Review – Bogus Firm! claims to be a successful investment firm which advertises upto 6% returns on a daily basis. Their trading approach is not clear, on top of that the people running this organization are shady and anonymous. The number of flaws on their platform kept going up as we started to dig deep and without any doubt we can say that, the people running this firm are criminals.

To mislead the public, they have put up few legal certificates on their website, but that is just a desperate attempt to seem like a legit institution. While the cryptocurrency grows in value and attracts more people, most of the investors still do not understand the sector well enough and those kinds of people are the ones likely to be exploited by these kinds of crooks.

So, before you proceed with them or make any firm decision, make sure to go through our review to understand their real nature. Review

Company, Team and Support

Since the early 2000’s the law around online investing has evolved continuously and at the present moment, the guidelines for starting an investment firm is crystal clear. Before a company is allowed to raise money from the public for trading or other activities which involves high risk, it should hold proper legal certificates from the local regulatory authorities. On their homepage, we did find an incorporation certificate, but that does not mean that they are regulated.

Moreover, we couldn’t find any details about them on FCA’s platform. So, it is clear that they are conducting activities outside the boundaries of law and in the end they will pay a heavy price for doing so. Legit organisations always take pride in being transparent and maintaining good PR in order to instill trust among the investors.

However, this platform operates exactly in the opposite way and they are so clever when it comes to covering their tracks.Their traits indicate that they have done this before and that is not something which deserves any appreciation or attention. We have gathered the contact details of this firm and you can find them down below. Note that, though they feature phone numbers, the only way to get a response from them is going to be through email.

Address – 54 Rose Avenue, Nether Poppleton, York, YO26 6RU, United Kingdom

Email –

Phone – +1(310)442-0102 Operational Model is said to derive most of their income through trading and mining bitcoin and other liquid altcoins. They are also said to be active in the venture capital world which for the most part adores secrecy. The main problem with their entire narrative is that they don’t have any evidence to support it. First of all, the information about important metrics like win rate, draw down and ideal time period needed for the portfolio to yield is not mentioned.

The profiles of the people who handle the funds are not revealed to the public. On top of these confusions, they don’t provide any free trial or trading history to their clients. All of the traits discussed so far screams at us to stay away from it because that’s how a fraud platform works. Trading is a game of probability and numbers are everything if you want to survive for long. So, always look for proven techniques and make proper research before opening an account and avoid all so called easy hacks you come across online.

Investment Types and Returns

There are 3 different types of investment accounts offered by this platform wherein the general rule is, the more you deposit, the higher and quicker the returns are going to be. In terms of percentage, they claim to generate upto 6% a day forever. Plans

If their claims were indeed true, then every client of this company is guaranteed to become a billionaire without doing anything. Ask yourself, do you really believe that anyone can just dump some cash and expect to be rich forever? These crooks are just taking advantage of gullible investors and are lotting them blatantly.

Affiliate Program

Without marketing, no ponzi scheme will ever be able to run and thanks to the advancement of the online world, scammers can conduct their operations with utmost ease and anonymity. The owners of this platform are offering high cash rewards and bonuses for marketers who will redirect web traffic to their service and they even equip them with the marketing tools such as colorful banners, demographic detail, etc.

As the marketers and founders are working for mutual benefits from the beginning, at the end of the day the only person to fund everything will be the clients and that is guaranteed to end in a horrible way. In short, don’t let few comments from bogus user profiles or fake reviews fool you and for your own safety never indulge with them in any way.

Domain Information

Below are the important details of both the domain and the website which gives clues about the intentions of the owners. Source – and

Domain –

Registered On – 20/01/2020

Expiry – 20/01/2021

Alexa Global Rank – Not Listed

Target Audience – Unknown Review Conclusion is an illegal bitcoin investment firm which will crumble to pieces pretty soon. They don’t have enough traffic to generate enough cash flow and even if they manage to keep their scheme alive for some time, eventually they will flee away. Since they accept only cryptocurrency deposits, it would be next to impossible to track them.

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