # 326477.
    Your assistance would be highly appreciated

    • Andy

      I had the same problem with Luno. Their support system sucks.
      I transfered 0.1BTC into my Luno wallet 3 weeks ago and it only arrived 2 days ago.

      I sent numerous messages, and they did respond. Check your replies by going to
      Menu – Help Centre – support.
      It should show all your messages and their responses.


      • Annabel

        Hi There,

        I transfered money a week ago. I made an error with the reference number. I have logged quiries I got no feedback. Not sure what to do. Any suggestions…Regards Anna

  24. prosperitydae

    Hi there,

    This message is intended for any prospective South African investor interested in purchasing Bitcoin and/or Ethereum through Luno – our local cryptocurrency exchange. If you are still condisering use this service, I implore you to seriously reconsider.

    This is a highly unethical company – and that’s to say the least. There are three main issues with this business, namely:

    1) Dubious Price Setting

    Luno sells Ethereum and Bitcoin at a 20% markup compared to most global cryptocurrency exchanges. They are absuing their position as the only South African exchange to charge people far more than what they should. What this means is that when you purchase currencies through this platform you are paying considerably more for the coin that what an investor in the US, UK and Europe would pay. From the moment you purchase through their exchange you have lost money as you paid more than what the going rate actually is for the currency. To make matters worse, the price hike only seems to apply to purchases made, however, when you sell off your holdings for FIAT then miraculously your coins seem to depreciate in value to the globally accepted norm – which means you’re selling for the going rate. Luno has published two articles which refer to local supply and demand in this respect, however, it would be wise to treat these articles with circumspection. Obviosuly the people lining their pockets by charging 20% more than what they should will say something to substantite their actions, so they can keep doing it.

    2) Terrible. Non-existent customer Support.

    This company has no contact details. There are no landline numbers or physical addresses listed on their website or any other web address for that reason. The only contact you could have with this business is through this email address If you ae able to get a response with regard to any query you might have then count yourself luky. Personally I have sent this email 5 qeury mails in the past, to which I received no reply. This company has taken every measure to ensure that you are unable to contact it. It leaves all customers that are able to discern what is really going on with the inablity to get hold of anyone. I have tried to find out what the founder and CEO’s contact details are so I can have my lawyer deliver a legal letter to him, however, as expected the company was not forthcoming with any details. These actions are in total breach of the consumer protection act, but not to be unexpected from a group of people that have something to hide and dont want to come out.

    3) They are thieves

    This company will flat out steal from you. To put you in the picture, I set up a recurring payment from my bank account to Lunos accountevery Friday afternoon sothat I could automate my investments. It was working smoothely until I found out how much they hiked their prices by when i compared the price i was paying for a coin to numerous other exchanges. I subsequently sent the aformentioned legal mail to but recived no response. However, I forgot to cancel my weekly scheduled payment to Luno. The Friday morning following that mail my payment was deducted from my checking account and subsequenlty transferred to Lunos account(this is instant because we both bank with FNB) and I received my normal sms. Lo and Behold that money never reached my Luno wallet, although they took my money they felt no need to allocate it to my account – that money has still not been allocated to my account to this day and has not been returened to my account. I can’t speak for everyone but in my books that is theft.

    There are numerous other issues with this company, but those are the three most notable ones I would other inquisitive investors to be aware of. Please do not consider this exchange, you will truly be doing yourself a disservice. Furthmore, you will allow this unethical company filled with immoral people to grow bigger without consequence.

    If you want to begin investing in the digital economy then i could suggest the follwoing global sites that will allow you to purchase and hold Bitcoin and Ethereum using your credit or debit card:


    These are all reputable exchanges that you will be able to find with a quick Google. Some of their fees can be slightly high, however, you can rest assured your’re dealing with an ethical company and purchasing your coins at an acceptable rate.

    That’s my 2 cents on Luno. I believe it is just a matter of time before you hear about them in the news for finacial misconduct and consumer abuse. If you do decide to use this company then be prepared to be financially exploitated, receive poor service and if you’re lucky, have your money stolen as well.

    Best of luck with your endeavours. Oh, and if anyone from Luno is reading this, how does it feel good to be a criminal? Let me know, would be nice to hear from you. You’ve got my customer support tickets.

    • mbavhi nema

      True and must read. Luno will charge a ridiculous fees and some fees are hidden people must be aware of this. I will definitely use Localbitcoins for my wallet and exchange

    • Cor

      I totally agree with your above story as it is my experience too. 3 days ago either my Luno wallet, or Luno’s database was compromised and all of my funds were transferred out to an apparently unknown account. The extent of help received from Luno is basically non existent and I’m left to deal with the matter alone. I will never trust Luno wallet for future transactions. Buyer beware.

  25. Vah

    Hi Luno team. Having a problem signing into luno. This has never happened before. I signed in around 3 times, one after the other and now it says ‘maximum verification code attempts exceeded’ and it won’t allow me to sign on. Please help. How do I retrieve my money or check current Bitcoin now?

  26. August

    Good day LUNO. A certain amount of bitcoins was transferred to my bitcoin address earlier today. However it’s still showing PENDING on the sending wallet account. Without so much as a notification on my own account. I’ve sent an email with reference number 328507. No response yet. Kindly resolve this issue ASAP. I find it disconcerting. And improve your customer service. Sometimes we want quick response and someone to talk to from your end. Thank you.

  27. Yaboi

    Newbie here
    UI is clean, lvl 1 verification doesn’t require photo, only ID no. and exp. date,

    feel free to use my code: [removed]

  28. Lehlohonolo

    Hi Luno Team. Kindly note i’m seeking your urgent assistance to look into my ticket reference #311449. Its been almost 2 weeks since I deposited the money into my account but its still not reflecting. I never encountered this problem the fist time I used your platform, its great platform but just try to improve your customer service.

  29. Kim Lau

    Hello Luno team, seeking your urgent attention to look into my ticket reference #293951. It has been almost 2 weeks since I deposited the money to my Luno account but it is still not reflective yet. At the same time, my account is still under review for about 2 weeks, exceeded the promised timeline

  30. Ong

    Dear Luno,

    I have sent my 0.5 BTC at 11pm GMT+8 yesterday and the status now is still PENDING (after more than 12 hours). I have open ticket #309377 but received no feedback at all. Please help to check on my issue and revert soonest possible. This is very worrying.

