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Welcome to our TrustedFXPro Trade Review, in which we investigate the website currently found at TrustedFXPro.Trade.

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On February 12, 2023, we received the following complaint by a person who claims losing $2,245 for a cryptocurrency scam:

I thought it was a legitimate exchange, but now I can’t withdraw my funds. It was all my savings. The same people who had Bitelitum are now operating under the name TrustedFXProTrade. I found out their IP is located in the USA and I have their agent login details: Can you help me stop them? I feel like an idiot.

For those who have not heard of Bitelitum, we published a Bitelitum review back in August 25, 2018.

BitElitum was a fraudulent company that claimed to offer investment advice and financial services to the public, including cryptocurrency trading and blockchain investments. They had 4 investment programs that promised returns of up to 250% daily, which is unrealistic.

The company was not registered or licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and their legal documents were questionable.

The information they provided on their website was false, including the details of their employees and the returns they offer. The domain was registered in 2018 and was set to expire after one year with no registered details.

BitElitum is a confirmed scam with no regards for the safety of funds and no identifiable creators behind the organization.

After posting that review we received many comments from a number of individuals who reported being scammed by an organization called Bit Elitum and various related scams such as, SafeCrypto Trade, Coins Capital Trade,,, and

(SafeCryptoTrade was a fraudulent platform that claimed to be involved with binary, forex, and cryptocurrency assets and promised to help people double or triple their funds within a week. However, there was no explanation about their trading strategy or risk management methods, and they had no audited reports to show.)

The scam involves asking individuals to invest money, starting with a small amount of $300, then requiring additional payments for “upgrades” or “fees” under the guise of a professional trading service. Some individuals have reported losing thousands of dollars.

The scam is often perpetuated through Instagram, with individuals posing as professional traders. The commenters advise others not to invest and to stay away from these organizations.

From the above list of sites, only is still active. Interestingly, both & display an ALL CAPS warnings message when you open the site. says:

Please note that all deposits and payments should be made directly to the company’s account or bitcoin wallet address. No payments or deposits should be made to any account manager. The company will not be held responsible for any losses that occur from making payments to any account managers. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. displays a very similar text:

Attention! Please note that all deposits and payments should only be made directly to the company account/Bitcoin wallet address. Payments or deposits should not be made to any account manager. The company will not be held responsible for any losses incurred from making payments to any account managers. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

It seems very likely that both of these sites work with “account managers” that get in touch with victims through social networks, enticing them to deposit with them. Then, when the victims realized they have been scammed, the “company” tells them that they have been warned and should not have deposited to any account managers.

TrustedFXPro Trade Review

The fact that TrustedFXPro Trade is a scam is clear when we review their website.

Firstly, no phone number is provided, even though a placeholder is there for one.

The investment plans they offer are as follows:

  1. Starter Plan: It offers a 35% return on investment with a minimum investment of $500 and a maximum investment of $10,000.
  2. Premium Plan: It offers a 50% return on investment with a minimum investment of $10,000 and a maximum investment of $25,000.
  3. VIP Plan: It offers a 70% return on investment with a minimum investment of $25,000 and a maximum investment of $40,000.
  4. Delux [sic] Plan: It offers an 85% return on investment with a minimum investment of $40,000 and there is no maximum investment limit.

Obviously these ROIs are unrealistic and are indicative of a scam.

They claim to be located at Cannon Place 78 Cannon Street London EC4N 6AF.

Also, they write: “TrustedFX Market is a legally operating company in the UK (#05372427),” and there is a company for this registration number which is located at Cannon Place, 78 Cannon Street, London, United Kingdom, EC4N 6AF, but they are neither called TrustedFX Market nor TrustedFXPro Trade, but INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGERS LIMITED.

In their FAQ, strangely, they provide a different registration number: 11445991. This, according to the UK Companies House, belongs to BIT ELITUM LTD of 66 Great Suffolk Street, London, United Kingdom, SE1 0BL, a dissolved since 28 January 2020 private limited company which was owned by George Aguilar.

So indeed we find that TrustedFXPro Trade is the same company who we previously found to be a scam, Bit Elitum. And there’s no reason to think that they are no longer fraudulent, as we have shown in this TrustedFXPro Trade review.

Complaints We Received

On January 11, 2024, we received the following complaint from a person who reported being scammed for $15K:

Over a year ago, I came across Stacy Herbert on Twitter, now known as “X,” discussing XRP. Initially, I just commented on her post about her views on XRP. Then, in November 2023, I reconnected with her on X, where she asked about my experience with Bitcoin. My investment wasn’t profitable, as I had bought most of my Bitcoin when the prices were high. Stacy offered me an investment opportunity, suggesting I could earn between $300K and $350K. Seeing her interact with President Bukele and positioning herself as a Bitcoin expert on X, I trusted her.

She instructed me to send my Bitcoin to a specific electronic address. After my first deposit of $3K, she began demanding more money, claiming she was working to improve my financial status. When my investments totaled $14,000, she abruptly removed me from the X platform with a direct message. I grew suspicious of the $200,000 profit she displayed, suspecting it was a ploy to extract more funds from me. I decided to withdraw my investment and cease our transaction. However, she informed me that withdrawing my own money was not allowed unless I paid an additional $1K, which I did. She then requested an extra $300 and some fees, promising to release my funds afterward. Following a period of silence, she demanded another $235. When I refused, she insisted that I needed to deposit more into her platform,, to reclaim my funds.

Despite my serious messages, the situation remained unresolved. Last night, she admitted to intentionally avoiding her responsibilities towards me. Now, I’m financially devastated. Even though the price of Bitcoin has recently increased, Stacy Herbert’s scam has cost me approximately $25K due to the earlier decline in Bitcoin’s value.

On April 2, 2024, we received the following complaint from a person who reported being scammed for $100:

I wanted to do a bit of trading, so I used Trust and then transferred my money to TrustFXPro, as it seemed legitimate. However, when I attempted to withdraw my funds, the platform wouldn’t allow me to do so.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, TrustedFXPro Trade is a scam that has resurfaced under a new name after previously operating as BitElitum. The company claims to offer unrealistic returns on investment and does not provide any legitimate contact information or details about their operations.

The website for TrustedFXPro Trade also contains false information about the company’s registration and location, and there is no legitimate connection to the company listed under the registration number they provide.

Furthermore, the website’s warning about not making payments to account managers is a red flag, as it suggests the scam involves social engineering tactics to entice victims to deposit their funds.

Based on these findings, it is clear that TrustedFXPro Trade is not a trustworthy or legitimate investment platform and individuals should avoid doing business with them.

If you have any information regarding TrustedFXPro Trade, please reply to this review and let us know!

And if you have lost money online, check out this resource on how to recover funds from a scam.


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