Review is a classic Bitcoin doubler program which is said to earn 200% within 6 hours to 48 hours.  Unless you are someone who is a complete stranger to the online world chances are you have already recognized the true nature of this platform.  

Though they say that they are based in the UK we couldn’t find any details about the legal documents they should hold.  When we investigated this service we quickly recognized that is a ponzi scheme disguised as an investment platform and it exhibits all the characteristic of a typical phony program.  

You might be tempted to invest with them but before you throw your money unknowingly at them go through our review which will help you make an informed decision.

License and Support

Fraudulent schemes have been a major concern in the financial sector and has cost millions of dollars to the government as they have tried everything in their power to stop them and has done serious damage to the investors who failed to recognise the the kind of swindle they were about to get involved with. is an ICO which raises money to trade the crypto assets across multiple exchanges from a private pool of investors while promising them some profits in the near future.  We conducted a background check on them and as it turns out FCA does not regulate this firm which proves the fact that they are liars and are operating illegally.

On their website they have featured a registration certificate but that does not mean they are  authorized. Here are the contact details put up by them in order to seem more legitimate but do not get disappointed if you don’t hear back from them because that is the way they usually work.

Address – 178 Katherine Road, London, United Kingdom

Email –

How does Work?

This platform states that it uses some sort of software which according to them is the key to investing.  The software supposedly open buy and sell positions on altcoins thereby resulting in profit.

They say that it can double your investment every few hours once.  The logic fail in their narration is that they have not talked anything about the actual parameters of the trading algorithm instead they have only exaggerated about the returns.  

Accuracy rate of the software is not mentioned and the maximum drawdown is not revealed.  Regardless of which strategy you follow it is not at all possible to make money like these fraudster portray.  Think for a minute if their way of trading was truly impeccable then why on earth are they looking for other people’s money instead of making a fortune for themselves?

Profits Promised

Profits offered by most of the fake platforms will always be enticing but sadly they are unreal.  These crooks are just trying to exploit the greed of newbie investors who most often are on the lookout for ways to make quick money.  

If you check the statistics of the top performing investment banks then you will be shocked to know that they rarely make more than 20% per year.  Keeping the above fact in mind do you really believe that these so called traders will be able to beat them with just a software?

Affiliate Program

The only thing all ponzi scams love is to make more money because they have limited time to do so as they could get caught anytime.  To make their plan successful they need an efficient marketing model and for that purpose they offer an affiliate program.

Any individual who is willing to promote this platform gets 15% of the cumulative deposit amount made by his referrals.  Remember that the affiliates do not have anything to lose, they are only concerned about driving traffic to this service and they will get paid for spreading lies. - Scam Review


Below we have listed some of the details of this website we gathered from and

Domain –

Registered On – 18/02/2017

Expires On – 17/02/2019

Alexa Global Rank – 4,874,683

Registrant Contact Details

Name – Melanie Vogel

Address – Nahnhofplatz, Bern, Switzerland

Postal Code – 3011

Phone – +31 3125400

Red Flags

There are a lot of inconclusive factors along with obvious fake claims on this platform.  The most prominent of them is that this firm has not maintained any sort of transparency. From their absurd narration to the way they have presented their platform almost everything has been done in a way which upholds anonymity.  

Furthermore to prove that they are capable of accomplishing what they advertise they have not featured any sort of credible evidence.  Since there is not data do not give them the benefit of doubt because the odds of you losing your entire investment amount is very high. - Fake Testimonials

Even the testimonials put up on this platform is most likely to be fake.  They have not linked to any social media accounts beneath the positive comments so clearly there isn’t any way to verify the identity of the users. Review Conclusion appears to be a perfect ponzi scheme which will go down in a horrible way but sadly when it does it will wipe out all the inexperienced investors money who unknowingly fell for this scheme and deposited money with them.  As always remember that if something too good to be true is offered there is always a catch.

Have you lost money to  Share your experience with us by leaving a comment below.

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