  31. Reggie Lee

    Not sure is it scam or not but I withdraw money to my local bank from 7 December until now not yet been reflected yet. I open ticket at help center #290546 on December 8 no single reply and it auto make as resolve on 14 December. Also also ticket number #301073 also no single reply. While my few thunsand ringgits money just gone like that. I feel like I am being cheated. I don’t know any other of you guys got the same issue like me?

    • Andrew

      I have the exact same problem. Nedbank to Fnb.

    • nielsmitNiel

      Yes, they do not reply to any support tickets

  32. Caryn

    I’ve been using Luno for a couple of months now and it’s worked brilliantly for me. I’ve bought Bitcoin and Ethereum instantly and through their exchange platform; paid someone in bitcoin; sold bitcoin on the exchange and had the money transferred back into my bank account in less that 24 hours.
    In conclusion, i find the platform super easy to use. I’ve had no issues and I’ve learnt a lot through their step-by-step instructions.
    It was the easiest way for me to enter the cryptocurrency market. At the same time of joining luno- I also tried to register on the other recommended South African platform and that wasn’t a smooth process for me at all!
    I’m completely satisfied with my luno experience.

    • Luno

      Thanks so much for the feedback, Caryn! We’re delighted to have you as a customer.
      Team Luno

      • nielsmitNiel

        It is funny to see how quickly you respond to someone writing something positive about you, wish you would do the same to people not getting any response from you.
        Yes you should be delighted, but that should be about every client. Clients are hard to come by, in your case they are falling into your lap. This will pass and with the service we get at this moment, you might be begging people to use your service in future.
        So should you be happy about every customer and not only about those who have a positive experience.
        You are the problem of the complaints, negative reviews and reports from your clients.
        With this kind of support you won’t be in business for long.

      • Fairus Khafiz

        Luno, number one scammers

  33. Alexis

    Transferred money to luno direct bank transfer two weeks ago Bitcoin still not in my wallet and had zero reply from two emails and a ticket I opened with them. Awful customer service and long transfer times of Bitcoin. Seems like they are holding money and not giving people the bitcoins.

    • Tiger Hong

      Luno sucks to the max i swear. If i have gotten into this fucking website earlier i wouldnt have choose to use LUNO . Bullshits website where depositing money instantaneously into their fucking account need to take fucking long to verify. Dont do business if you dont have the manpower and self claimed efficient depositing and withdrawing team. Bullshit!

    • Andy

      Same here. Transfered btc to my Luno wallet 3 days ago…. Still waiting for it to reflect. Waste of time!

    • sonny

      two times, bitcoins I’ve transfered to my luno wallet didn’t reach to my luno account, and there are lost,the third time,yes..i made it,but when I convert it to myr n withdraw it to my account..the status is pending,and the date when I should receive it kept changing..until now,from where I see it, luno is a big big scam..go to hell luno and all of your team..pls die ASAP

  34. Brandon wong

    Hi Luno,
    money still not transfer in my account.
    i have raise another ticket #281113
    for the issue, please help me too…
    thanks you luno support!

  35. Java West

    Hi am not happy with Luno I withdraw money from my wallet the it did not go to my bank account the back said they can not see nothing . Am from South africa and my Email Is Kingmusa 5(at)

  36. Nico Bolder

    It seems that there is a minimum to sell/send bitcoins with luno. I tried Lino for a few days and now I will send bitcoin to another wallet but thuis is moet possible.
    Sometimes he asks to deposit money before send OR sell. Why?

  37. Rofizul Izwan Bin Mohamed

    hey cant do anything with my wallet..cant sell or buy eth n btc..already submit ticket to your support..but no feedback at all..

  38. Danny

    Luno Account Compromised
    I opened an account with Luno last month and all was well.
    However, this morning I received an email from Luno (7:55am Malaysia time) stating that “You have created an API key linked to your Luno account”
    But I did not create this API and this is the first time I heard of API.
    Then at 7:56am, I received an email from Luno that I had transferred all my BTC to another address and at 8:01am I received another email from Luno that I had transferred somemore BTC (apparently cash available in my wallet is used to purchase BTC and transferred out).
    I sent a report to as I cannot find a Luno telephone number to call to.
    I considered this as SERIOUS but replied that it may take upto 4 working days to respond to my message and assign a Ticket Reference Number to me (#280372).
    1)Why was an API created and linked to my Luno account without my knowledge?
    2)I have “two-factor authentication” enabled and how come my account can be compromised?
    3)Should I file a Police Report with my local Police station?

    Any advice you you can give is most appreciated.
    Thank you

  39. cch

    my transaction is pending transaction more than 12 hours. what is going on this trading platform??

    • Dario

      Ticket no 277747 still no access to luno or money . Blocked for two weeks now. No reply from helpdesk at all

      • John

        I keep getting this message when I tried to buy Ethereum. “Cannot Convert Currency at the moment.” Uno customer service sucks. Emailed many times but no reply. I am thinking of pulling all my fund out. My guts tell me its scam.

  40. Taylor

    Absolute nightmare do deal with. Initiated a withdrawal last week and it still haven’t arrived in my account. Support ticket not replied. Basically after they received your money they just forgets about you. Replying is slow, no live support, no phone number to dial. Imagine this, you have withdrawal 10K RM worth of bitcoin and it did not arrive in your bank and you have no means of contacting leaving you with sleepless nights. So do yourself a favour. AVOID THEM AT ALL COST AND SPARE YOUR SLEEP!!!

    • Herman

      I agree fully have the same problem. No support from Luno, My account is locked due to them needing to verify it. Absolutely no response for weeks now. AVOID LUNO AT ALL COST !!!!!

  41. nieXas

    Have no problem with them. received deposit quickly and verification was made on the weekend. recommend.

  42. Eric

    Hi Luno,
    money still not transfer in my account.
    i have raise another ticket #268580
    for the issue, please help me too…
    thanks you luno support!

    • Werner

      Please note that for security and scaling reasons, we can’t monitor these third-party websites to resolve issues and answer questions. For fastest help, please visit:

      • .STAN CHAI

        hi will we be able to cash out after irb has done their business or do u reckon this is a permanent thing
        do u think u can help me i have full trust and support in luno and you . and im sure this is not your fault but do u think you could draft a couter measure u guys are taking u ensure we get our money safely back

  43. Leong Kai Yuan

    Hi Luno,

    I have been waiting for my deposit over 7 days ago, and my old ticket #258015 has been close without any update and response!! Isn’t got any problem on your side support team? And right now i have raise another new ticket #267689 for the issue, please help me to take a look thanks you luno support!

