SafeCryptoTrade Review – Obvious Investment Scam

Safecryptotrade dot com claims to be involved with the iconic trio in the trading field which is binary, forex, and cryptocurrency assets. This organization supposedly helps people double or triple their funds within a week.

By now, most people that are familiar with the way the markets work will know that the statement mentioned above is nothing more than a beautiful lie. In case you are wondering, there is literally no explanation put up by them about their trading strategy or risk management methods.

Of course anyone that follows risk management measures cannot possibly attain numbers like the ones they promise. As far as evidence goes, they do not have any audited reports to show for it.

After taking a close look at how this platform works, we assume it is safe to say that they are following a ponzi structure. There is an incorporation certificate present, but that acts like a gimmick and we will explain this element later in this report.

To get a glimpse about their real nature and understand the way these scammers position themselves in front of the public, continue reading.

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Preliminary Checks does have a valid SSL layer, but that does not necessarily mean your data is going to be safe with them. Any information shared via their platform will be encrypted, but they are not immune to attacks.

Though this website is roughly 9 months old now, they are not blacklisted by any browser or search engine. Registrant details are missing and that is a classic move of every fake investment platform.

As far as domain authority goes, this platform scores zero. Only 2 websites link out to them and trust score is also not considerable by any means.

After looking at all the metrics, it is logical to assume that the scammers behind this platform are not experts when it comes to portraying themselves like legitimate financial portals. Website

Before we take a look at the narratives, let us discuss their licenses. First and foremost, they are conducting control operations which means they need to be regulated or else criminal charges can be laid on the founders.

This platform showcases one legal document on their website and that is the incorporation certificate. However, incorporation certificate does not give them the right to introduce the retail side to the high risk investment opportunities.

Moreover, as they are not under the radar of the FCA clearly they are operating in an illegal manner. Founders and employees of this firm are unknown for obvious reasons.

Plus, even their strategy and trading methods are not explained on their website. The way they have presented their investment scheme proves conclusively that the crooks have no idea about anything in the financial sector.

Moving on to the profit claims, they supposedly generate anywhere between 25% to 100% within 24 hours to 48 hours. Any professional money manager will tell you that this kind of numbers are not possible to attain consistently and anyone that disagrees is probably hustling you.

Note that the so-called activities tab displaying recent statistics of the user accounts is also bogus. Making money from the markets is certainly possible, but it does not happen overnight.

Forex and cryptocurrency offers immense leverage and it can help you enhance earnings if you pick the right direction. Nonetheless, it is not something you should employ especially if you do not have a proper blueprint.

More importantly, to ensure smooth execution, do not deal with any unregulated brokers or exchanges. Also, before injecting big capital into a trading account, talk with financial planners and take their advice.

Contact Information

This firm does share a few contact details, but you need a trained eye to see their flaws. For starters, they have not put any information that will help the law enforcement authorities narrow down their actual location.

Telephone numbers are not shared and their primary mode of interacting with the public is email. They feature a UK incorporation certificate, but the address they show does not match with it.

All in all, the details revealed are too hard to verify and that gives them immense leverage. Customer support is not present and when they bite the dust, they will close down their operations and flee.

So, do not expect any quality treatment from them, instead understand that everything they pedal or push you into is going to benefit them only. Below, we have listed all of the details we could find about them, use them as you see fit.



Email – Feedback

One of the best things you can do before signing up with an investing platform is to look for the client data. Things like testimonials and user feedback are important because unlike advertisements, they highlight both the good and bad things.

Keep in mind that there are flaws in this metric, but the community usually gives you a pretty good idea about what to expect. On their platform, you can find a couple of good testimonials from alleged investors.

If you read them, then you might be tempted to invest with them. However, we are sorry to report that those comments are from bogus profiles and as such, they are just manipulative and nothing more.

Scammers have just done their bit to make themselves more enticing and without any hesitation they have used the cheapest gimmick till date. If you look on any other forum, has not earned any dedicated spot yet and even their web traffic is low.

In other words, the fact that they have no community, social following should make them understand their real nature.

Now, the question is are you really brave enough to proceed with them despite seeing all the red flags? We sure hope not because it will burn a hole in your pocket sooner or later if you make the mistake of depositing with them.

Verdict is a pathetic scam. It uses narratives involving big markets, but in reality they have nothing to do with them. Cash flow is created using a ponzi model and due to this factor alone, they are not expected to be around for long.

Moreover, they use every dirty trick in the book and are willing to do anything to loot the public. If you have an account with them, then immediately withdraw all the funds.

In case they block you or disappear from the web, take action against them by raising a formal complaint. If you need any help, then use the link below to chat with our team who are experienced in every sector related to consumer finance.

Lost your money to an Online Scam? Click here to know ways of recovering stolen or lost funds

Stay away from, it is nothing more than a scam. Share your thoughts on them in the thread below.


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