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CoinLend ( as the name suggest it a firm which provides loans to individuals who surpass certain criteria and collects returns on behalf of the user or investor.  This service is free and if you want personal guidance and strategies to grow aggressively then you can always upgrade your account by opting in for paid business plan.

This startup is quite intuitive and their growth within 1 year is enormous.  Read our full review where we have discussed everything this platform has to offer and how you can take advantage of it.


Investment firms usually embrace transparency as that acts as a confidence and credibility boosting factor.  This platform is said to be run by a group of IT consultants and Developers spread across Germany. - Team Members

While we were trying to find information about the person behind this platform on sites like Google or Wikipedia, we couldn’t find anything.  There are a few photos of the team members put up on the home page of their website but it would have been nice, if they had provided more information about all the members involved with this firm.

How does CoinLend Work?

This platform is aimed at providing the investors with a reliable income through a completely automated system.  The investors registered with this firm have to enter their API credentials of Poloniex, Bitfinex or any of the other supported exchanges into the bot.  

Then this bot will process new loans with optimal interest rates thereby generating returns.  For the tech savvy users, they can login at any time and manually control the bot which might help you earn extra returns but if you do not know the technicalities, it is better to let the bot run with the default settings.  

As far as the safety of the funds are considered this service states that storing API information on their platform does not have any risk and even if hackers get those details, they state that no harm can be done.

Account Types

There are 3 account types wherein for more returns, features and personal consultation you have to select the Business Account which takes 5% of the generated interest.  

Check out all the account types offered by this service:

Basic – Free of Charge

Lending – All Coins and Fiat Currencies

Coinlend mobile app

All Security Features


Customer Support

Access to Basic Coin Setting

Premium – 3% of the Generated Interest

This Account has all the features of the Basic account along with access to the extended coin settings, prioritized bot polling rate and tax report.

Business – 5% of the Generated Interest

All the features on Premium are available with this account including customer support within 12 hours, and individual performance monitoring.


On many forums people are still kind of confused about how to get started with them which is apparently because of lack of knowledge about how this service works.  Here is what the people are saying about this company on

Sooo can you please explain me how does this work? I give my BTC to bot, and he lends to people or osmeone else, and after certain amount of time i get it back with interest? Who pays loan back? People that i have gave btc or is bot just “buying low sell high” and after my numbers are adding up on settings that i have put up, he will pull back money and i will have it back on my wallet?   This looks really good, i am just skeptical since i am not 100% familiar with it from this topic


This website has a global rank of 309,228 and it ranks 8,665 in Czech Republic.  The major regions where this service has gained a lot of popularity are Czech Republic, United States, United Kingdom and Taiwan.

According to this domain was registered on 11/05/2017 and it expires on 11/05/2019.

Deposit and Withdrawals

The minimum threshold required to get started with this service is $50 or equivalent.  The e-currencies accepted by this platform are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Clams, Factom, Stellar and Dogecoin.  There is no information about the transaction fees and the minimum withdrawal amount is unknown.

Can I Trust CoinLend?

As of now, there isn’t any problem or suspicious activities going on with their services.  

The returns offered by them is something which might seem very little as many of us are used to seeing huge number and returns claims on many ponzi scams but in reality that is what legitimate firms can ever afford to offer but as a fair warning we advise you to never risk more than you can afford to lose.  

In case if you were wondering here is the information about current year lending rates but keep in mind they can vary and are affected by the core market conditions.

Bitcoin Gold – 28.60% Rate

Eos – 16.00% Rate

Metaverse – 10.93% Rate

Factom – 4.56% Rate

CoinLend Review Conclusion

CoinLend works with some of the most popular exchanges and has a decent track record.  This service will not make you huge amount of money, they do not even claim to do anything similar but if you want to earn a reliable extra stream of income and gain more returns on capital than what the bank offers then this platform might interest you.  

If you are a crypto enthusiasts or an individual who would like to dig deep and work in the crypto related field then this service definitely ticks all the right boxes.

Have you tried  Would you recommend them to your friends and family?  Let us know we leaving a comment below.

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  1. Concerned Citizen

    What in the world review is this? This entire statement is incorrect: “CoinLend ( as the name suggest it a firm which provides loans to individuals who surpass certain criteria and collects returns on behalf of the user or investor”

    Coinlend does NOT provide loans in the context you made it sound. Coinlend is a bot that tries to pick the best rate at which to loan out your existing cryptocurrency on a few exchanges that support margin trading. The exchange handles the loan interest payout, not the bot. You can do all of that yourself, on the exchange, but the bot automates the process and will automatically make your balance, however much you decide, available for others to borrow.
    I’ve been using it on and off for a year, usually when interest rates spike. At no point does Coinlend hold your crypto. Regardless, the API key you generate on the exchange should NEVER have “withdraw” capability enabled.

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