Review is another lousy bitcoin doubler program which supposedly generates 200% ROI every 10 hours once.  The maximum deposit amount is capped at 10 BTC but if their claims was true then we would all be financially independent but unfortunately everything they say is a lie.  

When we went thoroughly through their platform the amount of obnoxious factors kept on increasing and we were more than convinced that this platform is the perfect example of how a simple swindle looks like.  To know how these con artists work and the reasons as to why they should be avoided, read our detailed review till the end.

License and Support

Generally all the firms which handle investors money have to get proper licenses and adhere to strict rules laid down by regulatory authorities depending upon their location. is an ICO which raises funds from a group of people in order to trade Bitcoin. In return the investors are promised some amount of pure profits along with their starting deposit amount after certain time period as dictated by the contract.  

When we did a little digging about this firm we could not find any certificates they are legally obligated to hold.  Since both the FCA and FTC has no information about them they are certainly operating illegally.

This firm features some information regarding their registration but that does not mean that they are regulated.  Here are the contact details put up by them:

Address – 720 S Colorado Boulevard, Glendale, Colorado, US

Phone – +1 3035650328

Email – - Scam Review

How does Work?

This platform says that they use automated servers which gathers information from blockchain transfers and cryptocurrency exchanges to study and predict the Bitcoin price.  Their servers are said to open and close thousands of transactions per minute.

The narration might seem a little overwhelming at first if you are an inexperienced investor but rest assured their explanation makes no sense.  Assuming that they are actually trading with the money we have many doubts in mind.

First of all they haven’t exhibited any reports revealing their past performance so how can anyone know that they are actually profitable in trading.  Moving on, the names of the strategies they use or the type of draw down they have got over the years are not specified and they have even failed to talk about how they have diversified their investment in case a flash crash happens.  

Since all of the aspects of trading are not discussed we strongly advise our readers not to invest with them at any cost.


Profits are the main thing which attract millions of participant into the market but sadly very few are successful.  The major reason why majority fail is because of the lack of right kind of knowledge and unrealistic returns every newbie trader aims for.  

Doubling your money twice every single day is something which is certainly mind blowing but if it was really achievable we would all be rich, right?  Think logically if these kind of miracles were easy to perform on a consistent basis why will they give it away to the public for free?

Domain Insight

Though this website is very new as of writing this review they have a decent amount of popularity.  A search on reveals that this domain was registered on 26/09/2018 and it expires on 26/09/2018.  The details of the actual owners of this site cannot be traced as they have masked it.

This website ranks 1,105,999 globally and has a rank of 32,856 in Iran according to  Majority of the users landing on this website are from Iran, Egypt, Russia, Indonesia and Bangladesh.

Red Flags

There are pictures of their so called team members on their site but their identity cannot be verified.  We searched the social media and other online sources to see whether we can find any details about them and as we anticipated there weren’t any.  

Images showcased are most probably stock photos which can be purchased on the web easily.  If these guys had the remarkable ability to double the funds once in 10 hours then they would definitely have gained recognition and fame but since those stories are all fake do not be gullible enough to fall for this scheme. Review Conclusions is most likely to be a ponzi scheme which pave their way by processing some withdrawals only so that they gain the trust of the community but one final day they will be gone.  The odds of catching them are very slim which means your chances of getting your money back is almost non-existent.

If they truly had a trading system then why aren’t they offering a demo account?  Real reason because of which they are reluctant to show their abilities is because they do not have one.

Have you lost your funds to  Share your experience with us by commenting below.


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