  44. Khz

    I think Luno is 100% scam. Make a withdraw for a week until now but my money still not transfer in my account.

    • gabby

      your money transferred to your account already ?

  45. Max

    I was linked to a guy here on luno after being scammed twice by all these sites . He sold his coins for me at a discount and today all my friends now buy coins from him via [email removed]

  46. Ivan Chan

    I sent 0.98 ETH from Luno wallet to another wallet funds bought from Luno. Its been 7 hrs waiting and transaction pending in Luno and tx is not even in etherscan yet. Cant even have an instant ETH transfer? Common what needs to be pending for ETH transfers? Ticket #261530

  47. Simon

    Hi Luno, so far I am, but it’s becoming very difficult to stay patient if another company is sitting with your money. Support #254301

  48. Ash

    Hi Luno,

    I made a deposit of RM7000, until now the deposit never arrive at my luno wallet… deposit was done on 18th Nov,

    There is support ticket open but there is totally no response from luno team! Feel so insecure as there is no response from luno. Already pass the time limit as mention in help section.. totally no live chat or call for contact

    Support ticket is: #253236


  49. Fikhran

    I have tried to withdraw my money since last week. Including today, it has been 4 failed withdrawal with fees charge every 4 transaction. Have submitted my report with ticket number #250494 . Waiting for Luno’s reply? Take ages!

    Was planning to give another 2 days for them to solve this then I want to go make a police report if not solve. Is Luno a scam?

  50. Aiv

    Frustrated User

    I have transferred RM500 since 11th Nov 2017, and it has not been reflected in my wallet until today!
    I have submitted my first ticket on the 15th of Nov #247448 and second ticket today and have not gotten a reply from your support staff either.

    I am deeply disappointed in your services.

  51. Chin Khim Loon

    I have deposited rm500 on the 17/11/2017 . as at today nothing is shown in my account .My ticket number is # 252734.
    Appreciate if your response team can take immediate action soonest possible.

  52. Dennis

    I transferred RM10,000 to Luno the 14th November, with all the correct reference codes. Funds were confirmed transferred to Bitx Malaysia by my bank.
    I issued ticket 248946 the 16th Nov. No reply, not even a mere acknowledgement.
    I send an email to the 20th November. Still no answer. And still no money in my wallet. After 7 days! And of course no phone line to call.
    Beyond the appalling customer service, I worry about the necessary reactivity when one want to trade efficiently.
    Luno please take care of my case urgently. Thank you

    • Dennis

      Matter resolved today, after 8 days. Reason for delay is that my reference number was not in all the fields. I put it in the reference area, but not in the additional optional field. Sounds like bullshit excuse to me, I am a banking officer, and I never saw any client using such a story to delay acknowledgement of payment. But at least My money is not lost.

  53. Donavan

    Hi , on the 15th I paid R5000 , then R2000 and then R1000 , total R8000 . Nothing showing in my account . From my capitec account . No1 is getting back to me .
    Ticket number #249134
    Please get back to me ASAP

    • Brian

      Hi Donovan, was this issue resolved for you?

  54. Marvulli

    Luno don’t give reason why verification is rejected. And no customer email/phone. Very bad service! I have keeping sending my documents even AHV which was not stated for Europe/Switzerland. Are they bias or think foreigners living in Europe are All criminals. It’s being almost 2months they keep requesting to resend documents or we don’t provide service for what? What is alll this!!!!! I sure hope you guys read this!

  55. Haryadi Handoko

    Until now I am very happy with luno. EASY to use, and I do my trading a lot. Deposit fund no problem at all. Withdraw to send to my bank also no problem. I introduced Luno to my Singaporean friends, unfortunately why do nt have Sin $? Understand that Luno also can use in Singapore right?

  56. Peter Thompson

    I have problem with this luno wallet, I send out btc from luno wallet to another btc account and up till now it didn’t reflect on that particular account despite the fact that luno change me $8.16 sending fee alone still I didn’t see the btc I send out up till now so I think luno people are scammers and nothing more

  57. Jason Ng

    Hey Luno,

    My ticket is #238494. Why don’t you have any support phone or live chat for member to contact?
    It takes decades to get your reply. We never heard reply from luno for my ticket swhich already 6 days and the count still going on. NO REPLY, NO FOLLOW UP, NO STATUS UPDATE. As a member who facing problem with my account, we feel very nervous and insecure. Does LUNO actually receive our ticket? Are they actually handling our case? Well, to LUNO it may just a support case, but to us, it is our hard earn money that lock in the account.
    Lastly, we strongly suggest LUNO to implement live chat support or support phone to increase the efficiency to solve member problem. In the world of cryptocurrency, it changes every second, respond time is ultra important.

    • Luno

      Hi Jason, we’re sorry to hear you haven’t been attended to yet 🙁 We can assure you that our support team will be able to assist you with your issue and your money is safe. The support team will look into it for you and somebody will be in touch as soon as possible. We’re working on improving these services so that we can off phone support and live chat in the future. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

      • Adrian

        Hi please will you help me! I bought 20 ether this morning but only 15 coins are reflecting in my wallet. Thus equates to R30 000 approximately. I have contacted the help centre but no response yet. My ticket number is 257779. I am very concerned but trust that this will be sorted out.

      • Dario

        My ticket no is 277747 no reply in over 2 weeks

  58. Chris Andrews

    I’ve used LUNO now on a number of occassions and haven’t experienced any problems. Their platform is so user- friendly. I trust their service and will continue using it. They haven’t let me down yet.

  59. Willie Landman

    Dear all

    Has anyone withdrawn actual money from Luno to their own bank accounts? Large amounts?

    • Luno

      Hi Willie, please let us know if there’s anything we can assist you with in terms of withdrawals?

      • Julian

        Tried withdrawing some MYR since last week and until now still nothing

  60. Annoyed User Adam

    Hey Luno, please respond to ticket #230590. It’s been 8 days since I wrote in the support inbox and I haven’t even gotten a reply from help centre apart from an automated message!

    • Luno

      Hi Adam, we’re very sorry to hear that you haven’t heard back from us 🙁 We will alert the support team about your ticket and somebody will be in touch. Again, apologies, and thanks for your patience.

