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  1. Bir Pal

    Scammer scammer scammer
    Attention to Everyone/Friends

    Please read this must. (The below site is scammer )

    I am telling you truth about bitearnforex.com, (www.bitearnforex.com) I joined this company on 11 july 2017. I invested amount first time $ 20 and then $ 45 and after that $ 200 but I got only $ 9 till date. I requested to withdraw $ 51 on 2 Aug, 2017. when I didn’t get it in time then I chated with consultant of this site they told me that your account has been hold and We will confirm in 24 hours, but I see that after 3 hours they send me email in which written that you received a bonus: $ 30,000.00 but you have to to pay a minimum amount of (0.98490212BTC) or $ 2900 as a “Withdrawal fee” or tax to be able to qualify to receive this bonus in your BTC wallet. After that I chated with the consultant and said that I have no need this type of Bonus, I just want my earnings and principal only. But they told me that all payments will be made after your deposit is conformed. I told that I have no such a lot of money to pay you, then they told me that we cannot do nothing without the deposit. They say every time that you first pay, then we will credit your account and no words except this.

    When I am not the asking for bonus why they are forcing me to deposit the same. When they are not paying $ 51 only which was requested on 2 Aug, 2017. how I can believe that they will pay me this bonus after required deposit.

    In Remarks- They have cheated / deceived to me and I have lost of my money.
    I have posted chated details with the consultant.
    I am bringing notice to all persons/friends that nobody invest in this company any funds I.e take no plan of this sites.

    Scammer , scammer , scammer scammer

    I requested to withdraw $ 51 on 2 Aug, 2017 they did not pay a very samll amount $ 51. I have earned also $ 525 and withdraw on 06 Aug 2017 this amount also I didn’t get. After that I chated with consultant Then consultant told me that we are going to deactivate your account and removed chated support. They have cheated / deceived me.

    Now I request you all friends that please forward this message to all your friends.
    I request you to my all friend to post this on facebook, forums, blogs, comments, chat rooms, facebook wall, facebook pages, groups, twitter, etc sites

    Inspite of this Today I received the message that bitearnforex have send me $ 10,000 whereas my account has been already disactived . This shows that this company in real are making fool to the people.

    So I request to the people to avoid this sites I am enclosing herewith all proofs.

    Bir Pal

  2. Rita Raven

    I’d like to post a warning with every website exposing scammers. I have an actual name and phone numbers. BITCOIN PRO TRADER, Mahi Singh at 844-672-9115 and 844-757-8828. Took extreme advantage of my lack of knowledge and inserted phone address to which to send funds. Lost $2000. Please advise everyone and alert me should there be other sites to which I can post.

  3. John

    please review aurum-bank.com, atomic-horizons.com, laser.online and bitpetite.com, sir…

  4. Leigh

    Posted negative review for coinjar as nearly been two weeks since deposit hasn’t cleared long time to reply with more excuses.
    Coinjar reply was they took down my message and banned me from coinjar saying fraudulent bank transactions? lost $500 now I will be pasting this on as many review sites as possible I should have read the negative reviews first and gone with someone else

    • vijay kumar


      I have a similar experience but that God to Mrs [name removed] who help me out and introduce me to a reliable and trusted bitcoin earning site.Now I Am rich and earn bitcoin every single passing day of my life

      * Affiliate link removed from comment.

      • Lisa Beed

        Apparently there was a fraudulent Coinbase customer service phone number online which I called last week. I was attempting to get access again to my Bitcoin account, since I had lost access to the email I signed up with. They were able to withdraw money from my bank account and attempted to do it a second time for a larger dollar amount that I didn’t have in my bank account r. . At this moment I don’t know for sure if they took everything from my Bitcoin wallet. I have since gained access to my original email, but still unable to access my Bitcoin account. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!!
        New email is : lisabeed55@gmail.com

  5. Amagwuiberi Patrick

    I sent 0.00547311 btc to crypto4.ru for exchange into ruble on sunday 13th August, till now no exchange has been transfered to my payeer wallet.I have written a complain to support@crypto4.ru still no response.

    Patrick Anayo.

  6. Philip Grimson

    What you really need to do is to find some method to clear these SCUMBAGS off the Internet! Is there not some way these adverts can be blocked? These are deliberate frauds! Does this Website really want to feed such information to its subscribers? I guess not – because it is the easiest way to anger their subscribers and shut it down for posting false information. Whatever they loose in discarding whatever they gain from these websites they wlil recover as honest and trustworthy purveyors of genuine information. THINK ABOUT IT GUYS! BUILD A REPUTABLE SITE WHICH IS RESPECTED AND FOLLOWED , OP EARN THE REPUTATION OF BEING THE TRASH CAN FOR THE SCAM BAGS OF THE INTERNET!

  7. Toni bagliani

    Hello I was scammed out of funds by Mahi Singh of Bitcoin ProTraders. 844-672 9115 and 844-757-8828. Watch out…very helpful then takes your money and then blocks your phone number

  8. Stranga

    My case with strongwallet.com

    I was in hurry and created a wallet account on “strongwallet.com” and quickly transferred money to and from the wallet – which i regret a lot now. The page seems to be offline and my coins are locked on an address, on which i have no key to. What a mess that i realized after sending the coins, that the website “strongwallet.com” doesnt give the option the get to a guarantee letter for the used addresses.

    Let me quickly resume what happened:
    26.06.17 – I ve sent the amount of 0.083000 BTC and the amount of 0.005690 to the wallet address of strongwallet. It arrived. Then i ve sent those amounts to another address; it was removed from strongwallet address but it never arrived at the forwarding address!

    On block chain, i can see the two amounts still pending on the adresses of strongwallet.com i ve sent coins to. Also i can see that the forwarding address reminds no such transactions that i m missing.
    – So in fact, the coins just visually disappeared from the strongwallet account, but not from the real physical addresses. They got never forwarded cause i see the original amount i ve sent is remained untouched at the addresses i ve sent to. Its visible on block chain.
    Am i right?!?

    The support option on the page doesnt really work. I get automated “support tickets” for my mail requests but i cant answer to the mails. There is no sender address!

    If you know to help me how to get my coins back, i d be grateful. All i have is screenshots of all of it and still the access to my strongwallet account, where the two addresses i have send money from still are listed. (Showing, that i have sent money away from, what never really happened):

    – Sincerely – Stranga

    • admin

      We’ll be glad to try and help. Please send us via email any screenshots of your transaction and we’ll investigate for you.

        • Jessica

          Please!! Admin, I needs best site to mine my Bitcoin, I don’t want to be victim of bad testimony….👏

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