Avoid Coinrrency Miners Anonymous Ponzi Scheme!

Coinrrency Miners, hosted at Coinrrency.com, is a deceptive and dangerous online Ponzi scheme targeting inexperienced cryptocurrency enthusiasts with ill-founded investment guarantees.

Allegedly launched in 2013, Coinrrency Miners is a poorly fabricated Bitcoin and Altcoin investment scheme that is built upon a shaky foundation of lies and deceit.

To find out why you should avoid the Coinrrency Miners SCAM, we invite you to read our factual Coinrrency Miners scam review.

What is Coinrrency Miners?


If you want the short version, Coinrrency Miners is a Ponzi Scheme.

No other way around it.

To support this bold claim, we invite you to continue reading.

CoinnrencyMiners.com is structured as an online investment platform that offers a “state-of-the-art mining hardware,” that can generate lucrative weekly returns ranging between 5% to 20%.

On an annual basis, this equates to an annual investment yield ranging from 260% to 1,040%.

Example: $5,000 Investment @ 12.5% weekly profits
Annual Return: ~650%
Math: (52 weeks x 12.5% weekly return) = 650%
*Calculations based upon Coinrrency Miners Silver Package*

According to the About Us page of CoinrrencyMiners.com, “CoinrrencyMiners was founded at the end of 2013. The founders of the our world-class cryptocurrecny investment company got to know each other by using the same platform for buying and selling Bitcoins. As our cryptocurrency mining company and its user base grew, new mining farms were built up and several additional people hired, specially programmers and engineers.”

Interesting enough, no mention of their alleged world-class cryptocurrency investment company is disclosed anywhere on their site.

To add, when you search what CoinrrencyMiners.com implies to be their physical address in Google Maps, only partial portions of their address come up as legitimate.

As a whole, their address is fictitious and not a real physical location.

Physical Address Disclosed

8002, Borislav Street, Bulgaria, New York, NY 10012

Email: support@coinrrencyminers.com

Phone: +18 639 490 337

Tollfree: 1800-890-123

Furthermore, only a submission form is available on their report page if you need to touch base with operators behind their site, although it is likely you not receive a reply according to investor feedback.


Coinrrency Miners Packages

During the time of investigating Coinrrency Miners their platform reflected 4 different trading plans which are as followed:


Deposit: $500 – $4,999

Weekly Profits: 5% – 9%

Referral Commission: 5%

Estimated Annual Return: 260% – 468%


Deposit: $5,000 – $19,999

Weekly Profits: 12.5%

Referral Commission: 5% – 10%

Estimated Annual Return: 650%


Deposit: $20,000 – $49,999

Weekly Profits: 15%

Referral Commission: 15% – 20%

Estimated Annual Return: 780%


Deposit: $50,000 – $99,999

Weekly Profits: 20%

Referral Commission: 20% – 25%

Estimated Annual Return: 1,040%

In addition to 4 investment plans would be 5 mining packages available at Coinrrency Miners.

Coinrrency Miners makes no reference to the location the their data centers, their employed mining hardware or equipment along with fails to provide verifiable ownership information.

Mining Plans

Starter Mining

Deposit: $1,000 – $10,000

Hash Power: 10 TH/s – 100 TH/s

Maintenance Fee: 0.5%

Payout Occurrence: Weekly

Silver Mining

Deposit: $10,000 – $20,000

Hash Power: 100 TH/s – 200 TH/s

Maintenance Fee: 2.0%

Payout Occurrence: Weekly


Deposit: $50,000 – $100,000

Hash Power: 500 TH/s – 1,000 TH/s

Maintenance Fee: 4.0%

Payout Occurrence: Weekly


Deposit: $100,000 – $500,000

Hash Power: 1,000 TH/s – 5,000 TH/s

Maintenance Fee: 6.0%

Payout Occurrence: Weekly


Deposit: $500,000+

Hash Power: 5000+ TH/s

Maintenance Fee: 7%

Payout Occurrence: Weekly

As you can deduce for yourself, the return-on-investments and mining returns guaranteed by Coinrrency Miners are highly unrealistic and misleading.

