100xcryptotrade.online, Candao.io, and Vitaliy Dubinin

This article investigates whether 100xcryptotrade.online and another website possibly associated with Vitaliy Dubinin, Candao.io, are scams. The investigation finds that 100xcryptotrade.online is a scam, with multiple clones using the same address, and Candao.io is a decentralized social media protocol. The article examines the details of the investigation and provides evidence to support the findings.

Today, February 23, 2023, we received the following complaint by a person who claims being scammed for $1,750:

Vitaliy Dubinin introduced 100xcryptotrade.online and promised to make a current payment of $10,000 since 2.18.2023. The Payment Department phone number of 100xcryptotrade.online is 502 393 4332. The Woods Wallet address on Bitcoin.com is 1846LXKbFopWPhKt492TgYEKkAfF26ToTu.

An extortion request states that the transaction may not be confirmed due to a low gas fee, and the user is urged to manually enter the transaction and increase the transaction fee ($2,800) for fast detection on the blockchain network and quicker confirmations.

Vitaliy Dubinin, who can be found using a Google search for Vitaliy Dubinin Dubai or Candao.io, is wanted by US authorities as a felon who fled to Dubai where he currently resides as of 2.22.2023. A photo of Vitaliy Dubinin can be seen on Candao.io, where he appears as one of the founders (left photo).

So who is Vitaliy Dubinin and are 100xcryptotrade.online & Candao.io indeed SCAMS?

100xcryptotrade Review - Screenshot of 100xcryptotrade.online


The domain 100xcryptotrade.online was registered on August 13, 2022 for one year through NameSilo, LLC. It is hosted by OVH SAS.

Traffic-wise it seems to not be very popular with a global rank of 5,704,154 and 72,112 in Israel. According to SimilarWeb, it received less than 5K visits in January 2023.

It has a 0 Authority Score with only 37 backlinks from 8 referring domains, but none of them from any trustworthy websites. In fact most of their backlinks are from WikiFX where they are regarded as “Danger” with a 1.10/10 score.

So not only is this domain very new, but it’s also very unpopular, two strong red flags.

Also, no reviews or any mention of them can be found online.

Next, we take a look at their “About us” page, according to which 100xcrytotrade.online offers forex trading and investing services with advanced security systems to protect accounts. The company claims to have a successful and consistent trading history and offers instant trading, expert support, and the ability to invest with small amounts of money.

The website provides links to several wallets for creating accounts and is located at 3238 Doctors Drive, Los Angeles, California, 90017 USA.

According to Google Maps, at this address (which appears to be a parking lot) is an Investment company called Cryptolitemax, which is ranked 2.3/5 based on 3 reviews. One reviewer called it fake and claimed that the person behind the scheme goes by the name Coach Linda Martinez on Instagram. Another reviewer stated that the address was fake.

The website cryptolitemax.com is no longer online.

Strangely, their support email is support@golden-fxoption.com and the copyright is for 2022.

When we check golden-fxoption.com, we discover that it looks like a 100xcryptotrade.online clone.

They also provide a “phone number:” +1xxxxxxx.

Golden-fxoption.com on the contrary provides the number: +1 (681) 305-8369. (681 is an area code that serves the state of West Virginia, USA.)

So no verifiable information is provided regarding the people behind the company, such as LinkedIn profiles.

The website 100xcryptotrade.online offers various investment plans in the forex and cryptocurrency industry. The website claims to have a high success rate in trading and has a bitcoin mining team working with them. The site offers silver, gold, and premium accounts with varying minimum deposit amounts and profit returns.

The investment plans offered are the Silver, Gold, and Premium accounts. The minimum deposit required for each account is $200, $500, and $1,500, respectively. The profits earned from each account vary, with the Silver account earning $2,000 and above, the Gold account earning $5,000 and above, and the Premium account earning $16,000 and above.

The information provided is insufficient to determine whether the website promises something that seems too good to be true. However, based on the investment plans mentioned, it is possible that the promised profits may be considered high by some investors.

The site claims to be SEC registered, fully licensed, and insured, however no proof is provided.

The site also provides information on how Bitcoin works and displays current BTC, ETH, XMR, LTC, and DASH prices.

Apparently, 100xcryptotrade.online is a scam.

Now if we found one clone, perhaps there are many more?

And indeed, when we search for this address on Google, we find a host of additional 100xcryptotrade.online clones, including:

  • financial-benefitfx.com
  • pipfxtrade.com
  • coinmaxtrades.com
  • wolvesfxtrade.net
  • cryptorevolutions.us
  • fx-exchange247.com
  • crypto-fxnation.net
  • cresttrademining.com
  • fxtradeshub.com
  • royalfxoption.com

We even find that a website we already reviewed in the past was using the same address – OptionTrades24.com.


Candao is a decentralized social media protocol that adds a UX layer to the blockchain and makes it accessible to everyone. It is a Social Network Launchpad platform that connects individuals with the same business and social goals to inspire, engage and build values together. By involving yourself and your community, you can create/issue tokens and maximize your potential.

Candao is a completely decentralized Over-Layer social media ecosystem connecting every chain, layer and DApp in the crypto world. It is a Decentralised Social Network (DSN) that brings trust and engages all involved groups around business. The company was founded in 2021 and specializes in blockchain, crypto, dao, web 3.0, decentralized social media, trust, fundraising, matchify, stop watching, start doing, and BUIDL.

