SW Digital Assets Review – Swdigitalassets.com Unraveled

SW Digital Assets is a new scam which claims to earn its user a fortune. They have top of the class marketing team which lures in newbies and deceives them blatantly. The returns they advertise are over 7,000% after 90 days.

Every person who has the faintest idea about the financial markets will recognize the fact that, their statements are false. However, there are still new participants who are looking for holy grail solutions to make money and their greed makes them the perfect prey for this scam.

These crooks operate anonymously and have a reputation of being aggressive when it comes to persuading you to invest with them. Go through our detailed review to know how they operate and their real intent behind their platform.

SW Digital Assets Review

Company and Customer Support

This firm features details about their legal documents and registration number on their homepage. For the average investor, these kind of gestures will surely make them place trust in the organisation. However, the reality is entirely different.

For starters, registration certificate does not mean that, they are under the radar of the FCA. We personally were searching the database of the Financial Conduct Authority to find details about this organisation. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any information about them which means, they are operating in an illegal manners and are bound to face criminal prosecution.

For any reason if you need to contact the support team, it can be done via phone and email. During our investigation, the mobile number was not reachable for most of the time.

So, as far as professionalism goes, they are not the one, you want to get stuck with. Here are the contact details of this firm.

Address – 88 Mile End Road, London, UK

Phone – +44 2025871407

Email – support@swdigitalassets.com

SW Digital Assets Business Model

SW Digital Assets claims to be actively trading forex and futures market. Both of the markets, they are allegedly a part of is liquid enough to create consistent stream of income. The only catch is that, there is no information about the ways they use to achieve that and they do not have track record as well.

Usually, every legit organisation feature a verifiable trading history to earn the trust of the public. This firm clearly work with an air of mysteriousness surrounding themselves and that is very concerning.

First of all, we don’t know their statistics, the names of the fund managers or their way of taking risks. Without knowing these key parameters, there is no difference investing with them is clearly like gambling and the odds will always be against you.

Ask yourself, are you really going to trust a stranger to handle your money?

Returns Promised

Earning a living through trading is not an easy task unless you know what you are doing. This platform claims to generate returns ranging from 100% per day to 7,000% after 90 days.

These numbers are absolutely mind blowing, but are unrealistic as well. No one on the planet Earth is able to sustain these kind of numbers and these claims are just false narratives.

Check out their popular investment plans, aren’t they nothing short of a miracle?

Plan 1

Returns – 1,600%

Duration – 45 Days

Minimum Deposit – $2,500

Plan 2

Returns – 3,300%

Duration – 60 Days

Minimum Deposit – $1,000

Plan 3

Returns – 7,000%

Duration – 90 Days

Minimum Deposit – $500

Referral Program

The creators of this organisation are very clever when it comes to marketing. Since their entire business model profitability depends upon the number of clients, they have chosen the best way to achieve it.

SW Digital Assets Referral Program

Affiliates or promoters who drive traffic to this phony platform will get a decent revenue share and that is the reason behind all the fake reviews out there. In short, if someone is recommending you to join this program, then he or she is intentionally causing you a loss for their personal gain.

Do not trust any money making programs unless they are authorized by proper regulatory authorities.

Domain Information

The owners of this website have concealed their identity. Seems like their plan of execution was flawless which is evident by the lack of means to trace out their identity.

However, here are the general details of this website which we found using alexa.com and whois.com.

Domain – Swdigitalassets.com

Registered On – 16/12/2018

Expiry – 16/12/2021

Alexa Global Rank – 495,254

Rank in Brazil – 34,752

Target Audience – Brazil, Vietnam, Russia, South Africa and Pakistan

Anonymity and Illegal Operational Model

Transparency is extremely important for all the companies in order to instill confidence among their investors and employees. All the reputable organisation enures the above stated quality unlike this firm which has no regards for it.

If they were really able to achieve the things they advertise, wouldn’t they be happily disclose their identity? Moreover, they follow ponizi business model as well which is illegal in most countries.

With these many red flags and risks involved, this program is certainly not the one which is worth the time and efforts. They are just using the cash from new deposits to pay out the old withdrawals.

In short, this model is clearly reliant on their promotional capabilities and will ultimately fail all the participants.

SW Digital Assets Review Conclusion

SW Digital Assets is a windle which aims to lure in newbies. They promise you a quick way to millions of dollars while in reality, they are the only ones to make profit. Just about every information on their platform is either misleading or outright false.

Moreover, they are in direct violation of law as well. We all would like to get rich quick, but before we become impulsive, think for a moment, is it really possible?

The answer is obviously no. Without efforts and skill it is impossible to make money consistently and if anyone is showing you a way around that, it is most probably a shady scam.

Are you a victim of SW Digital Assets Fraud? Feel free to share your views and experience with us below.

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