It should be noted that Coinrrency Miners does not disclose ANY verifiable ownership or corporate business information.

This means we are unable to verify the legitimacy of Coinrrency Miners while every characteristic regarding their platform to date reflects signs of being too-good-to-be-true.

Domain Insight

A WHOIS domain report will reveal that CoinrrencyMiners.com was a privately registered domain that was acquired on March 31st, 2018 through the NameSilo, LLC registrar.

This directly contradicts Coinrrency Miners assertion of being around since 2013.

According to SimiliarWeb, CoinrrencyMiners.com reflected a global rank of 3,419,343 with a US rank of 2,534,124 as of March 25th, 2019.

Given Coinrrency Miner’s relatively low web-rankings, we don’t believe their site receives much incoming visitor traffic.


CoinrrencyMiners.com Reviews

The general consensus amongst the cryptocurrency community would be that Coinrrency Miners is nothing more than your typical Ponzi scheme.

Targeting inexperienced and newbie cryptocurrency investors, Coinrrency Miners promotes unrealistic income guarantees to bait unsuspecting investors out of their hard-earned bitcoins.

Do NOT send any bitcoins to Coinrrency Miners and avoid their shady operation as a whole.

Shared below is a relevant investor review shared at TrustPilot:

“cinrrencyminers.com is a fake and cheating company do not trust them. You will fail to earn a single penny for sure. if you want to get a trustworthy website then visit (cryptoinvest.is) I have made some good amount of money from this website since I was stolen from by coinrrencyminers.com”

Red Flags & Question Marks

  1. Coinrrency Miners does not share any ownership or verifiable corporate information.
  2. CoinrrencyMiners.com reflects a fabricated address on the footer of their site.
  3. Coinrrency Miners claims to be established since 2013 yet their site was privately registered less than a year ago to date.
  4. Coinrrency Miners operates as a completely anonymous operation and only accepts Bitcoin and Altcoin payments (which happen to be irreversible, if you send money to Coinrrency Miners, you will NOT see it again!)
  5. CoinrrencyMiners.com does not disclose any information on how they generate revenue for their investors.
  6. Coinrrency Miner fails to disclose any mining information to validate their mining plans.
  7. Coinrrency Miners is the epitome of a too-good-to-be-true Bitcoin investment scheme.

Coinrrency Miners Scam Ruling

CoinrrencyMiners.com is a misleading and dangerous Ponzi Scheme.

Their fictitious investment operation is corrupt from the inside out while what little legitimate-appearing characteristics they illusively portray have been all but eradicated throughout this simple investigative review.

Don’t fall for unverifiable and unproven investment schemes, more likely than not you will lose more than your hard-earned money in the long run.

Verdict: Coinrrency Miners is a Ponzi Scheme!

We invite you to share any insight, experiences or feedback you may have below!


  1. Van Gompel Erna

    Sorry maar ik ken die mensen niet. Ik denk dat ze me eens opgebeld hebben, maar ik wil nikske met hen te maken hebben. Ik ken daarniks van, ik ben van België.
    Ik moet volgende week geopereerd worden aan mijn benen met de laser. Ik wil rust en vrede hebben. Groetjes van Erna.

  2. Van Gompel Erna

    Sorry but I don’t know nothing about them. They had called me. But I stop with all this.
    I have to operating my legs with the scanner, and I want to have peace.
    I am very sorry, I don’t know these people. >Bye!

  3. Yanet diaz

    I wonder why the authorities do not take action on the matter with all these fraudulent pages. Ada day the victims are greater. Which trader pages do you recommend? Is this page legitimate? Centuryinvestmentglobal.com
    Coinrrencyminners stayed 8 months receiving profits. The scammed more tha 50 people

  4. Densi Henderson Peña Martinez

    Good analisis. The page blockbitfinance is a page from the same creator of coinrrencyminers Analyze is scamming too

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