MetaMAX Token (Mmax) Review

Welcome to this MetaMAX cryptocurrency review. In this article we will cover this new BEP20 token which was just recently created and added to the BSC (Binance Smart Chain).

Disclaimer: This review was provided to us by the MetaMAX team. is in no way involved in this project.

After reading this unbiased review you’ll have all the basic knowledge you need in order to determine whether this is a scam, or a legitimate new cryptocurrency you should invest in.

Before writing this post, we made some research over the website and the whitepaper, and now we will explain and expand on the relevant topics.


What is MetaMAX

So as mentioned above, MetaMAX (Symbol Mmax) is a new cryptocurrency project that was recently uploaded online on the blockchain with its Smart Contract, however, was not launched and became accessible to the wide public.

According to their website it’s a matter of days before they announce on the official presale time and the early stages are usually the best time to get into a project.

So, in case you decide you like this project and want to make sure you don’t miss the train, you can follow the updates on and over their social medias.

That way you can catch the exact time of the pre- launch and the opportunity to purchase tokens in the cheapest price that is expected to be.

But lets discuss first what it is all about.

This is a deflationary reflection token, that was built on the Binance Smart Chain and is aiming to become one of the leading crypto coins.

As described below, the creators made sure to include powerful and innovative functions, with the goal of making up the ultimate coin.

Meta MAX Crypto Token Vision and Mission

It’s not hard to notice that Mmax was developed by professionals.

There are so many newly created tokens that are listed and being added on a daily basis to and most of them have zero value.

If you check them carefully, you’ll find out that they use a simple code that was copied as a template or from other crypto projects.

However, MetaMAX smart contract was created from scratch, with a unique structure and customize algorithm.

This is an open code that can be checked by anyone who wish to have a look and know how to read the solidity programming language.

You can check out the contract on bscscan, which is the blockchain explorer of the Binance Smart Chain.

Metamax team state clearly that it’s an ongoing project with a very long-term vision.

As mentioned in the whitepaper one of the purposes of this digital currency is to bridge the gap between the traditional finance and fiat money and the crypto and NFT world.

Compared to most projects, the speed and cost of transactions are significantly better for the investor.

An automatic mechanism applies buy back and burn strategies, liquidity pools and a very attractive reward system.

In addition to all the future plans and utility, Mmax is one of the first yield generation token to reward its holders with BUSD.

Many people don’t realize it, but dividends have a much higher value when given in a stable coin.

It means holders of the asset are being paid a certain amount for every transaction in the network.

Not only that, but their rewards also don’t depends on the crypto token price.

This type of “Defi Tokenomics”, ensure that investors and traders earn money from any market condition.

Whether the price goes up or down, they receive a stable income.

MetaMAX Tokenomics

Mmax Deflationary Token

The MetaMAX crypto coin has a total supply of 10 Billion coins. This is the maximum amount and there will never be any more than that. When you think of it in the point of view of an investor, this is a positive thing. The reason is that it create a upward pressure. The supply is getting lower with time, while the exposure and demand increase. As a result, more people are fighting over the same asset and willing to pay more, moving the price higher. This, in oppose to assets such as the U.S Dollar, where the Federal Reserve can print money as much as they decide to. What it cause, is a terrible inflation and less valuable local currency.

Anti-Whales System

This is a very important element that makes us feel good about MetaMAX.

The Anti whale algorithm prevent big investors from taking over with pump and dump methods.

Massive selling that may result in big drops in price is avoided and selling amounts are limited to make sure such manipulations don’t happen.

In addition to that, a certain percentage of each deal is being transferred right away to strengthen the liquidity pool in the exchange.

As a result, the stability of the currency is protected.

Buyback and Burn Strategy

The Meta MAX coin utilizes a sophisticated method  that is worth mentioning.  A certain percentage of each transaction fee is locked within the contract.  It is then used to buy Mmax and by that, creates volume and rewards for the holders. Once this step is done, the algorithm automatically send these tokens into the burn address. This process is very clever, because in addition to creating value for the investors, it reduces the over supply and therefore pushes the price higher.

MetaMAX Transactions Fees

One of the key elements regarding the MetaMAX crypto token is the transactions fee function. Once a user makes a trade with $MMAX he gets to pay 8 percent commission. While you might think that this is a lot, in fact this is not high in compare to many other projects in this field. Actually, it’s really low if you consider what the same user gets in return.

Firstly, as mentioned before, 4 percent of any transaction that is made with MetaMAX is sent to the holders. It means that as an holder of the coin,  you are constantly being rewarded with incoming dividends. In addition, the other 4 percent are being used for the benefits of the project. 1 percent is for the buyback and burn strategies we described earlier. Another 1 percent is for the liquidity pool in the exchange. Then, the other 2 percent go to development and marketing respectively.

This is a really smart use of the generated commissions, cause it contributes to the project and rewards investors both for the short and the long term.

Percentage of Distribution

Another aspect which is important to learn about in every new cryptocurrency project, relates to the percentage of distribution. It basically shows us, how much of the base coin is accessible at each stage. In this case, we already know that the MetaMAX token provides a total supply of 10B coins. Now lets see how it is divided. According to their whitepaper as well as their different announcements 40 to 50 percent is available in the presale phase. This includes the privet and the public sales. In addition, 30 and up to 50% goes to coin burning, and the small percent that left is used for the team, rewards for holders, airdrop and foundation expenses. This is a very reasonable structure, as almost 100% serves the goal of the long term success with the Mmax crypto project.

MetaMAX Token Roadmap

Reading the Roadmap of a project, especially in the cryptocurrency market, is an essential part of learning about it. This is where the company share their business plan both for the short and the long terms. While having an impressive roadmap doesn’t necessarily mean that every step of the model is going to happen, this is still a good indication. While observing the MetaMAX token Roadmap, It shows up quite clearly, that the team behind this crypto coin were thinking it through. There is a logic and methodology behind every step of the way. We really like the fact that there is a worthy concept and a great vision for the long run.

During the first phase, the digital coin was created. This is also when the website and white paper were initially presented.  On the next phase the privet and public sale take place, as well as marketing and community growth. Then, the 3rd and 4th phases will include serious progression. Staking application, token audit, a video game and even an NFT marketplace. All of these are planned ahead.

MetaMAX Cryptocurrency Summary

Now that we cover the different aspects, lets sum up this Metamax review. In the ongoing uncertainty of the cryptocurrency and NFT markets, it is refreshing to run into such projects. This is a fresh new token that indeed combines all the essentials elements that could make it potentially be one of the leading coins. With full transparency and an open code, this coin is certainly legitimate. When considering the sophisticated smart contract, consistent BUSD reward for holders, and impressive road map, we fell good about its overall direction.  Sure, it’s hard to know what will happen in the long run. However, we strongly believe in the potential of the MMAX coin and project. This could be a rare opportunity to get in early. And if you missed the BTC and other altcoins in their early days, you definitely don’t want to miss that one out.

If you have any thoughts regarding MetaMAX, please share them with us by commenting below this review.


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