  61. David

    Hi There. recently opened a Luno wallet to transfer BTC to another account. After three attempts with different email addresses, eventually managed to go through the process, albeit the BTC price had gone through the roof.
    So far the transaction process has been quick and efficient but it is a bit disappointing that there are no contact details if you have a problem…(eg: trying to open an account!)
    The platform is easy to use and straightforward.
    My only concern (apart from the battle to open an account) is the apparent difference between the Luno exchange rate when depositing (ie: live) and the live exchange rate using the XE currency converter. In the same currency to BTC the difference was 10-11% which seems rather large. Would appreciate an explanation for this…but of course there is nobody you contact or email!!

    • Luno

      Hi David, sorry to hear you’ve been battling to contact us. You can contact our support team by submitting an email ticket via this link: We’d like to know the issues you experienced with creating your account. If you don’t mind, please would you mail our support team with the issues you experienced – we’d love to hear your feedback so that we can work on improving this process.

      Regarding your question about the price, the price of BTC or ETH isn’t set by Luno (or any platform), but instead by buyers and sellers, by supply and demand. Luno is a platform that connects demand (people who want to buy digital currency) and supply (people who want to sell digital currency). There is no standard or “global” price: it simply costs as much as someone is willing to pay for it. Since it is a new currency (and a lot happening in a short amount of time) the price can fluctuate up and down a lot in a short amount of time.

      You may sometimes see that the price of Ethereum or Bitcoin appears to be slightly (or very) different on different platforms (or the price you might see on Google). We wrote an article to explain this in detail, here:

  62. Bricks and Mortar

    Luno and everyone,

    Hi all, anyone have problem with withdrawal due to name mismatch? For example,
    Name as per ID/Passport: Lee Ah Seng

    When u full in details in Luno or any exchange, it’s gonna be given field to input:
    First Name/Given Name: Ah Seng
    Family name/Last name/surname: Lee

    That is the way name is given and written at least in some countries.
    So in Luno account it will show Ah Seng Lee instead of Lee Ah Seng as per ID/passport. Will this be a problem? Or it’s accepted??

    • Luno

      Hi Bricks, if the reference number is correct, it shouldn’t be a problem.

  63. Willie Landman

    Dear Luno

    Can I visit your office in Cape Town please?

    Kind Regards

    • Luno

      Hi Willie, at the moment we provide digital support only. For security reasons, we can’t allow customers at our offices, however, we are working on improving these services and will hopefully be able to provide this type of support soon. Do you have a ticket number we can look into?

  64. Json wong

    Hi, plz follow up this case #234944 immediately…

    • Json wong

      I was sent by misstake… hope to get response soon, tq

    • Luno

      Hi there, we’ll look into this for you.

  65. Syed Rossedi

    Deposited to my Luno acc on 2 Nov 17 RM10,100 but till now not appeared in my Luno acc. Email to support 3 times – my first ticket #233067- asking Luno to expedite the deposit. Hope, to see this deposit appear soon. I will take all necessary steps, to get my deposit money still not in my Luno account.
    I have done the deposit before this and no problem encountered.

    Pls expedite Mr Luno- Bitx Malaysia – failiing to do so, will proceed with police report and submitted to my bank for investigation and get back the money.

    Luno- if your company want to grow- one of the criteria you should seriously action, is providing effective /efficient support team.
    This transaction ie from my bank to Luno- all required – Reference no- done. With no mistake. But wondering why Luno is delaying
    This important action their customers.
    Hope to get the response soon. Tq

    • Cmel

      Wow looks like they ripping people off, fraud guys, keep you money and run.

    • Luno

      Hi there, we’re sorry to hear you’ve been having issues. Firstly, thank you for your patience. We will get the support team to investigate and somebody will be in touch with you ASAP. Again, apologies for the delay.

    • Jason Ng

      Dear Syed Rossedi,

      Did you get credited into your account? Their customer service is so bad that there is no reply at all. Can you advice what can i do if there is still no reply from them?

      • Luno

        Hi Jason, as mentioned, please share your ticket number so that we can look into your issue. Again, thanks for your patience.

  66. miracleshots

    I have an issue on deposit and until today it’s been 5 days without any response or reply. Deposited 11k still not reflected. Could someone please respond to my issue? Ticket number #228537. While waiting bitcoin already went up over the past few days.

    • Luno

      Hi 🙂 Thanks for alerting us. We’ll get the team to investigate for you. Somebody will be in touch.

      • Willie Landman

        I deposited today, emailed them the POP and an hour later my deposit reflects

    • Cmel

      Wonder how long before they respond, kind of suspicious that there is no telephone number.

      • Luno

        Hi there, please get in touch with our support team via and they will assist you with this. Thanks!

  67. Rick

    I had a Bix x wallet on my android and just received a text message stating my luno password has been updated and I didn’t initiate it..and I just checked my wallet and it now shows no balance..Wtf?

    • Luno

      Hi Rick, thanks for alerting us. Sorry to hear you’re having issues. Do you have a ticket number you can share with us so that we can look into this for you?

  68. Wong jin shen

    hi , can ur team plz check #223178 ? both of this payment made on wednesday but it still doesnt credit to my id. thanks

    • Luno

      Hi Wong, thanks for alerting us. We’ll look into this for you and somebody will be in touch.

  69. Alvin Lai

    I’ve used Luno for a few months and I’ve never had an issue with it. Why? Because I read their terms and condition like any normal, rational individual would when it comes to matters that involve large amounts of money. Also, impressive customer service Luno. Keep it up.

    • Luno

      Hi Alvin, thanks for the positive feedback!

  70. Shaka Nesane

    I have withdrawn my money twice so I can’t be scammed for that.

  71. wong jin sheng

    hi , can ur team plz check #220271 and #220266 ? both of this payment made on wednesday but it still doesnt credit to my id. thanks

    • Luno

      Hi Wong, sure, we’ll look into this.

  72. poon chee chin

    hi luno customer servicer ,please check my ticket ( 220555 ) hopefully get respond from u soon , thanks.

    • Luno

      Hi there, please note that when we are experiencing high ticket volumes, responses can take a little longer than usual, but we’ll follow up on this.

