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Barrel.Company claims to be involved in oil trading business wherein they buy the oil in bulk quantities and sell them to individuals of firms for a much higher price than they brought it for.  

This firm is said to generate returns of up to 1000% in just 50 days, of course the return claims are fake as you might have already guessed.  Their platform looks just like a squeeze page which does not provide any valuable information.

While we were investigating this service, the fact that they are a bunch of crooks orchestrating a ponzi scheme was evident.  Read our complete review which will help you save your hard earned money.

License and Contact Details

Barrel.Company is an investment firm which accepts money from the general public in order to buy oil inventory and in return the investors are assured of certain monetary rewards.  This type of functioning firm is commonly known as ICO.

While we were checking the documents these con artists have put up on their website, clearly they are not authorized to take money from the retail investors and are violating the law.  

Here are the contact details of this company:

Address – 1000 Front Street Conway, ar72032, USA Arkansas.

Email –

Phone – +4480610246

How does Barrel.Company Work?

This firm states that they import petrol barrels from the Middle East and Africa in bulk quantity and then sell them to refineries, plants and factories.  This approach in the field of oil trading followed by this firm is said to be the main factor which provides them a competitive edge.

After going through all their narration which does not make any sense in the first place, we just can’t find any factor which makes this platform reliable in any way.  Purchasing crude oil is no joke and no one can get it for such a discounted price which provides so much room for the profits.

Their explanation is something out of a comic book and certainly does not deserve anyone’s attention.

Returns Promised

There are plenty of investment plans offered by this service wherein the users have to increase their initial capital for higher returns but the only problem is that the chances of getting your money back is very slim.  

Here are the details about all the plans:

Barrel 92

Returns – 7% Daily

Period – 20 Business Days

Min. Deposit – $10

Barrel 95

Returns – 8% Daily

Period – 20 Business Days

Min. Deposit – $1000

Barrel 98

Returns – 10% daily

Period – 20 Business Days

Min. Deposit – $10,000

Barrel 92+

Returns – 140%

Period – 15 Business Days

Min. Deposit – $100

Barrel 95+

Returns – 160%

Period – 15 Business Days

Min. Deposit – $1000

Barrel 98+

Returns – 200%

Period – 15 Business Days

Min. Deposit – 10,000


Returns – 20% Daily

Period – 25 Business Days

Min. Deposit – $30,000


Returns – 1000%

Period – 50 business Days

Min. Deposit – $100

Affiliate Program

If there is one thing ponzi schemes hope to achieve at the earliest that will be to their customer base because that is the main factor which determines their revenue.  This firm encourages its clients to refer people to their investment program. - Affiliate Program

The affiliates are paid a fat commission of 7% of every sale they drive and they are also provided with a variety of promotional tools which will help them in their campaigns.  It is not mandatory for the partners to have an active deposit in order to get their share of the revenue.

Domain Insight

According to this domain was registered on 10/08/2017 and it expires on 10/05/2022.

This website has managed to find over 10,000 victims for their fraudulent scheme.  This site ranks 8,471 in Russia and has a global rank of 115,239. This service seems to target users from Russia, Ukraine, Singapore, Iran and Vietnam.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The minimum spend is $10 and the minimum payout is $1.  The payment methods supported by this platform are PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Payeer and advcash.  

There is no information about transaction fees and the time taken for processing the withdrawals is not mentioned anywhere on their website.

Is Barrel.Company a Scam?


Their narration is very inconclusive and to some extent ridiculous.  The cost incurred in any business can be minimised but not to the extent these fraudsters are telling you.  

Since the identity of the actual owners could not be found and looking at the kind of absurd information in addition to the fake income claims, these all factors confirms that this platform is indeed a ponzi scam which will not be operational for a long time.

Barrel.Company Review Conclusion

Barrel.Company is a simple get rich quick scheme which has all the characteristics of a scam.  They have tried their best to appear as legitimate as possible but still the return claims is a major red flag which drives many of the investors away as any one who has decent amount of exposure of the financial markets can recognise the bunch of lies portrayed on their platform.  

Oil trading is lucrative, there is no argument about that but that does not mean they are your ticket to the riches.  As always regardless of which business opportunity you are presented with online be realistic and do not hesitate to walk away from offers like the ones this platform advertises.

Do you have any first hand experience with Barrel.Company?  Share your opinion and feedback by commenting below.

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