Dominant Finance Review - Scam Review

Dominant Finance ( is supposedly a blend of trading and mining cryptocurrency which offers returns which are too good to be true.  They are said to generate up to 16% monthly and as expected there is no evidence backing up their claims.

While we went through their platform and all the information put up by them, we were convinced that it is nothing but a neatly organised scam which will rip off investor’s money.  This platform is getting promoted heavily on the internet but there are reasons for that too which we will discuss later in the review.

Before moving further with this platform make sure that you go through our article which will help you make an informed decision.

Company and Contact Details

Dominant Finance is an ICO which offers investment opportunities to the retail clients.  They basically raise funds required for purchasing mining equipments and to pay for other associated costs, in return the investors are promised certain amount of returns depending upon the type and duration of the contract they choose.  

While we were looking for any licenses they should legally hold, there weren’t any.  We have confirmed through FCA this firm has never been licensed thereby operating illegally.

Nonetheless these scammers have tried their best to appear genuine.  They have featured a lot of registration documents of all sorts but rest assured they have no right to accept money from the retail investor.  

The only contact detail provided by them is an email address.

Email –


This firm has put up some details of the people who are supposedly involved in this firm.  We could not find them any information about them online except on their website which makes us believe that they are all just imaginary characters with stock photo attached with them. - Fake Profiles

Now ask yourself why would they put up fake details unless they are hiding something from us?

How does Dominant Finance Work?

This platform is said to be involved in trading and mining cryptocurrencies but there is no sort of credible evidence to prove that.  The details of their trading approach is not revealed and there is no trial period provided by them.

We do not know which factors are considered by this firm before entering a trade and as expected there is no verifiable trading history provided by them.  As far as mining is considered, there isn’t much information either.

They have not stated which equipments they use and where their mining farms are set up.  We do not know which mining pool they are involved with. After looking at the lack of clarity associated with this platform, it is certainly not the one you want to mess around.

Returns Offered

Mining contracts cannot be valued in exact dollar figure as the fluctuation in the crypto market is huge.  Regardless of which mining contract you choose this firm promises returns of 10% to 16% which is just impossible to achieve through mining.  

If you do the math it adds to a staggering 192% ROI yearly.  Doesn’t this sound a little too good to be true? Let us know what you think.

Affiliate Program

This firm encourages marketers, bloggers and any one who has access to web traffic to refer people on to their platform.  The affiliates are paid fixed percentage of the deposits made by every investor they bring in. - Partner Program

Just like many of the scams we have seen before this platform does not require the affiliates to be an active investor in order to get their commissions.  Their only motive is to make money and they are ready to do whatever it takes to achieve them.

Domain Insight

According to this domain was registered on 27/03/2018 and it expires on 27/03/2023.

This website has a global rank of 406,652 and it ranks 32,098 in Russia according to

The majority of the users coming to this website are from Russia, Germany, United States, Netherlands and Nigeria.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The deposit and withdrawal methods supported by this platform are Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, NIX money, PerfectMoney, Payeer and advcash.  There is no information about the transaction fees. The time taken for processing withdrawals is not specified anywhere on their platform.

Is Dominant Finance a Scam?

A Dangerous one,

This platform is nothing but a ponzi scam which just happens to have all the bells and whistles resembling to that of a legitimate solution.  Indeed their website is very appealing, minimalistic but that does not change the fact that we are dealing with a scam.

They will be operational as long as they are profitable but once they turn cash flow negative they will be gone.

Dominant Finance Review Conclusion

Dominant Finance is one of the biggest fraud company out there in the crypto trading and mining sector.  There are heaps of complaints against them and thousands of investors have lost their hard earned money.

This platform features many technical factors and fake information which gives the investors a wrong impression of getting huge profits.  Regardless of what type of mining farm you have it is just not possible to reach these kind of return on investments especially with the rising cost of machines and electricity.  Avoid any type of dealing with this firm because at the end of the day the only ones to make money is them.

If you lost money to Dominant Finance, share your experience by leaving a comment below.


  1. Plizzz

    U can find very interesting information about dominant finance at

  2. Joke

    Don’t be a crazy, don’t invest here

  3. Greg

    Scam! The owner of this pyramid is Prochuhan. Check info about him

  4. Ferz

    As i read that Dominance finance scam i’m tried to withdraw my money, but they really closed my account

  5. Will

    This is Prochuhan’s hyip, attention this is scam

  6. Craig

    Last news! They frooze withdrawal money.

