CWE Bot Review

CWE Bot ( is a crypto trading bot which is unique in certain areas and it claims to make your trading hassle free and profitable.  The users are not required to do anything more apart from setting up the bot, tweaking some settings if you want to and then connect it with the exchange you want to trade with.  

There are no guarantees made by this software both in terms of money or pips but that is a part of trading which cannot be predicted precisely.  Their platform is user-friendly and straight forward with their approach.

If you are on the fence trying to decide whether or not to buy this robot then continue reading our full review which will show you all the merits and demerits of having them.

Disclosure: We get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. Review - Scam or Legit?

How does CWE Bot Work?

CWE Bot is a trading bot which can be connected to Bittrex, Binance, HitBTC and 5 other exchanges via API, since many people already interact with these exchanges, setting up this robot will be a breeze for them.  

For those of you who like to trade altcoins instead of Bitcoins or either one of them remember that you can select the specific pairs you want to get involved with but know that in the long run the sole factor which determines your profits is not the accuracy but the money management methods.  As far as charting is considered the users will get TradingView which is the best charting solution according to our opinion.

Their interface has many inbuilt tools and indicators which will be enough for most of the traders.  Users can always buy a paid subscription plan so that they can unlock all the features of the charts which include volume data as well.  

Though the concept of volume presiding price movements is an arguable one, it would not hurt to have an overall picture of it.  One of the special feature of this platform is that unlike other alternatives wherein you can purchase one license of a bot and use it for one strategy only at a time, on this one you can create as much robots as you want with different strategies which can run simultaneously if you like to run it that way.  

Do not get drifted away by seeing all those fancy features instead stick to the basics unless you know exactly what you are doing otherwise chances of getting the account burnt is very high.


You might have the best back-tested strategy or happened to find a method you firmly believe will work but nonetheless there is nothing in the world which can provide you assured returns with regards to the market.  It is estimated that more than 90% of the retail traders always lose money and unless you have some sort of statistical edge you are bound to join that line sooner or later.

Realistically speaking anything more than 20% ROI per year is good enough to aim for and anything more than that should make you delighted as these kind of numbers are what professionals are looking for.

Domain Whereabouts

Though this website is a little old there isn’t enough data about their traffic sources and the kind of people they are targeting.  A search on shows that this domain was registered on 30/01/2018 and it expires on 30/01/2019. This website currently ranks 5,782,738 globally according to  The registrant details are unavailable as they are using privacy services.

Affiliate Program

Just like all the online businesses this one also features an affiliate program in order to grow their leads and reach as many users as they possibly can.  Marketers and online promoters who have access to traffic and has the ability to redirect their traffic to this service can sign up with them.

The commission rate is not specified by them but if you truly want to work for them then you will have to contact their support team for further details.  Most probably the affiliates are not required to hold an active account.

Is CWE Bot a Scam?


This robot does not appear to be having any kind of problem as of now.  They do have their own set of triumphant factors and demerits but at the end of the day no robot has that silver bullet strategy which will make you money regardless of the market conditions.  

It would have been even better if they uphold transparency but that topic is subjective.  Though there a number of testimonies on their website there isn’t any way to find out whether or not they are from actual users.  Note that apart from their website we literally could not find any user testimonials on the internet which is quite concerning.

CWE Bot Review Conclusion

CWE Bot is a helpful trading tool only if you know the fundamentals about the markets.  They do have their own private Facebook group and daily coin recommendation list. On the contrary they are expensive but it all comes down to your trading needs and profit targets.  Our advice is to start small and gradually build your account instead of starting out with a big capital so that even if something unexpected happens, you will still be in the game.

Have you tried  Would you recommend your friends and family to try them?  Let us know by leaving a comment.


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