SwiftTradex Review – Is Swift Tradex a SCAM?

Welcome to our Swift Tradex Review regarding the website currently found at swifttradex.com.

Five days ago, on February 15, 2023, we received the following complaint by a person who claims to have been scammed for $300 by swifttradex.com: “I just found out that Swift Tradex is a scam, and I would like my $300 back.”

So is SwiftTradex legit or a SCAM?

SwiftTradex Review - Screenshot of SwiftTradex.com

Swift Tradex Review

The domain swifttradex.com was registered on June 13, 2022 for one year though NameSilo, LLC by Virgil Neo from 7 Akinfenwa St, Ifako-Ijaiye 112104, Lagos, Ogun State, Nigeria. Phone number is +234-904-3222715 and email is: timbillionz@gmail.com.

It is hosted by Hetzner Online GmbH.

SwiftTradex is a cryptocurrency investment platform that claims to offer safe and secure investment options for its users.

Swift Tradex is a company that offers various cryptocurrency-related services such as trading, investments, ICOs, secure mining, and sales/exchanges. They also provide events and webinars.

  • Swift Tradex offers four investment plans for cryptocurrency investments with great returns. They cater to different risk appetites, ranging from aggressive high-interest fixed income to low-risk stable investment styles. Investors don’t need to do any market analysis, as the platform takes care of the trading. All that is required is to create an investment account, deposit cryptocurrency and let the program do the work.
  • Swift Tradex provides cryptocurrency trading services, which involve speculating on the price movements of cryptocurrencies through CFD trading accounts and buying and selling the actual coins via an exchange.
  • Swift Tradex offers a secure mining service that allows investors to receive more bitcoins through a mining strategy that involves trading with their bitcoins. The platform promises to share part of the profits made with investors.
  • The Sales & Exchange service offered by Swift Tradex allows users to buy, sell, or exchange various cryptocurrencies, including major currencies and altcoins. Users can contact support for assistance with this service.
  • Swift Tradex provides educational events and webinars to help people learn more about the crypto market. These events are designed to provide quick learning opportunities and cover a variety of topics related to cryptocurrency trading and investing.

They claim to be located at Founders Hall, 120 E 12th St, New York, however, according to Google Maps, that is a Student dormitory. Interesingly, one of the Google Reviews for this address reads:

Do not use there GTradeinvestment service. They are not helpful when all I want to do is receive the money in my account. Never again will I use this service.

Looks like other scam sites may have been using this same address.

Their website includes a contact form and a live chat widget for inquiries.

Their email address is: admin@swifttradex.com.

Phone number: +1 313 856-2940 (a Detroit, Michigan number).

The website offers a range of investment plans, with potential earnings ranging from $5,000 to $100,000. The website claims that over 123,000 people have already invested with them, and over $1 billion worth of bitcoins have been traded on the platform since 2016.

The website appears to be well-designed and easy to navigate. The front page is neatly organized, with easy access to the login page, about us, services, and contact us. The website also features a live chart of the top cryptocurrencies and a FAQ section to answer user questions.

The investment plans offered by the website are relatively straightforward, with different deposit amounts offering different levels of profit and withdrawal charges. The website claims to offer 24/7 support and basic training for its premium plan investors.

The website claims to combine assisted trading systems with algorithms in the Bitcoin mining market, network marketing, and interactive educational programs to create a unique experience for its global membership. It claims to have investment activities in 56 countries across Europe, Asia, America, and Africa.

Overall, while SwiftTradex appears to offer a wide range of investment plans and claims to have a large user base, it is important for users to conduct their own research before investing. As with any investment platform, there is always a risk involved, and it is important to carefully consider one’s financial situation before investing.

Who is Behind SwiftTradex?

According to their About page, Swift Tradex is an international team of experts in project management, network marketing, and financial markets, along with a highly trained staff in the educational arena, dedicated to helping people achieve financial success.

Their business model combines assisted trading systems with algorithms in the Bitcoin mining market, network marketing, and interactive educational programs.