  73. Jo

    I have deposited a fund of RM30,700 on last Friday , until now I haven’t received in my luno wallet. I’ve been created a lot of tickets to ask about it but NO RESPONSE at all after they retify the initial msg. I very nervous and worried on this matter. Kindly help find out as soon as possible. Thanks
    My ticket #216487

    • Luno

      Hi Jo, thanks for alerting us here. We’ll look into this for you.

  74. Dave Wainwright

    I lost my Google authenticator app details, have been unable to get login keys for my Luno account… have requested 2FA be removed from my account on the 29th September via Luno website, ticket #208630, and still not response from Luno. Email reply stated 4 days max to resolve issue… its now been 16 days! PLEASE respond… I need access to my account.

    • Luno

      Hi Dave, we’re really sorry to hear that you’ve been waiting so long. Thanks for sharing your ticket number, we’ll send this on to the team to sort out for you.

  75. HF

    Ok so after using Luno for a while here is my honest review.

    Yes Luno is not a scam. Yes they provide direct access to SA ppl to deposit and get funds “instantly” +30 min but thats not what the kicker is with Luno

    Luno tends to sell BTC high to you. Eg if the current market price is R66000 per BTC (listed on their site even) when you instant buy the price spikes magically to R68000 and you actually pay way more for the BTC than you should have thats market indicative.

    Secondly when you actually want to sell again and you want to convert it back to Rand then you only get R57000 per BTC.

    This the write up as “Yea but you want to instantly get your money” so they sell your BTC at the lowest possible price someone is willing to pay for it.

    Now there is no indicative “market” or Luno that is browsable like with any other exchange. There is also no indication of what the current buy vs sell orders are on Luno. There is also no listing of ask prices so you know what you can specify what the price should be or what you want to sell at.

    Conclusion – Luno is hedging the BTC selling them at a premium and giving you min possible for them and hiding behind “Yea but you want to get your money instantly”. Their reasoning that if you are willing to wait for the BTC or Fiat then it will be market related BUT that process at time of transfer is so hidden and unclear that they dont want you to do that.
    In my honest opinion they are being scaly in their exchange practices and manipulating the users due to some users not knowing better. Unfortunately we in SA dont have alternatives and you know what happens when someone has the monopoly over a certain process…. They take full advantage

    • Paul

      That is rubbish. Whether you buy and or sell on the exchange, or use the quick link, the charge remains the same. Either you get it in receipt form from the exchange and but or sell at the exact market price, or on the quick option, they incorporate this charge automatically, hence instead of buying at 65 you buy at 66. The charge, or difference, remains the same. Quite simple actually.

    • Nkhensani

      I agree with you, as much as Luno is convenient for me to use, they sell their BTC at a very high price and buy at a lowest price they can get. The buying and selling price you see is just an estimate, it is only when you actually initiate the sale that you get to see the real price.

    • Luno

      Hi there, Hopefully this breakdown of the fees will shed some light on things and provide some insight:

      Sending BTC: A variable/dynamic fee, depends on network congestion, you will always see it before sending (same as most Bitcoin platforms).

      Receiving BTC: A little complicated, but 0.0002 BTC per on-chain transaction. Note: if sending to someone’s email address/phone number, the transaction is off-chain (instant and free)

      Storing BTC: No cost.

      Buying/selling: The instant buy/sell is a guaranteed price, always shown to you before you agree to the transaction. It’s based on various factors, such as market liquidity, volatility. See this as the equivalent of buying forex at the airport: there’s one flat rate that you can agree to or not.

      Trading Bitcoin: Not the same as buying and selling. If you use the Luno Exchange, you can trade Bitcoin as a market maker or a market taker (providing or taking liquidity — BTC or your local currency). Market maker orders will only execute if someone agrees to that price, but there are no fees involved in those transactions (but, of course, your transaction is not guaranteed). Market taker orders have a maximum of 1% fee (and it goes down from there, based on how much you trade).

      • Evan

        What confuses me is Luno’s advertised BTC price (on its website) is roughly 10% higher than the global btc price.
        This is a major concern to me !
        Current btc/zar price online R101,000
        Luna online price R111,000.
        Please explain what im missing? The alternative is that luna is charging more than the global current price.

      • Imtiaz

        Hi Luno
        Is it not time to perhaps review the taker fee structure?
        It is apparent that this fees structure was arrived at when BTC was at a much lower pricing levels.
        One will have to trade over R15m to get to the 0% taker fee structure presently.
        Can we expect Luno to review this anytime soon?


    i had transfer deposit for RM2000 and RM3000 on 10 October 2017
    1st deposit RM2,000 (Deposit Time : 9.26am) fund is not reflect in my luno wallet
    2nd deposit RM3,000 (Deposit Time : 10.25cm) fund is reflect in my luno wallet
    but why my first deposit is not reflect in my wallet ?

    i already create ticket No : 213959 yesterday. until now no reply and no aswer from your side. I am still new in Luno ,first time facing this kind of problem

    Please help me to settle my problem

    • Luno

      Hi Chang, thanks for alerting us here. We’ll look into this for you and somebody will get in touch with you soon.

  77. miracleshots

    I’ve been trying to get someone to respond to me since 6th October regarding non reflective deposit after my bank transfer. Until now there’s no response. Money is not in for few days. How long does it take to get this rectified or a response? My ticket is #212202

    • Luno

      Hey, Miracleshots, thanks for alerting us here and for sharing your ticket number. We’ll follow up with the team and somebody will contact you. Sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience.

  78. Ian

    Been trying to login to account for two weeks now and no luck. When requesting password via e-mail I receive the password e-mail two or three hours after request an by then my session has expired. No support or contact and looks like this is the only platform
    for feedback? Please update?

    • Luno

      Hi Ian, do you have a ticket number so that we can look into this for you and help you sort this out?

  79. yew

    Hi Luno,

    ticket #210960, the status show processing and the date of the withdrawal keep changing and delay. Can you help to update the status please? thanks

    • Luno

      Hi Yew, please advise if you have been helped out? If not, we’ll look into this for you.

  80. Lynette

    FURIOUS, cannot speak to anyone, no phone numbers listed, who do you speak to for technical support.
    While the site is a self help, there are times you need to speak to someone.
    Very dodgy that no telephone numbers listed.
    Very poor.
    I was told you were connected to FNB in someway, calling there FOREX desk, this don’t know who LUNO is!!
    I will advise the person that referred me to your company that I feel hopeless and will look for another avenue to invest.