Their a unique business model aims to engage community members in co-creating value instead of exploiting their membership participation. Candao seeks to monetize time, skills, contacts, and other resources to build, collaborate, and deliver value collaboratively.

Candao will offer products such as Matchify, Metascan, Candao-chain, Candao Messenger, CandaoPad, and CandaoShop. These products will provide social space and interactions, cross-chain and intra-chain scanner, a unique chain of activity logs containing all on-chain wallet interactions, desktop, web-based, and mobile applications for chatting and streaming, an e-commerce platform for purchasing and selling goods and services.

The Candao Press Kit offers downloadable logos in various formats and colors, along with information about the founders and the Candao platform, however we could not find an image of Vitaliy Dubinin among them.

The Candao project has two co-founders, Paweł Barylski and Robert Wesker. Paweł Barylski has extensive experience in IT project management and digital marketing. He is also a blockchain enthusiast and a cryptocurrency trader. He has worked with a number of blockchain startups and has been actively involved in the development of the crypto community.

Robert Wesker is a software developer and a blockchain expert with a background in mathematics and computer science. He has worked for a number of IT companies and has experience in building blockchain-based applications.

Together, the co-founders hope to create a new economic paradigm with Candao. They aim to combine network effects, new technology, and people to unleash the potential of the crypto communities and beyond.

They have a medium.com page with 70 followers, a Telegram channel with almost 14K members, a YouTube channel with almost 13K members which has been around since July 15, 2021, a Reddit community of 35 people, a Twitter page with more than 50K followers, as well as a LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

Their email is: hello@candao.io

Their location according to their LinkedIn page is Larnaca, Cyprus.

Overall, while Candao may not necessarily be a scam, potential investors or users should approach the project with caution and do their own due diligence before getting involved.

Vitaliy Dubinin

A Google search reveals a few assets associated with Vitaliy Dubinian, including profitwithvitaliy.com, which is a defunct website, and a Twitter account with 1818 followers, a YouTube channel with 1.41K subscribers, an Instagram page with 45.6K followers, and a Facebook page with 17K followers.

Vitaliy Dubinin promotes himself as an expert in building a 6-figure online business from home and achieving financial, time, and location freedom. He offers a blueprint for generating free leads and sponsoring people daily and provides free training and a webinar on his website.

Vitaliy Dubinin is described as an online marketing mentor, crypto-entrepreneur, investor, and educator who helps home business entrepreneurs leverage the power of the internet to achieve financial freedom.

He was last active on these social media accounts in 2017 so it seems that he is no longer involved in this business.

On his Facebook page we find a link to bitcoinswealthclub.com, which we already exposed as being a scam in our Bitcoins Wealth Club review from January 2018.

One visitor commented on our review saying that “Vitaly is on some new ponzi now called forsage.”

Other Bitcoinswealthclub reviews contain many more comments. For example, on BehindMLM.com, the comments are discussing the Bitcoin Wealth Club, a program that some commenters believe to be a Ponzi scheme run by Vitaliy Dubinin. There are allegations that Dubinin has stolen money from investors, and commenters are sharing their negative experiences with him. Additionally, there is discussion about how many programs Dubinin has been involved in, with one commenter saying they have already gone through at least six.

One year ago, we find a video by Vitaliy Dubinin on a YouTube channel called Aidan Wealth Club, in which he is promoting Forsage,  a cryptocurrency investment platform that claimed to be a decentralized finance (DeFi) system, the founders of which have recently been charged with running a global Ponzi and pyramid scheme that raised approximately $340m from victims. The four individuals were all Russian nationals, and were indicted on charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

Court documents showed that the defendants aggressively promoted Forsage on social media as a legitimate and lucrative business opportunity, but operated it as a Ponzi and pyramid investment scheme that allegedly took in approximately $340m from victims around the world.

So in summary, Vitaliy Dubinin seems to have been involved in promoting several scams over the years.

We do not know if his intentions are bad, or if he is just made some bad choices, but we would recommend to avoid participating in his projects, to be on the safe side.

As for the claim that “Vitaliy Dubinin […] is wanted by US authorities as a felon who fled to Dubai where he currently resides,” we find evidence for that in an article which was published on weeklyblitz.net on February 15, 2023:

Although white-collar criminals like […] Vitaliy Dubinin (both wanted by US authorities and now residents of Dubai), did not commit atrocities to human life so it is guessed they may feel safe to stay in Dubai.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the complaint received regarding 100xcryptotrade.online and its founder, Vitaliy Dubinin, highlights the importance of thoroughly researching any investment opportunity before committing funds.

The lack of verifiable information regarding the company’s location, team, and licensing should raise red flags for potential investors.

Additionally, the discovery of multiple clones using the same address further supports the claim that 100xcryptotrade.online is likely a scam.

As for Candao.io, while the platform itself may not be a scam, we haven’t researched them enough to be able to make any statements regarding the chances their project will succeed and thus we are unable to recommend investing with them. We did not find any evidence that Vitaliy Dubinin is involved in this project.

Investors should exercise caution when dealing with any investment opportunity and seek out reputable sources of information before making any financial decisions.

If you have any information regarding 100xcryptotrade.online, Candao.io, and Vitaliy Dubinin, please reply to this review and let us know!

And if you have lost money online, check out this resource on how to recover funds from a scam.


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