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Asdevinc ( is a self proclaimed pioneer of the tourism and real estate sector.  They promise investors returns of up to 1.2% on a daily basis.

This service has been around for over 10 months as of August 2018 and has managed to grow at an phenomenal pace but unfortunately that is not a good thing.  To the layman eyes this service will certainly appear as a reliable way to earn a passive income but remember looks can be deceiving.

Before you decide to join them read our complete review to find out why you should never gives this firm a chance to run away with your money.

License and Support Team

Firms which provide investment opportunities of any kind has to be regulated by certain authorities depending upon where they are situated.  

Asdevinc represents an ICO which takes money from from the retail investors and in return promises them fixed monetary rewards after certain period of time.  While we were checking if they had the authorization to carry this type of operation, we couldn’t find any document confirming the licenses they should hold.

This anonymous service has put up some sort of registration and insurance details on this website which is just a deceptive move done by them to appear genuine in front of the potential clients.

The support staff can be reached via live chat or a contact form provided on their website.  Here is a major red flag if this firm was indeed a legitimate one why are they hesitating to provide any contact details like address and telephone details?  

Will you entrust a firm to handle your funds who does not have the basic courtesy of providing at least telephone assistance?

How does Asdevinc Work?

This firm’s explanation about what they are involved with is so confusing.  They talk about different asset class and their yields and yet claim to be involved in a couple of services.  

This firm is supposedly involved in tourism sector which according to them is a very profitable venture and also they are said to be holding some real estate properties.  They have not revealed exactly which kind of job they have taken over in tourism and there isn’t any proof supporting that they are involved with real estate in the first place.  

Undoubtedly there is room for profits in these two sectors but they are nowhere close to the kind of profits they are assuring you.

Returns Offered

The returns offered by this platform is so believable to the everyday people which apparently is the main reason why thousands of investors have failed fallen prey to their scheme.  

This platform claims to generate 1.2% return on investment on a daily basis.  To anyone who does not have much knowledge about the financial markets this might sound very reasonable but rest assured they are are all fake claims. 

To put things into perspective assume the 1.2% ROI daily it adds to 36% monthly and 438% monthly.  It is impossible to achieve targets like these. Take a look at the plans this firm has put up:


Returns – 0.8% Daily

Duration – 20 Days

Deposit – $10


Returns – 0.9% Daily

Duration – 40 Days

Deposit – $10


Returns -1% Daily

Duration – 60 Days

Deposit – $10


Returns – 1.2% Daily

Duration – 100 Days

Deposit – $10

Affiliate Program

Fake investments like this firm dedicates a lot of effort on marketing because they know that the amount of money they make directly depends upon the number of participants of the scheme.  To grow their revenue they offer an affiliate program wherein the individuals who promote their service are paid huge cash incentives. - Affiliate Program

The affiliates make 5% of the cumulative deposits made by their investors.  Also it is not compulsory for the marketers or promoters to be an active investor to get their share of the revenue.


There are heaps of testimonials put on the home page of this website.  All the comments are some what too cheesy towards them. All the early users have expressed their gratefulness towards this service. - Fake Testimonials

The only problem is that there isn’t any way to verify the real identity of those customers.  Given the amount of misleading information on this platform, we believe that the comments are most likely from bogus profiles with stock photos attached to them.


According to this domain was registered on 25/10/2017 and it expires on 25/10/2020.

A simple search on will reveal that this website ranks 39,648 in Russia and has a global rank of 895,591.

The majority of the traffic coming to this site are from Russia, Georgia, Tajikistan, Ukraine and Moldova.

Deposit and Withdrawals

The minimum spend is $10 and the minimum withdrawal amount is $0.10.  The payment methods accepted by this platform are Visa, MasterCard, PerfectMoney, Payeer and advcash.  

We do not know if there is any transaction fees applicable.  The withdrawals are said to be processed usually within an hour but can take upto 5 business days.

Can I Trust Asdevinc?

The answer to this question is an obvious no.

This platform in reality is just a ponzi scheme which after gaining a vast investors base will pay some clients who are chosen randomly, by doing this they are making the investors have faith in their operation.  

Ultimately all ponzi scheme are designed to collapse and no one can predict when they will close down and run away with the funds.

Asdevinc Review Conclusion

There was a time when most of the scams could be easily recognised by everyday people as they offered returns which are nothing short of a miracle but these days fake investments clone reputable firms in such a way that most people cannot tell the difference.  

Asdevinc is a deceptive investment firm which is aggressively getting promoted by many blogs in the HYIP sector but realise the fact that there is no such thing as easy money and walk away from them.

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  1. Bryan Deaver-Ryan

    They are all scams! Universal Coin Trades, Perfect Options, they are all scams!

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