    • Luno

      Hey Lynette,

      Sorry to hear about the issues there. We sadly don’t offer telephonic support at this time. But it’s easy to get us to help you. You’ll find a “contact us” button on all articles on our help site, you can also email or find our support resources/messaging feature inside the Luno wallet.

      We’re not connected to FNB. We have a bank account with them, so if you’re making a ZAR deposit from your bank, you could make it to our FNB account and once your money shows up, you can use it to buy Bitcoin.

      Please send us a support message if you’re stuck, using the links/resources above, and our Community Team will be happy to help out.

  81. brandon

    What is this new “specified amount contains fractional units” error I am receiving now that I want to sell my BTC? Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Luno

      Hi Brandon, this was a technical issue which has now been resolved.

  82. abuhasheem

    Hi LUNO,

    I wonder why your BTC/MYR exchange rate is much different than current rates? For example in XE (1BTC = RM18,469). The exchange rate differences in other platforms are only within RM50-RM100 more or less.

    While your current exchange rate is RM17,999. I have monitored your exchange rate in one to two weeks, it turns out that your difference with the others is about RM500-RM700.

    I’m not happy with this. Need your explaination. Thanks

    • Luno

      Hi Abuhasheem, this article on our blog will give you more insight:

  83. Tony

    Hi LUNO

    Why don’t you have any support phone or live chat for member to contact?

    Me and my wife had submit my support ticket (#203004 and #203008) and it takes decades to get your reply. We never heard reply from luno for my ticket since 20th September, which already 6 days and the count still going on. NO REPLY, NO FOLLOW UP, NO STATUS UPDATE. As a member who facing problem with my account, we feel very nervous and insecure. Does LUNO actually receive our ticket? Are they actually handling our case? Well, to LUNO it may just a support case, but to us, it is our hard earn money that lock in the account.

    Lastly, we strongly suggest LUNO to implement live chat support or support phone to increase the efficiency to solve member problem. In the world of cryptocurrency, it changes every second, respond time is ultra important.


    • Luno

      Hi Tony, sorry to hear this 🙁 Our team does their best to get through the ticket queue as quickly as possible, however, when we are experiencing high ticket volumes this can take longer than usual. We are currently working on improving these services. Our support team will make out bound calls if necessary. We send the ticket numbers to the team who will look into your issue. Thanks for your patience.

  84. Felix

    Dear Luno support, I transferred RM10,000 to Bitx Malaysia Sdn Bhd account on 23.18 20 Sep 2017. But until now I havent receive any credit in my account. I created a ticket #204431 about 9 hours ago but yet receive any response from support. Please look into this ticket #204431

    • Felix

      It’s been 7 days, my issue remain unsolved/

    • Felix

      Yet no response from support.

  85. Abisoye

    Luno just ruined my day. I just made a transaction of depositing 20, 000 Satoshi I spent days and night to earn, which I planned to use in paying my intuition fee but Luno took all 20,000 satoshi as a transaction levy? Comon guys, this is ridiculous. Luno of course u know what 20,000 satoshi is, when converted to Naira. Luno, this is my worst day ever.

    • Luno

      Hey Abisoye – thanks for the message.

      We certainly feel your pain and we also wish that sending and receiving Bitcoin could be free. Sadly, the reality is that Bitcoin has grown so much in popularity that more people are using it than the network can effectively handle. This has made Bitcoin slower and more expensive.

      Note that we don’t make money or otherwise profit from charging network fees; they simply cover the Bitcoin mining fees and is standard among most Bitcoin platforms. You can learn more about those fees here:

      Sorry about your loss of 0.0002 BTC (currently around $0.76 USD). Note that sending and receiving to another Luno account holder’s email address or phone number remains free of charge and happens instantly.

      Respectfully, Werner at Luno.

  86. lee wei xiang

    Now for Malaysia example i withdraw by 13 September when i can get my fund transfer from wallet to my bank account?

  87. Terry

    Hi Luno, I have make a withdrawal since 9th till today 11th still not receive my money. The status show pending and the date of the withdrawal keep changing and delay. May I know what is the reason of the delay, thanks.
    Support ticket: #198763 , #199012

    • Luno

      Hi Terry, our Malaysian bank has a known issue, and we’ve already identified the problem — it should be resolved by Wednesday. You can follow the progress on our status page:

      • Tony

        Hi Luno,

        I facing the same problem with Terry. WITHDRAWAL STUCK.
        It is 13th September now but withdrawal is yet to processed.

        We start to worry. Hope you can deliver your promise by solving the issue by 13th September as it greatly affect the confidence of member towards luno. Last year bitx account issue in Malaysia still haunted us. If it happen again, I think the world will totally losing faith to you and your team ( it doesn’t matter how many times you change your company name.)
        Let’s keep finger crossed.


        • Luno

          Hi Tony,

          Due to a technical issue, withdrawals from Luno to MYR bank accounts are delayed. We’ve identified the issue and we’re working with our bank to resolve it. It doesn’t affect deposits or Bitcoin transactions: only MYR withdrawals.

          We are really sorry about the delay and we appreciate your patience. You can monitor the progress on our status page:


          • Tony

            Hi Luno,

            Appreciated that Luno fix the Malaysian bank account issue last week. But now I have another very serious issue. I have submit the ticket, ticket ID #203008. I prefer solve this issue privately with Luno. But the issue is super urgent to me. I hope Luno can look in to the ticket asap and help me resolve it.

            Thanks a lot.

    • Terry

      Finally my withdrawel arrive to my bank after 1 weeks of waiting. Good service and reliable platform. Thanks for your hard work in resolving the issue.

  88. Nicholas Sothmann

    hello i would like to know why is your price currently 63,923 ZAR for 1BC and its only worth 58795.35 ZAR? where does the extra money come from ?
    do you take a cut or what

    • Luno

      Hey Nicholas – that’s a pretty common question. In short, we don’t set the price of Bitcoin, we’re just a platform connecting buyers and sellers (the same way that Gumtree/Craigslist/OLX doesn’t set the price of used furniture). Here’s a detailed article on the price.

  89. Tomas SUCKS!!! It’s soo hiden and so buggy! So hard to understand what compnay this is. They have ANY licence!!!!! SO how they can get my personal data -my passport, my money from bank. They keep our wallets with MILLION of dollars and nobody regulates them!!! Their BTC price always SUPER bad. Always SUPER slow to update to real value. DO NOT USE IT!

