Review – Investor “Scammed out of $40,000!”

After receiving correspondence from a day trader who lost over $23,000 to the slick operators behind the scenes of Coinnet, we knew it was time to investigate into this shady investment operation.

Coinnet, hosted at, is a highly deceptive Bitcoin mining scam that promotes highly unrealistic income guarantees for cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are looking to make money online.

Projected monthly ROIs with Coinnet start at 300% and require a minimum deposit of $500.

To find out more regarding Coinnet and WHY you should AVOID this dangerous cryptocurrency scam, we invite you to read our factual and comprehensive review below.

What is Coin Net Mining?


Coinnet is presented as a legitimate cryptocurrency mining venture that offers astronomical ROIs for a 1 month investment.

During the time of writing this review, Coin Net Mining allegedly had completed over 21,200,000 transactions to date while catering their platform to over 2.2 million investors world-wide.

To add to their bold claims, states that they have been online for 7 years and have 2 mining farms to date.

Below are the 2 investment packages currently offered at

Regular Package

Return: 300%

Duration: 1 month

Investment: $500

Premium Package

Return: 500%

Duration: 1 month

Investment: $2,500

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin are the only accepted payment forms available at

Who is Behind

According to their FAQ, Coin Net is a private mining company that operates with the AntMiner S9 and with the “best BITCOIN MINING POOL.”

The only way to reach out to the operators behind Coinnet would be through, or

No reference to a physical address, telephone address or verifiable ownership information can be found at

Disclosed in the footer of their site is a vaguely uploaded image of a company document that allows people to make out that Coin Net Mining (the alleged company behind is a registered company for England and Wales which can be verified through Company Number 6383421.

However, when you search this corporate entity across UK business registers, the entity does not appear to exist.


Domain Insight was registered on November 13th, 2017 by the organization Coin Net, which is based out of Shangai, China.

What we found suspicious would be why only makes reference to “Coin Net Mining,” not solely Coin Net.

We tried searching Coin Net Mining along with their alleged company number of 6383421 across search engines, but we were unable to find any matches verifying the legitimacy of “Coin Net Mining.” stated that they supported over 2 million investors, yet their site failed to secure any web-rankings, which likely indicates that their site actually receives little to no traffic at all.

Coinnet Scam Complaints does not reflect much of a presence across the web, which could be why their misleading Bitcoin mining scheme may be lasting as long as it is.

Our attention wasn’t drawn towards Coinnet until one of our readers reached out to us to share their experience and asked us to warn the public.

Attached in the image below is a copy of the email with the day traders experience.


Red Flags & Question Marks

Lack of Transparency

Before you invest you should always know who is at the helm of the venture in case things don’t go according to plan . only refers to “Coin Net Mining,” yet research indicates a different entity of Coin Net to be the existing entity.

They state they are a UK based corporation, yet our investigation quickly debunked that, while their site failed to provide any verifiable forms of contact such as a physical address or something as simple as a telephone number!

Unrealistic ROIs

The return-on-investments asserted by Coinnet are completely unrealistic.

Claiming that you can generate returns of 300% to 500% within a months period is absolutely ludicrous, even if it is generated by “Bitcoin mining” done by Coinnet.

No reference to the location of Coinnet data centers are shared, what a surprise.

Report of Theft

The only community feedback that is available regarding Coinnet would be from a day trader who suffered serious financial loss at the hands of Coinnet and their slick account managers.

Why invest into a platform that is not only shady but unverified across the community?

Is Trustworthy?

Coinnet is certainly not a trustworthy Bitcoin mining operation. Scam Ruling

Coinnet is a classic example of a cryptocurrency scam targeted unsuspecting Bitcoin enthusiasts.

Allegedly functioning as a private mining company, Coinnet is built upon fabricated lies which quickly unravel when you connect enough dots.

Don’t believe the promise of rich reward through minimum effort, remember if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is!

Verdict: Coinnet is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

We invite you to share any experiences, insight or feedback you may have below!


  1. JAC

    I lost my money with they are fucking scammers, I don’t know how to recover my money 🙁

    • Admin

      How much have you lost with them?

  2. bout

    I think I lost more than you have, but a loss is a loss and it sucks, all these scammers out there….

    If anyone contacts you from instagram or facebook promising high returns and claims to be bitcoin agent, don’t be fooled by them and don’t invest with them because they are scammers.

    I’ve lost so much money, probably over 100K to this by two companies, luckily these websites are not functioning anymore, but I am sure these same people will come up with new scamming websites to try and lure you.

  3. Amulakh Gajjar


    I Will invest in this site but your site news update to me. So My Hard Money not now loss……….


    If Any Legit Site Please inform to me for investment of btc.

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