Minersdepo.com Review – Fraudulent Vendor

Minersdepo.com is a platform that sells mining equipment. They have been around since 2019 and their website statistics are indeed something that can be described as impressive.

If you visit their platform, you will be noticed by the way the offerings are listed and the filters they have used is truly one of a kind. While everything about them sounds good on paper, the reality as always is not straightforward and people do need to be careful while dealing with them.

For starters, owners are unknown. Their policies are vague and ambiguity is present in their operational model. In short, they are not someone who you can completely rely on.

To learn more about the ways used by this entity, user feedback present and much more, continue reading. In case you have lost money to them, then leave a comment below and we will do our best to assist you in any way possible.

What is Minersdepo.com?

As we mentioned before, Minersdepo.com is a platform that enables people to buy cryptocurrency mining equipment. Depending upon your performance and scalability, you can buy GPUs and a lot of other machinery from them.

The pricing strategy followed by them is good. However, when it comes to user satisfaction and customer care, they fade in comparison to almost all the other reputed institutions.

Moreover, the payment method used by them also does not enhance their image. Lastly, their reputation is taking a hit badly all over the internet. After spending a lot of time on their official website, we can assure you that something is certainly fishy.

At the time of writing this post, there is no hard core evidence to prove them guilty, but given the way things are turning out, we should not give them the benefit of the doubt.

All in all, they are not the ones anyone should trust with their money for any reason.

Contact Details

This firm published all the contact details. Nonetheless, do not expect any quality service from them. Numerous users are not happy with them and many people have complained about the poor customer support.

We have gathered all of the contact information below. For best results, talk before placing an order and do not order big unless you have tried them out first. After all, isn’t being conservative better than regretting the choice later?

  • Email – contact@minersdepo.com
  • Phone – +(31) 647 264 567
  • Address – P.J Ludwig 4, 1314 CH Almere, Netherlands

Products Offered

Minersdepo.com sells all kinds of mining equipment. You can find products from all the top brands such as Baikal, Bitfury, MicroBT and much more. Users can also search for the machinery by choosing the coin filter.

Based upon your input, the platform will show you the best fit for your needs. Surprisingly enough, the costs are too good to be true. Note that they always show every product in stock and that kind of scenario is also unrealistic.

While the brands showcased are genuine, we have no idea as to whether they will deliver the product or not. If you are serious about getting started with mining, then stick with reputable platforms and do not try to cut corners by looking for huge discounts.

Remember, if the price is too low, there is always a catch involved.

Minersdepo.com Payment Methods

Unfortunately, this firm does not list all of their payment methods in one place. After digging around the pages of this website, we did find what we were looking for. In order to buy something from them, people have to use wire transfer or bitcoin.

Though the payment methods are restricted, the funny thing is that processing time is not made clear. We as end consumers have no idea as to when the amount is going to reflect in our account.

The ambiguity present is definitely a deal breaker for many customers and crypto enthusiasts. After analysing their operational model, trusting them with your cash is unjustifiable.

Weird Shipping and Returns Policies

On their website, there is in-depth information about both shipping and returns policies. The terms might appear reasonable to the untrained eye, but as always that is not the case.

Shipping policy has a lot of hidden terms and clauses. Refund policies are also not that transparent and their conditions give them a clear edge over the customers.

In other words, getting a refund from them is a difficult task and most people will be forced to leave their funds stuck with them forever. Lack of clear explanation along with questionable policies are a telltale sign of a potential fraud. As too many signs are present, you need to be cautious or else things will get difficult for you.

User Feedback

Minersdepo.com has earned mixed feedback on the web. On a few forums, people talk good about them. However, on big ones like Reddit, people are saying nothing but awful things about the firm.

Check out the following couple of comments about them. Isn’t it scary enough to make most people stay away from them?

I’m trying to warn everybody about these scammers Minersdepo.com and and my lawyer is already doing everything he can, but we will see whats going to happen.. There is a big chance to not see our money again, but we can stop them by telling people and they will stop scamming when nobody is buying anymore..

Identical site with the name myminershop. same scam

Minersdepo.com Scam or Not?

Minersdepo.com platform is not something that can be called a blatant scam. Nonetheless, they do showcase a lot of disturbing traits and signs. Their pricing strategy and marketing abilities are exceptional.

However, no one knows whether they will hold their end of the bargain. So, we advise our readers to think twice before revealing your sensitive information or sending funds to them.

While culprits can be tracked, it will be a tedious process and it might take a long time before you can recover your funds. So, do not rush into buying just because of the discounted prices you might see.

Going forward, always do proper research and if something does not add up, then be wise enough to walk away.


This vendor is someone that has a sketchy history. While few people like it, the majority of users appear to be frustrated. Moreover, the way they operate is also not reassuring. If you like to protect your capital and peace of mind at any cost, then look elsewhere.

Kindly share your take on Minersdepo.com by commenting below.


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