    • Luno

      Hey Tomas. Judging by those all caps and multiple exclamation marks I can tell that you’re upset. Sorry if we let you down. Maybe I can provide some context (or invite you to give a detailed description)?

      1. “It’s soo hiden and so buggy! So hard to understand what compnay this is. ”
      We try to be very clear what Luno is: a place for you to easily buy, sell and learn about Bitcoin. We state so everywhere on our site (and products), but I’ll share your feedback with the team and see where we can improve

      2. “They have ANY licence!!!!! SO how they can get my personal data -my passport, my money from bank. They keep our wallets with MILLION of dollars and nobody regulates them!!!”
      Please note that Bitcoin is not currently regulated (in most countries in the world). We do, however, take a proactive self-regulatory approach, in line with existing, regulated financial firms. This is why we request personal information: to make sure that we keep the bad guys out and that we play by the rules of regulated industries. You can see more about our compliance measures here:

      3. “Their BTC price always SUPER bad. Always SUPER slow to update to real value. ”
      Note that the price of Bitcoin is not determined by Luno, but by the market of buyers and sellers (supply and demand). The same way that your local classifieds site (OLX, Gumtree, Locanto, Craigslist etc.) connects buyers with sellers (and doesn’t set the price of the goods those buyers and sellers buy or sell), Luno is simply a platform that allows you to buy and sell at the current market price, as determined by supply and demand (not by the platform). Our price updates in real-time, however.

      All the best.

  90. Weng Yi Sam

    i made 2 deposit for RM100 and RM1000 and it is still not in my wallet for more than 5 days, and there is no reply from Luno. my Ticket #189459

    • Luno

      Hey there. Please note that your email to Luno had no information explaining the problem (other than two screen grab attachments), which makes it really difficult for the Community to resolve.

      This might help for future tickets:

      Your ticket is in the queue, however, and an agent should get to you shortly. Thanks for your patience.

  91. Alec

    Hi Werner

    I see you have helped a few people out so far, hoping you can advise me. I made a payment into my Luno account more than a week ago and still haven’t recieved payment. I contacted the support team last week already and they haven’t gotten back to me.

    Here is my ticket number #186897


    • Luno

      Hey Alec, for security reasons, only our Community Team members have account (and bank) access, but I checked and your issue seems to be resolved. Thanks for the patience.

  92. Stephen

    I just got my inheritance from my father and some of it were some bit coins I really do not know what to do with them . I have been adviced to sell them to individuals at cheaper rates so I can get buyers quickly , so I will be selling my bit coins for $3800 .

    • Luno

      Hey Stephen, First off: sorry for your loss. Secondly: I’d recommend that you use a trusted platform instead of a selling Bitcoin to a stranger (the same way if you had another currency, there’s quite a big risk for things to go wrong). All the best,

  93. Joe

    Hi Werner,
    I hope you still monitoring the site.
    I have made an withdrawal on 4 Aug 2017 and I have have yet to received my fund until today 21 Aug.
    Support ticket # 178202 I made on 10 Aug, not reply not helpful at all.

    I seriously consider making a police report if I still not receive my fund after a month of withdrawal request made.

    Hope you can assist.


    • Luno

      Thanks for your patience with this. I had the Community Team get back to me and they said it was an incorrect IC Cad number entered, that resulted in the delay. As I have it, the issue is in the process of being resolved. Thanks again for the patience!

  94. Hylton

    I have been using Luno for many months and was actually very happy until yesterday when I sold 0.6302 bitcoin and should have received R41 000… however when the transaction went through I was paid just under R36 000 so was effectively conned out of Around R5000!!

    I have sent four messages on the Luno help center and have screen shots of everything which clearly illustrates that I have been conned… I received some one line generic response and nothing since.

    The rate that my bitcoin was converted at was less than market value and is much less than the lowest rate shown on lunos graph across the entire day letalone the time that my transaction was concluded..

    I am still waiting for Luno to renfund me my bitcoin or pay me the balance of my rands… I will be withdrawing all my money from their account and cautioning everyone I know about Lunos MO when it comes to processing sell orders as this is a Scam!!

    • Luno

      Hey Hylton,

      I can try to unpack your situation here a bit. Note that your message is in the queue and our agents will respond to you (but sadly, by sending multiple tickets you slow things down). But I understand the frustration.

      For clarity (and other readers) there are two ways you can sell (or buy) Bitcoin on Luno.

      The first is to use our Buy/Sell functionality in the product. You simply say how much you want to sell (0.6302 BTC in your case) and we display a guaranteed price to you. The “just under R36,000” you mentioned, would have been displayed to you before you accepted the purchase. Note that this is a guaranteed exchange, if you accept it, it goes through. You can learn more about that here:

      The second way you can sell (or buy) Bitcoin is using the Luno Exchange. On the Exchange, you can set a desired price (you can effectively say: “I want to sell my 0.6302 BTC, but I want to receive R200,000 for it”). That transaction can be placed, but it will only close when a buyer comes around, willing to fork out R200,000 for the BTC. You won’t get charged a fee for that sort of sell, but it isn’t guaranteed (it could take months or years before the price reaches that amount). Here is some more information about the exchange:

      I often get asked “Why is the price different” and I penned an article about the topic here:

      I’d encourage you (and other readers) to read up as much as possible on how Bitcoin platforms work. It would be sad if you stopped using Luno, but please do your research on other platforms, since most of them work the same way. And we’re really not trying to hide it: the price (when you use Buy/Sell or the Exchange) is shown to you before you accept the transaction.

      Don’t hesitate to ask if anything else is unclear.

    • Marko

      Hey Hylton.

      Had a similar situation. The price of ether was R7000 on the graph and just before i pressed the button it was R11000. I effectively lost almost half the value immediately. All Luno keeps on saying is we dont set the price. Thats rubbish. They connected me to that “Seller” supposedly. No. They took my money. Gave me nothing for it. They are responsible. Lets make this public. Luno does not pay back and dont respond. They are shit.

      • Adrian

        Hi Marko, I feel your pain. Same happened to me on Black Friday! Just before concluding the purchase they said I was buying at approx R6342 per eth so i expected 20 coins. To my horror i got 15. I cannot believe that their system does not have a built in safety buffer that should the asked price differ more than say 5%, then the transaction should either be deleted or the correct price should be displayed. I feel robbed and can say that this practice is very dishonest. They advertise a safe, fair platform but that is bullshit. I would announce this over a megaphone if I could…..maybe Carte Blanche? Nobody should use Luno, it is a dangerous place. Go to ICE3, they are way better and they actually have customer support. Only drawback is that you can only deposit R75k at a time.

