Review - Scam Review is an all round investment platform which is said to trade every financial asset except cryptocurrencies.  This platform features many legal documents just like many other reputable investment firms and their website is very user friendly.  

The major red flag on this platform that caught our attention initially is the returns claims of over 200% per day which is enticing but unrealistic.  After we finished our investigation about this firm without any hesitation we can clearly say that it is a fraud operation which will meet a terrible ending like all the ponzi schemes.  

Read our full review to which will give you a clear perspective of this fake platform.

Registration and Contact Details

Firms which are involved with providing the general public with high risk investment projects are required to have special licenses from certain regulatory authorities. is an ICO which raises the capital required for trading from the public and in return the investors are promised certain amount of money depending upon the type of plan they chose earlier.  

While we were checking the legitimacy of this firm, we couldn’t find any legal documents which gives them the authorization to carry on the type of activities they are indulged with.  We have confirmed through FCA this firm has never been licensed and are operating illegally.

This firm has features a registration document on their website but do not get confused by that.  They have put up this document to appear genuine in front of the investors but that does not give them the right to trade on behalf of it’s clients.

Here are the contact details:

Address – 3rd Floor, 207 Regent Street, London, United Kingdom, W1B 3HH.

Email –

Alternate Contact –

How does Work?

This firm states that they are online trading specialists that provides online trading platform and advanced trading tools to private and institutional clients.  They are said to mainly focus on gold, bonds, forex, stocks and private investment funds.

The actual trading approach details are never discussed by them.  We have no idea whether they give more emphasis on technical setup and structure of the market or fundamental factors of the market like earning report, GDP rate, etc.  

They have completely skipped about risk management aspects.  In case you were wondering, they do not have any audited records to prove that they are cash flow positive.  Since there is nothing which can give assurance to the investors, it is better to stay away from them as they are not worth your time.

Returns Offered

To consistently generate profits from the markets you have to be dedicated and there is no push button system for this.  Anyone who claims to have a system which generates thousands of dollars per day on complete autopilot are most likely to be a scam.  

Take a thorough look at the plans this firm has to offer but always keep in mind that they are all fake.

Standard – 0.30% Daily for 3 Years

Advance – 2% Daily for 2 Years

Professional – 5% Daily for 1 Year

Special 1 – 105% After 1 Day

Special 2 – 110% After 1 Day

Special 3 – 115% After 1 Day

Expert – 8% Daily for 250 Days

Premium – 10% Daily for 180 Days

Signature – 20% Daily for 90 Days

Infinite – 30% Daily for 30 Days

Premier – 50% Daily for 7 Days

Prestige – 200% After 1 Day

Affiliate program

The longevity of a ponzi scheme depends upon their ability to find enough participant consistently to keep their scheme from getting collapsed.  In order to reach more people in an efficient manner these crooks offer an affiliate program wherein they provide incentives to anyone who helps grow their client base. - Affiliate Program

The affiliates are paid flat 5% of the deposit amount made by their referrals.  Apart from the commissions the affiliates are also provided assistance with promotional materials which are designed to maximize their revenue.  As usual the affiliates do not have to be an active participant of the scheme.

Domain Popularity

According to this domain was registered on 07/02/2017 and it expires on 06/02/2022.

This website ranks 33,281 in Taiwan and has a global rank of 852,725.

The majority of the users coming to this site are from Taiwan, India and Colombia.

Deposit and Withdrawals

The minimum amount required to get started with this platform is $10 and the minimum payout is $0.10.  The payments methods supported by this firm are Bitcoin, Western Union, Visa, Master Card, Payeer and PerfectMoney.  

We are not aware of any transaction fees and the time required for processing withdrawals is not mentioned by them.

Can I Trust

Short answer No,

This firm is an unregulated entity which means the credibility and reliability factors are non-existent.  

On top of that they claim to be the best performing investment firm with no auditory records and not to mention their outrageous claims of 200% returns per day.  Considering all the factors we discussed above, this platform is without doubts not the one you want to trifle with. Review Conclusion is not at all involved in trading.  They provide in depth details and use technical words here and there to seem like they know what they are doing in front of the clients but rest assured there are all convincing tricks.  

If you go through their platform thoroughly, you will find that these criminals are so skillful in scamming people that there is nothing which can help us trace them.  Once you send the funds to them getting them back is just like catching smoke with your bare hands, you are guaranteed to lose it all. Learn to recognise opportunities which are too good to be true and whenever you encounter them, walk away from it.

Do you have any experience with  How will you rate them, feel free to share your opinion by leaving us a comment.


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