They offer easy and stress-free earnings experiences with high-end encryption and decryption technology to help credit-worthy individuals receive risk-free and stable long-term profits by investing in their online asset management platform.

Swift Tradex provides 24/7 customer support, quick data analysis, packaged solutions, detailed startup guides, and cloud storage.

They also positively contribute to education, finance, and the environment.

Is SwiftTradex a SCAM?

Here are some red flags found at swifttradex.com:

  • A fake NY address with a Michigan number, while the registrant address is in Nigeria.
  • The copyright line says 2022, when it’s already 2023
  • Almost no traffic reaches this site and it has no backlinks or authority

We were also able to find some of the text from the Swift Tradex website on other websites.

Cxqinvestment.com, for example, turned out to be a SwiftTradex.com clone, and so is Guaranteed Trade Investment (GTrade Investment), found at gtradeinvestments.com, which we have already encountered above in a Google Review of the fake NY address.

Other clones are cryptobinaryinvest.com and bitmine-crypto.com, while binary-optionsignals.com may have been another clone, but is currently defunct.


This SwiftTradex Review will not be complete without considering a website with the same name, currently found at swifttradex.net.

Swift Tradex Review - Screenshot of SwiftTradex.net

The domain swifttradex.net was registered on September 17, 2022 for one year though NameCheap, Inc.. (Though they claim to have been founded in 2009.)

While it also does not receive much traffic and has a 0% authority, the registrant address here is hidden, and probably does not belong to the same Nigerian scammer from swifttradex.com.

Strangely, the email address listed is contact@Swifttradex.com.

Address is 202 Helga Springs Rd, Crawford, TN 38554. (Which, according to Google Maps, is a United States Postal Service address.)

The phone number is +1 (804) 214-6219. (A Virginia number.)

There’s also a contact form and a live chat widget.

Swift Tradex is a trading/investment company that has allegedly been providing financial opportunities to small business investors worldwide since 2009. They deal in cryptocurrency, real estate, agro area investment, gold, and stock management. The company claims to have 99.9% uptime and security that ensures the safety of their investors’ money.

Swift Tradex has three investment plans, including Starter, Advanced, and Cashback. There are several red flags that indicate they may be high-risk or even fraudulent.

Firstly, the promised returns are extremely high and unrealistic for a short period of time. Such high returns are generally associated with high-risk investments, such as those in emerging markets or high-tech startups.

Secondly, the minimum deposit required for these plans is quite high, and it may be difficult for most people to invest such a large amount of money without fully understanding the risks involved.

Lastly, it is important to note that these plans may not be regulated by any financial authority or government agency.

The company’s website contains a crypto guide for beginners and a list of partners.

They claim their company has over 2 million customers and supports 30+ countries, which is definitely a lie since they do not seem to receive much traffic, if any at all.

Bottom Line

Both Swifttradex.net and Swifttradex.com appear to be online investment scams.

The Swift Tradex platform offers a range of investment plans and claims to have a large user base. However, the site has a number of red flags, including a fake New York address with a Michigan phone number and a registrant address in Nigeria. Additionally, some of the text on the site appears on other websites.

While Swift Tradex offers a variety of services, it is important for investors to conduct their own research and carefully consider their financial situation before investing in any platform. As with any investment platform, there is always a risk involved.

Based on these findings, it is clear that Swift Tradex is not a trustworthy or legitimate investment platform and individuals should avoid doing business with them.

Update (April 30, 2023) – We received the following complaint from a person who claims losing more than $500 to this scam. They write:

At first, they told me they were an investment platform called Swifttradex.com. They asked me if I was interested in doing business with them, and I agreed. I sent them the starting capital of 100 USD, and the investment went on until the end date. When I was about to withdraw my money, they asked me to link my bank account with their trading system. From there, they deducted 428.53 USD, apparently for the pin to withdraw the money into my account. Later, they sent me an email asking me to send 500 USD for a transfer fee that the Bank of America was asking for so they could send the money directly into my bank account.

If you have any information regarding SwiftTradex, please reply to this review and let us know!

And if you have lost money online, check out this resource on how to recover funds from a scam.


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