Coinezos Review – Swindle Exposed!

Coinezos is supposedly a new high tech trading platform which allegedly makes the users rich. Their promotional video talks about all the advantages and fortunes successful trading can bring.

However, they have not spoken anything about the downside, plus their tactics are very pushy as well. For beginners, their platform will appear legit and they might make the mistake of trusting them with their money.

During our investigation, the facts we found were disturbing and the creators of this platform have many filthy agendas. To know more about this swindle which is creating a lot of hype on the internet, continue reading our full review. Coinezos Review

Company and Support Information

Firms which offer investment opportunity to the retail investor have to hold all the necessary legal documents. Moreover, since this specific firm is operating from UK, they should be overseen by the FCA.

There is a registration certificate shown on their website which might manage to deceive a lot of newbies. However, in reality they are not completely legit by any means whatsoever.

They are not recognized by the FCA which means by definition, they are violaters of law and will face severe consequence in the near future. If you want to speak with the customer support of this firm for any reason, then you are out of options.

The only way to communicate with them is via email and even then do not expect good treatment. Legit organisations give importance to customer experience, unlike these companies which blatantly ignore them.

Below are the contact details of this firm.

Address – 99 City Road, London, United Kingdom, EC1Y 1BJ

Email –

Coinezos Business Model

Coinezos claims to make money by trading the forex market. Forex exchange has more than 5 trillion dollar transaction per day on average and has liquidity unlike any other. However, just because it has liquidity does not mean everyone will profit from it.

These crooks have not shared any details about their trading history. Moreover, the identity of the owners, traders and fund managers are unknown.

We do not have slight clue about the indicators or the type of fundamental factors which affects their decision making process. In short, there is no tangible proof to support their claims.

Forex trading requires adequate amount of skills and dedication from traders. If you are planning to get involved, education is the first thing you should procure.

Do not believe in any claims of making huge returns on the internet especially via trading unless there is decent data on the past performance.

Profits Advertised and Promised

Volatility is the only thing which determines the amount of profit a trader earns over time. This platform promises the investors returns ranging from 7% per day to 121% every couple of weeks.

Moreover, for quicker returns investors are pushed to spend more money. Have a look at their packages, do they seem sustainable to you?

Plan 1

Returns – 121%

Duration – 2 Weeks

Minimum Deposit – $25

Plan 2

Returns – 5.5% Daily

Duration – 6 Weeks

Minimum Deposit – $50

Plan 3

Returns – 7%

Duration – 6 Weeks

Minimum Deposit – $10,000

Affiliate Program

Since, we have already shown you the fact that, this firm is a ponzi scam. It is no wonder that, they need a lot of traffic to sustain their shady business model. The people orchastering this scheme offer a revenue cut of 10% to their affiliates for every investor they bring onboard.

Moreover, just for the sake of commissions many websites create fake review to manipulate the average investor. So, always make sure that, you stay away from these type of misleading sources for your own safety.

If you come across any testimonial with affiliate link attached, then run in the opposite direction. Regardless of how good it sounds, never give any of them the benefit of doubt.

Fake Testimonials

On the website, there are some testimonials for clients who have nothing, but nice things to say about this service. The comments appear to be too positively inclined. However, do not believe them blindly. Coinezos Fake Narratives

All of the statements are from fake user profiles which are shown only to instill trust among the clients. Ask yourself, will you trust a service which gives the wrong impression of their performance along with incorporating all the deceptive tricks?

We hope not, because if you make the mistake of trusting them, you will get hurt financially.

Domain Whereabouts

Unfortunately, the identity of the creators of this platform is still unknown. Seems like the people running this scheme are professionals who have a lot of experience in looting the public.

Here are the details of the domain and their website.

Domain –

Registered On – 05/04/2019

Expiry – 05/04/2023

Alexa Global Rank – 300,012

Rank in United States – 133,115

Audience Geography – United States, France, Pakistan, Iran and Vietnam

Coinezos Review Conclusion

Coinezos at the end of the day is just another pyramid scheme. They will initially create hype and might even pay some clients once in a while. However, due to the ever present flaw of ponzi scheme, sooner or later they will bite the dust.

Earning consistent returns through trading is possible, but it is necessary for your success to have realistic targets. After all, regardless of the accuracy of your analysis, there is no way to get rich overnight.

As far as this platform is considered, they will go to extreme lengths to convince you to deposit with them, but do not let those fancy tricks cost you.

Are you a victim of Coinezos Scam? Please share your experience and feedback with us below.


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