Rainy Dollars Review

Rainydollars.com - Scam Review

Rainy Dollars (rainydollars.com) is supposedly a successful investment company which provides the opportunity to the small scale investors to take part in trading various markets and earn significant profits.  Simplicity and undetectability are the best words which describe their platform.

They do not harbour any flashy profit screenshots but still their returns are unjustifiable.  Returns are paid either on hourly or daily basis and are capped at 50% hourly which as you probably know is preposterous.  

Read our detailed review which will unravel their ill motives and educate you about how these type of criminals lure in innocent people on a regular basis so that you can avoid interacting with this firm and any kind of similar phony platforms.

Company and Support

The easiest way to gauge the professionalism of any investment company is by taking a look at their legal footprints because if they are truly legitimate then they will follow the guidelines and rules laid out by the authorities.  Rainy Dollars is an ICO which relies on funds raised from the pool of investor for trading various correlated markets.

The profits are then distributed among the team and the members according to their initial contribution.  We wanted to make sure that they are a indeed a regulated company so we checked with the relevant regulatory authorities but none of them has any information about this firm which basically means that they are a scam.

If you visit their site in the About Us section they have presented their registration certificate, do not get intimidated by that.  They are doing this intentionally to trick you into depositing with them but you should be reluctant to do that as registration certificate does not give them the right to handle other people’s money in the name of portfolio management.  

The contact details put up by them are as follows:

Address – Billing Road, Northampton, Northamptonshire NN1 5AW

Email – admin@rainydollars.com

How does Rainy Dollars Work?

This firm states that they are geared towards bringing stable investment experience to the people globally.  Apart from this basic explanation they do not have provided or even bothered to provide further details.

They claim to be involved in trading almost every asset class but have failed totally when it comes to providing any sort of detailed analytics of the accounts they have handled in the past.  Majority of you already know that different markets required different strategy and approach.

Since these fraudsters have not talked anything about impeccable approaches or any other actual aspects of trading like the risk management, money allocation between the financial instruments and the profit targets how can we be confident about investing with them?  

Are we supposed to believe them blindly?  If that is the case then we refuse to do that.

Plans and Profits

It is human tendency to get excited when things are getting easy to accomplish but stop and think for a second is it humanly possible with the current market conditions to yield returns like they portray?  Don’t you think if this was an actual thing, they would have used it to build their own portfolios instead of going around and asking for other people’s money.

Check out their investment plans and the image below, is it even possible to do that on a daily basis.

Plan 1

Returns – 15% Daily

Period – 7 Days

Min. Deposit – $1

Plan 2

Returns – 30% Daily

Period – 10 Days

Min. Deposit – $1999

Plan 3

Returns – 50% Hourly

Period – 3 Hours

Min. Deposit – $999

Rainydollars.com - Profit Calculator

Affiliate Program

These scammers are coming up with all sort of telltale stories only to increase their customer base which in turn enables them to aim for higher revenue.  To make their plan successful they need an efficient marketing model and for that purpose they offer an affiliate program.

Anyone who prefers to work with fake platforms like this one can sign up with them and start earning commissions of 5% of the deposit amount made by the traffic sent through them.  

Clearly their model is similar to that of a pyramid scheme wherein the number of participants determines how long the business will stay operational.  In case if you don’t know the affiliates need not be an active investor.

Domain Insight

Though this website is considerably old they do not have enough traffic which leaves required amount of data to determine their sources but here are a quick run down of the statistics of their platform we gathered from whois.com and alexa.com.

Domain – RainyDollars.com

Registered on – 24/07/2016

Expires on – 24/07/2019

Alexa Traffic Rank – 10,522,586

Is Rainy Dollars a Scam?

A pretty convincing scam,

At this stage of the review you already know most of the things wrong with them but here are some more facts which might make you frustrated if you already sent money to them.  Have you noticed that they have no put up any names of the employees except their alleged creator who is called Steven Martinez.

Every individual who is operating as a fund manager are required to give their details to certain authorities which will then be made publicly available.  When we went through the web trying to find any clues about this personality, nothing relevant or helpful information showed up so we can say it with confidence that it is another made up story.

Rainy Dollars Review Conclusion

Rainy Dollars is an epitome of fraud.  The very moment a firm fails to reveal either their legal details or the profile information of the fund managers know that you are dealing with an unregulated entity which may or may not turn out to be a scam.  

Fast profits is something many newbies in the financial markets chase but hold your horses and gain knowledge first, profits will follow eventually.

Have you been scammed by RainyDollars.com?  Let us know your feedback by leaving a comment below.


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