The Crypto Circle Review - Scam Review

The Crypto Circle ( is an automated system which is said to make its users millionaires within a couple of months.  The income claims and narration are all very similar to the scams we have exposed before and as anticipated there isn’t any proof to support any information put up by them.  

To know all the ill motives behind this fake software and the reasons to stay away from them, continue reading our impartial review.


The creator behind this grand software is a person called as Elon Morris.  He states that he was featured on many popular magazines like the Forbes and Times.  When we checked on the sources mentioned by him, there wasn’t any information or clue about him or his company which means everything he said are just telltale stories. - Stock Photo

Elon is just a cover up character used by these scammers to hide their identity.  Will you trust a firm which lies about their creators?

How does The Crypto Circle Work?

We are sure that after you hear the absurd narration provided by these crooks you will be amused.  This firm states that their secret strategy is riding the Elliott waves which according to them means buy low and sell high.  

Trading is not so easy, if it were then we would all be billionaires by now but in reality there are a lot of things one has to master in order to succeed in the markets.  There is no money management or risk profiling parameters provided with their software and the number of trades opened by the algorithm is limitless.

One bad range or severe peak in volatility is enough for this software to make your whole account crumble to pieces.

Returns Offered

This software is said to generate at least $1,000 per hour.  If you do the math then it adds to a mind blowing $720,000 monthly which is impossible to achieve consistently.  High income, exotic location places and fancy cars are shown on many fake platform just to hijack your attention and evoke your greed.

Say no to all these flashy things because they are unreal, they will entertain your email and engage with conversations with you till you hit that deposit button but once you send your money to them the chances of getting that back is very slim.

Domain Whereabouts

A search on shows that this website has a global rank of 41,51,734 and it ranks 73,501 in Australia.  This service is pretty viral in Australia which is where more than 75% of the traffic is coming from.

Thanks to the courtesy of we know that this domain was registered on 23/01/2018 and expires after one year.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The minimum deposit amount is $250.  The payment methods supported by this platform are major debit/credit cards, e-wallets like PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, etc.  

The minimum threshold for releasing payout is unknown and do not accept any bonuses offered by the brokers as they have a lot of conditions associated with them.  There is no information about transaction fees, we do not know if they are applicable in the first place. The time taken for processing withdrawals is unknown.

Is The Crypto Circle Scam or Legit?

This platform is clearly a scam,

All the luxurious things shown in their promotional video and claiming to have already made many people millionaires are nothing but empty promises and nice editing work.  Seriously, think about it, if these bunch of so called traders really had a strategy which rakes in thousands of dollars, why are they offering to for free?

Moreover they do not provide demo accounts, so how can an investor or trader be confident about their trading methods without seeing any historical data or trading history?

The Crypto Circle Review Conclusion

The Crypto Circle is a fake autotrader which feeds their clients with blatant lies.  They are heavily incentivised for every trader they refer to some shady off-shore brokers, in order to convince you to sign up with them, they are ready to go beyond their limits.  

Earning 5 figures a month is something which everyone can achieve only if they put in effort or simply inherit the wealth and it is certainly not possible by just clicking a few buttons for five minutes a day.  To summarize we are dealing with a fraudulent software which throws a lot of attention grabbing claims but has no sort of credible proof to back them up.

If those things are not enough to stop you from running away from them let us remind you that they are also unregulated and owned by an unknown person.

Have you lost your money to Scam?  Share your opinion by leaving a comment below.

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