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Is Mercury Global a Scam? After weighing much consumer feedback, the verdict regarding Mercury is NOT GOOD!

Mercury Global, hosted at, is a shady online investment program that could be fleecing hard-working consumers out of their money.

To find out more regarding this vague investment venture AND why you should AVOID Mercury Global, we invite you to read our unbiased and factual review.

What is


Mercury Global is presented as a professional online investment opportunity that will deliver a stable financial flow while ensuring investors that they can secure ‘financial security’ by being the “owner of the capital and high-yielding assets that generate constantly growing passive income.”

According to, Mercury Global project consists of ‘numerous socio-socio-economic programs that cover all spheres of modern human life.’

Project expects help each participant to shape an individual financial development plan tiered toward their overall investment objectives.

Allegedly, their platform is a top leader in providing high-class professional investment options to achieve wealth and financial freedom.

Who is Behind Mercury Global? does not share any information regarding the owners or current operators behind Mercury Global.

There are not About Us, Contact Us, Terms of Service or Privacy Policy pages visible at

For an online investment opportunity rendering ‘high-class professional’ investment options one would expect one way to touch base with the operators behind Mercury Global.

Instead, we are confronted with a blatant lack of ownership information.

No physical address, reference to a corporate entity or company number or something as minor as a telephone number cannot even be found.

For an online investment opportunity to provide some of the best investment ventures while allegedly having serviced more than 500,000 people not to have viable means of contact or identifying information is suspicious, to say the least. Reviews is not a new domain, WHOIS reports state that became incepted back in early 2013.

However, it wasn’t until the past 6 months that Mercury Global started to make some waves within the online investment community.

According to a thread found at BitcoinTalk:

“Mercury Global is an open international online community of people, based on mutual trust and advanced blockchain technologies, provides to each ach participant the opportunity to create a basic cash flow, to reach the level of prosperity and to sustain it. Community has about 1 000 000 participants around the world and successfully operates for 5 years…”

It is clear that the thread regarding Mercury is heavily looted with affiliated banners but it provides much more insight into Mercury Global than what is shared at

Such as how allegedly investors receive returns up to 1.15% daily during every 300 days while the only supported currencies would be USD, EUR, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Supposedly withdrawals are executed instantaneously on a weekly occurrence while their investment packages offer returns between 0.7% to 1.15% daily with reposts ranging between $500 to $50,000.

Depending upon which type of currency you invest with, along with the sum, will determine your approximate return.

Feedback early on in the BitcoinTalk thread appeared positive and encouraging, but over the past half year it has turned negative with many members stating that Mercury Global is likely a pyramid or Ponzi scheme.

“It looks like a pyramid, such an income is too high, the project will not live long, not enough money.”

“It’s one of those slowburn scams that seem to be a particular favorite in Russia, home of the HYIP.”

A question submitted to Quora also came up regarding whether or not Mercury was a Ponzi Scheme.

The answer went on to state that yes, it appeared to likely be a Ponzi scheme.

Mercury_Global_BitcoinTalk_Reviews Background was registered on January 8th, 2013 through the registrar.

The registrars tech contact information is as followed:

Francisco Fuentealba
222 Grace Church St. Suite 302,
New York, NY 10573, US

Given the registrar information, it appears that the site was privately registered by a member of

According to SimilarWeb, reflected a global rank of 49,081 with an Ukraine rank of 1,871 as of March 10th, 2019.

From January 2019 to February 2019, suffered a 46.57% decrease in total site visits, which could indicate that the negative user experiences coming to light could being taking their toll against Mercury Global.

Is Mercury Global Trustworthy?

Mercury Global is a unique investment opportunity that appeared to be community operated, making liability and responsibility for security of funds a potential issue for potential investors.

Given the fact that most entities need to be regulated and licensed in order to render investment advice, the question of whether or not Mercury Global is a legally allowed to render investment advice depends upon the laws of where you reside.

Due to the excessive number of negative reviews regarding, we do not believe them to be trustworthy. Ponzi Scheme Ruling

Mercury is an interesting investment opportunity that has caught the attention of many day traders and online investors.

Supposedly being community operated, Mercury Global does not provide much information of value on their site regarding what their venture is about.

We found out more in a single affiliate thread post regrading Mercury Global than we could find on their site, while their promoted ROIs within their platform are HIGHLY unrealistic.

Furthermore, if your investment into Mercury Global proved to be unfruitful, would could you hold liable for your losses when you were promised returns between 0.7% to 1.15% daily?

There are several questions that need to be answered before investors seriously consider Mercury Global as a viable investment route.

Given their wide number of negative reviews, along with the general consensus that Mercury Global is a Ponzi scheme amongst users in the community, we believe that the verdict regarding Mercury Global is straightforward.

Verdict: Mercury Global is NOT Trustworthy!

Blacklisted Site:

We invite you to share your insight, feedback and experiences below.


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