Britcoin System Review - Scam Review

Britcoin System ( is supposedly a new automated system which earns its users 5 figures a month.  There is no assurance about the accuracy rate of the software. When we carried out a full investigation of this service, all the factors we found were pointing towards south.  

This service has been around for less than 2 months as of publishing this review and within this tiny period of time has earned itself a very bad reputation for not delivering their promises.  To know exactly how this scam software works, read our complete review.


This software was supposedly created by a person known as Jasper Boyle, he claims to have worked as a broker before creating his own trading program.  When we tried to find any information about him online, nothing relevant showed up which makes us believe he is nothing more than an imaginary character.  

Fake program always operate under anonymous profiles like this one to avoid criminal prosecution.  Will you trust a firm which has intentionally put up false details?

License and Support details

Britcoin System offers investment advice which requires them to be regulated and authorized.  Since this company has not shared any details of the legal documents they must lawfully hold, we strongly urge everyone not to invest your money with this platform as they are operating in an illegal manner.  

If you run into any problems on this platform or simply have any queries then you will be left stranded by them as there is no support team in place to answer your calls.  Do you think any reputable firm operates without having key elements of ensuring user experience? Unlike these scammers the legitimate solutions always maintain high standards.

How does Britcoin System Work?

The success of this system is said to be dependent upon the speed of information this firm gets which is a split second faster than others.  This minute difference according to them helps to exploit the information for a steady stream of profits.

If you have the basic knowledge of the markets then you will easily recognize all the misleading information put up by them along with the terrible logic fail in their narration.  First of all it is impossible to get any sort of advanced information and even assuming they somehow got access, there isn’t enough time window to execute the trades.

On the other hand they do not talk anything about other important factors involved in trading like diversification of risk, number of trades opened at once and so on.  

Profits Offered

There is no outright answer to this question but as far as the promotional video is considered the users are supposed to earn over 5 figures monthly and also they stress on the point that if the traders start out with a higher deposit amount then they can quickly see more profits.  

However, remember that trading is not as easy as these bunch of crooks would like you to believe.  Retail traders always aim for the moon which is why many of them lose their entire account value within 90 days, do not be one of them instead focus on building an exact plan of action.


In the promotional video of this firm, they have shown a lot of testimonies wherein the so called early adopters of this software explain how this software helped them earn over 5 figures a day and made them financially sound. - Fake Comments

Despite what all flattery things they throw in never fall for these cheap gimmicky tricks.  The people present in video are not real users, they all are paid actors. Ask yourself why would any service showcase fake testimonies to create a good impression unless they have some personal agenda?


According to the data provided by this domain was registered on 29/06/2018 and it expires on 29/06/2019.  On this platform they feature a live website state which always shows more than 3,000 visitors online which is just a trick used by them to show that they have a huge client base.

A search on will reveal that this website ranks 61,968 in United Kingdom and has a global rank of 2,101,921.  This service is viral in the UK region which accounts for more than 70% of the total traffic this site gets.

Deposit and Withdrawals

This brokers accepts major credit and debit cards along with a variety of e-wallets like PerfectMoney, Payeer, etc.  The minimum starting capital is $250. We are not briefed about any transaction fees associated with deposits and withdrawals, the time taken for processing payouts is also not specified.

Is Britcoin System a Scam?

Undeniable Scam,

The creator’s identity is fake, this platform works only with unregulated brokers because no legitimate firms will never entertain their unethical marketing principles.  Their narration is so vague and does not bring any value with regards to trading.

They do not even follow policies like KYC which are basic guidelines every broker must comply.  The amount of red flags found across this service is humongous and mind boggling.

Britcoin System Review Conclusion

Britcoin System earns fat commissions for every trader they refer to off-shore brokers who are unregulated and does not follow standard procedures of any kind.  The problem with most unregulated entities is that they do not process your order to the market instead they take the opposite side because they know most of the retail traders lose money at an alarming rate.  

This type of scenario brews the perfect conflict of interest and obviously they can’t let you win for long period of time.  These brokers manipulate the charts and make it next to impossible for you to consistently profit from the markets, so to summarize, never fall for any of these autotraders which promises easy money and instant riches.

If you were scammed by, Feel free to share your opinion with our community by leaving us a comment.


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