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Txiny.com - Scam Review
Txiny (Txiny.com) is a crypto investment solution which provides investment packages for all type of people regardless of their budget. This website reminds us of many HYIP scams we have seen in the past. These con artists claim to generate returns of over 1500% after just 30 days.

Unless you are a newbie investors who do not have any idea about trading, there is no way anyone can believe their outright fake return claims. Furthermore we found many false narrations on this platform which are designed to lure in innocent people and take their money. Read our full review to find out why you should never trifle with this platform.

License and Support Team

Txiny is an ICO which accepts money from a pool of private investors and according to the terms of the contract accepted by both the participants, the investors are supposed to get certain dollar figure returns on top of the initial deposit.

Companies which offer these type of services all over the world are required to hold proper legal documents failing which they will be put behind bars. While we were trying to validate the services provided by this firm, we were able not able to find any license which gives them the authorization to take money from the public.

There isn’t any information about this company on FCA database which means these scammers are just filling their bank accounts with clients money and are operating outside the law.

This firm claims to be a registered entity but on their website there is no details of registration or incorporation which proves that all their claims are just bluff. Here are the contact details of this company:-

Address – 2 Macklin Street, London, England, WC2B 5ND

Email – admin@txiny.com

How does Txiny.com work ?

This firm claims to offer most comprehensive opportunities for Bitcoin enthusiasts to invest in other best cryptocurrencies which will yield huge profits in near future. Narrative put up by them is nothing more than a vague prediction.

There is no individual firm or investment bank which can predict how certain assets perform in the future let alone profit from them. These so called traders and analysts have not talked about which indicators or fundamental factors they consider before executing a trade.

There isn’t any information on what type of risk aversion methods they have in place if the market crashes. We do not know for sure if these crooks are actually profitable because there simply isn’t any evidence to support anything they say, even the names of the people involved are not revealed. So why should an investor trust them when they do not uphold transparency ?

Returns Promised

Looking at the amount of returns this firm promises seems like everyone can earn billions without having to do any work except depositing in this fake platform but sadly that is not how the world works. Take a look at the investment packages they advertise, does that appear real to you ?

Plan 1 – 130% Return After 1 Day

Plan 2 – 200% Return After 3 Days

Plan 3 – 275% Return After 5 Days

Plan 4 – 370% Return After 7 Days

Plan 5 – 700% Return After 15 Days

Plan 6 – 1,500 Return After 30 Days

Referral Program

The amount of revenue a ponzi scheme makes it directly co-related with the number of investors who fall victim for their scheme. This company encourage its existing clients to refer people on to their platform and offers them assistance with their campaigns as well.

The affiliates are paid 3% of the cumulative deposits made by the investors they bring on to their platform. Note that the affiliates are not required to have an active deposit so if there is anyone at loss it will be the investors only.

Domain Popularity

According to whois.com this domain was registered on 29/12/2015 and it expires on 29/12/2019. This website has a global rank of 1,455,182 according to alexa.com. There are no registrant details available and we do not know the exact regions they are trying to target.

Txiny.com - Website Popularity

Depost and Withdrawals

The minimum spend is $10 and the minimum payout threshold is $0.30. E-currencies accepted by this firm are Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer and adv cash.

They state that the transactions done with this platform are not associated with any fees and the withdrawals are said to be processed instantly.

Is Txiny a Scam ?

A deceptive one,

Txiny is a ponzi scam which basically matches the deposit value to withdrawal requests but eventually they will reach a point wherein they cannot sustain this scheme or these crooks are just happy with the money they have made.

Ultimately they will run away with your money sooner or later. Since this company is already operating illegally, there isn’t anything anyone can do about them.

Txiny Review Conclusion

Txiny promises investors with irresistible and tempting offers but remember there is no easy way to earn profits in the markets and if someone over the internet is promising to increase your account 15 times the initial deposit put your wallet down and run for the hills.

Everything about this firm is disturbing to say the least and lastly the support team of this platform will answer your questions and quires only till you spend money to them. Once they have the funds do not expect any kind of reply from them.

Have you been scammed by Txiny.com? Share your opinion by leaving us a comment.


  1. Nadenne

    Her’s my email nadenneandkerwin@gmail .com

  2. saimon

    Legit forex investment .
    I got 5 times withdrawal


  3. gadlaza

    They real scammers, I have been scammed three days back….. Up until now withdrawal is still pending

  4. john

    hi guys just want to ask if any one here try profitmaker89@gmail.com??i always see it on facebook that they are legit and paying..i’m planning to invest on theme.if they are truely real..

  5. Satria sasongko

    Situs txiny itu real scammer 😂😂😂

    • andrea

      Yes they are fu**** Scammers..thank god i have another legit and paying investment it helps me recover all my loses,

      • Hoyac shaw

        Hello, send me the legit investment you have

      • Khauzen

        hi Andrea which paying site did you use now?..please WhatsApp me on +27738899665 or telegram at @khauze

      • Nadenne

        hi Andrea can i ask a link of your legit and paying investment ? Please?send it to my email. Thank you

        • Nadenne

          Her’s my email nadenneandkerwin@gmail .com

      • aleksandre

        hello can you tell me any really site txiny scame me too

  6. pRIKA1337

    СДЕЛАЛ 3 ДЕПОЗИТА 30.20 И 12$

    • Hugo Ferreira

      Hi Jarek, what’s that mean? Did you invest in this platform and did well? Thank you.

  7. Elena

    Yes I was scammed by txiny.com They never sent the money that an investor earn after the period of time took it at the beginning. Withdrawals stand pending never go forward. Everybody STAW AWAY OF THOSE PEOPLE!!!!!

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