Review – Bogus Mining Farm Exposed! has become the latest inhabitant to shimmy their way into the world of Bitcoin. Allegedly operating as a Green Crypto Currency Mining Farm, there are many unanswered questions that fall into place when researching into the legitimacy of this relatively new crypto farm. Incorporating “unprecedented ground-breaking technology” while failing to enlighten their investors upon which mining hardware and eco-friendly technology they are employing seems a bit hypocritical from an investigative point-of-view.

As you continue to read further into our unbiased review, you will begin to doubt these unverified claims and substitute deception with logical perception. Amass the facts throughout this composition and learn for yourself why investing with could result in dire consequences for the longevity of your hardware wallet.

What is

According to, this platform is one of the biggest cryptocurrency mining farms in the world and is headquartered out of Japan and Dubai. Allegedly, Only1Platform is able to simultaneously mine 2 pools that are directly linked into blockchain while using the latest technology to support their mining farm. Portraying their operation as the world’s first green crypto mining farm, this operation boasts about how they rely upon solar power to fulfill their electrical needs to create a cost-free mining environment. Operational

How does Only1Platform Work?

For those of you who are customary readers of ours, you will undoubtedly recall that Only1Platform is not the only eco-friendly mining farm that we have come across. Despite their homepage asserting that falsehood, we just exposed a similar investment scheme last month in our Sun Mining Review. As we went on to elaborate, this marketing angle not only targeted the cryptocurrency domain but also the eco-friendly demographics, which makes Only1Platform an even more dangerous operation.

Only1Platform - How It Works?

The creators behind Only1Platform made it exceptionally easy to get started with their platform. All potential investors have to do is create an account, verify their account and login, then deposit exactly 0.01 BTC. Once you fulfill your deposit, you will be assigned a deposit number where you will have to wait in sequential order for your deposit number to come up, where you will then allegedly be able to withdraw 0.02 BTC. Scam Test

Does the site disclose ownership information?

Only1Platform provides vague and unverified operator entities while failing to provide any ownership information. According to the Contact page found at, an entity known as Watanabi and Ghassan Dinawi are the directors behind this platform. Other alleged operator entities would be Kazuko Ito, Angela Maria and Carlos Acurio. Thorough research suggests that although these entities don’t appear to be stock images, their digital footprint arouses suspicion about the authenticity of these operators.

Apart from providing a Twitter and Facebook page, Only1Platform operates as an anonymous entity. No corporation is disclosed on their site, not even in the Terms and Conditions, which also goes on to show that their site is in no way responsible for any loss of funds that may occur. If you have any difficulties or losses with their platform, investors are encouraged to contact them through their contact form found on their Contact Us page.

Are any legitimate sites associated with the website? does not possess backlinks or shares affiliation with any legitimate sites.

Does the website promote unbelievably high returns?

If you were looking for the perfect example of a return that is too good to be true then take a peak at the Only1Platform ROI promise. Claiming that investors can double their 0.01 BTC deposit is absurd, not to mention that investors can deposit 0.01 BTC up to 5 times within 24 hours, which means this site is claiming that they can accrue a profit of over $700 per day as of January 10th, 2017.

Does the site evasively explain their operational model?

Obviously! While Only1Platform talks a big game by claiming they use solar power with the latest cutting-edge technology, no disclosure regarding their operational model is provided. No information regarding which mining rigs, solar power technology or database centers are mentioned anywhere on the site.

How popular is the website? is quite an unpopular site that reflects a SimilarWeb global rank of 5,820,629 as of January 10th, 2017. While the site fails to acquire a respectful quantity of visitors, a market intelligence report will reveal that approximately just over 9% of the sites traffic originates from their Facebook, which appears more untrustworthy than their site.

Test Results: Can Only1Platform be Trusted?

As we have stated many times before, trust has to be earned in the cryptocurrency domain and Only1Platform fails their scam test. No verified ownership details are disclosed, no information regarding their hardware is mentioned and their site promotes unrealistic returns that are meant to attract and deceive only the most novice of investors. Even a WHOIS domain search will reveal that was privately registered, leaving us with only unverified and leery operator entities. Review Conclusion

Our advice regarding the Only1Platform would be to simply avoid this untrustworthy operation. As we have made clear, investing with unverified operations that aren’t upfront with you regarding their identity and operational models tend to be ones that don’t stick around for long and leave a multitude of victims. Do yourself a courtesy by avoiding this scam and only invest with practical and transparent mining operations like the ones found on our Cryptocurrency Mining Guide.

Review Verdict: Only1Platform is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

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