        • Admin

          Great suggestion, Adrian. Are you using ICE3? We’d love to get your feedback on our ICE3 review.

        • ethie

          Hi Adrian and Marko. The same thing has happened to several of us and a group has formed with the intention of taking action. Can you pm me your email addresses and I will add you to the contingent?

          • Adrian

            Hi Ethie, stupid question but how do I pm you on this platform? I don’t want to make my email address public. First time I am using this platform so not that familiar with it. I will gladly join an action group.

  95. Mr Teh Lip Wah

    Greetings Werner*
    Truly appreciate your time taken to rectify the tech problems we faced at LUNO..
    Now I had problem accessing my LUNO account after many failed attempts yesterday 10th Aug, 2017 midnight. I did not experience this problem before…

    Now my LUNO account has been “blocked” after trying many times to access it.. and now its written “RESET 2-FA” whenever I try to sign in.. Kindly help… Urgent!

    • Luno

      Hi Teh Lip Wah – note that for security reasons we can’t fix account issues outside of our support channels. Please send an email to (if you haven’t already done so) and our support agents will help you regain access. There has likely been too many login attempts using the wrong information (wrong password or wrong 2FA). Your funds are safe.

      • Mr Teh Lip Wah


      • Mr Teh Lip Wah

        HI WERNER*

        Its already 4 days and yet no reply from LUNO yet regarding my blocked account…
        Kindly help…SOS!

        My ticket submitted : ” Ticket Received – [#179538] My LUNO blocked* Urgent! ”
        Thank you very much*

        • Luno

          I’m really sorry for the delay; our Community Team said that your ticket came in over the weekend (note we only operate during business days) and it is at the front of the queue for resolution. There has been a huge spike in Bitcoin activity and signups and sadly, with the same amount of Community Team members, we are taking longer than we should.

          But we’re getting to your ticket, you should receive a reply in the next hour or two already.

          • Mr Teh Lip Wah

            Greetings Werner*

            Thanks a million as your guys (JOE) at LUNO were professional in handling my blocked account..
            Am very satisfied with LUNO service and integrity…
            Keep up the good work!

  96. Anuar

    Hi, im anuar, why i buy the bitcoin shon rate is low but when i buy it, its higher than the shown rate.. And why when i sell bitcoin, its cheaper than shown rates? … Why.? Seems the rates is scamed…

    • Luno

      Hey Anuar! Note that the price you see on the Price page ( is the mid-market price (the middle price, between buyers and sellers). Once you’re comfortable with the platform, you can try out the Luno Exchange ( It allows you to set a desired price where you want to buy/sell your Bitcoin – if a seller/buyer comes and closes that transaction, you’ll get exactly your preferred price. Hope this helps.

  97. Izak

    Good service from Luno.No complaints.Happy with them.

    • Luno

      So happy to hear that, Izak. I’ll share your feedback with the team 🙂

  98. Malcolm

    It has been 3 days I made a RM 500 transaction from my saving account however I didn’t use the reference code instead I copied paste the luno Malaysia account number

    I’m getting very nervous that there’s no reply after they acknowledge the first reply

    Also I bought a lot of btc.. I’m seriously having doubt this luno

    Attached proof bank in slip as well

    • Werner

      Hey Malcolm, please note that due to the error on your side (failure to use the reference code) Luno has to manually apply your deposit to your account. This generally takes a few business days (excluding weekends) to get rectified, if you made the payment from your own bank account. If you’ve reached out to Luno already, it will be handled on a first-in-first-out basis in the coming days.

  99. Luno

    This is Werner, Head of Marketing at Luno. Thanks a lot for the thorough review, websites like yours are needed to help keep the ecosystem clean.

    I’d like to elaborate on the “scam” comments you quoted. Unfortunately, when new customers don’t immediately receive their local currency or bitcoin –due to banking delays, normal operational procedures or Bitcoin network congestion– they usually freak out, thinking that their money got stolen/lost. Note that we have never been hacked or otherwise compromised (but as with any financial company/bitcoin exchange, some customers have been victim of phishing attacks).

    We spend most of our time and effort to make sure the platform is safe and secure.

    We are a fast-growing company in a combination of established and emerging markets (such as Nigeria, Indonesia, South Africa and Malaysia) and we’re constantly striving to provide the best security and service to our customers. I’d be happy to discuss operations further with the ScamBitcoin editors and looking forward to more Luno reviews by our customers and more ScamBitcoin reviews of other Bitcoin exchanges in the markets highlighted above 🙂

    To the moon.

    • admin

      Thanks for the clarification, Werner.

    • HF

      Hi Werner. So I recently bought R14k in BTC. I can honestly say the transfers are quick and conversions are around 30 seconds. There are a few issues I have with the platform but that’s just out of preference and not that there is something wrong with Luno.

      Your conversion fees are quite high though and on transferring BTC of 0.3137 it constantly gave me a inefficient funds even though that’s the balance that was indicated in the wallet. Only once I reduced my transfer amount to 0.31369 was it able to transfer my BTC out.

      I have considered a lot of other card based system, Wirex, Xapo etc and If your fees become more in line with the general market I might consider moving all my funds to Luno.

      All in all not a bad experience … just an expensive one.

      • Luno

        Hey HF,

        We used to levy a 0.0002 BTC fee for outgoing BTC transactions, but that has since changed to a dynamic fee (

        Note that this fee doesn’t go to Luno: we pay it over to the Bitcoin network. It’s very frustrating for us too, but Bitcoin has been stuck in what’s been dubbed “the great scaling debate”, where transactions have become slow (or expensive).

        Here’s some more background on the debate and where we’re currently at:

        The fees have already gone way down from their peak and as Bitcoin matures and scales, it should go down even more.

        Thanks again for the comments!

    • Java West

      I have been contacting Luno from different platforms . I withdrew money from my wallet to my Standard bank Account In South Africa , The money is not in my wallet also in my bank account , I went to the bank but they can see nothing . And luno decided to hide you have no telphone numbers . I am worried

      • Borris

        Did you ever receive your money into your bank account?

        • Tahir

          It’s fake I deposit and I didn’t receive anything

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