  7. Eric

    They stop process withdrawal… Really scam?

  8. Walter

    Please don’t invest here. Owners has a big criminal history.

  9. Kiss

    Detected criminal and scam hyip! Be carefull!

  10. Kale

    Be carefull! U can lost all your money here!

  11. Bred

    They freeze my account with money!

  12. Kale

    Very strange hyip! Owners, low %, somebody talked this is scam, video at youtube…

  13. Kolzig

    Where is my money Dominant finance? Scam!

  14. David

    At all hyip sites scam status! Warning!

  15. FriendIT

    Already Scam. They didn’t pay.
    On hype-monitors status: Scam.
    Dont waste your money

  16. vovanant

    let them go in the banks asking for a trifle

  17. Getmybobs

    Admins are so poor that they spend millions for the $ 10 minimum deposit? What kind of nonsense?

  18. BrianHold

    this is SCAM already..
    Dominant-finance turn to scam status.
    Reason : Ponzi scheme

  19. Miller

    Dominant finance please stop scam!

  20. Carl0s

    At least someone collected information on this HYIP? Founder of Questra World. Will not live long.

  21. Runbabyrun

    at the specified address Dominant finance does not exist. What should be expected 🙂

  22. ScamBerry

    This is a fraud, nothing to think about. It is impossible to provide such profits by doing what they do.

  23. Jack

    New video about Dominant finance Enjoy!

  24. Jennifer

    U can’t to get profit from this hyip. Scam!

  25. Dana

    Scam! Absolutely scam hyip! They don’t care about your money, they only takes it and do not return!

  26. Matej

    Administration of the project Dominant Finance is already known for Resonance Capital, which has already got not a very good reputation – to say the least. The ambitious start of an “investment company” registered in Europe, in Scotland, did not meet any of investors the expectations. Resonance Capital also has several jurisdictions. However, though being registered in Belize and “operating” from Sweden according to rumors, “roots” are being conducted to Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

  27. Martha G.

    A high budget 3rd generation HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) even with the mining farm showroom))). The affair has some sense if you’re lucky enough to jump in on the first month of its life cycle and hop off on the 6th, no any later. Only in this case you’ll be able to earn something, otherwise the loss of your money is guaranteed. And nonetheless don’t ever make all of your investments in a single HYIP!

  28. Juliet

    Low % to withdraw, long period and high risk… Hm very strange…

  29. Doe

    Detected a high risk to scam! Same company Digithereum, same people.

  30. Mark

    Absolutely scam project like Alpha Cash and Crypto Pride. Be carefull. No deasl with dominant-finance!

  31. Eugenia Marks

    It’s easy enough to launch a rebrand scam and convince gullible victims to invest again. Whether the rebranded scam has anything to do with Questra World’s Alex Prochukhan and Cheslab Pestyuk however is another matter. To me this just sounds like a top investor hoping to fleece a list of gullible victims all over again. Questra World/ FWAM/ AGAM were shut down by the authorities. The same fate shall be for Domonant Finance

  32. Mark Whittmore

    Recieved no refback from them!!! Registered in Belize, one of the poorest in Central America and have a fake office in Gotenburg, Sweden with a half-Russian team, but no one to have a talk with, who is in charge for it personally! Scam! Stay away from dealing with them!!!

  33. Matej Pfeir

    New scam idea won’t be lasting long. More money lost for the fools who trust this garbage when there is more than enough evidence that it is an absolute scam. Pay more attention next time. Any payment received is money stolen from someone else. Accepting this stolen money makes the recipient party to the crime. Anyone who deposited money has already had that money stolen by thieves and their money is no longer available. Hope that helps.

  34. Goran

    A 80% Russian team (just have a look at the their board) of scammers residing (?) in Gotenburg, Sweden. What’s the funniest thing after the all procurator’s office of Stockholm is going to apply to Interpol with request regarding Alex Prochukhan based on the claims of 10 or so Swedes involved in the previous Prochukhan’s projects.

  35. Eugenia

    Typical Ponzi scheme – stay away at all cost! After a kind of “promotion period” when everybody is happy (paid correctly according to its “investment”) it continues with collapse: selective and disabled payments. Scam admins pack the rest of deposits of “partners” (victims) and disappear. Quite often people are encouraged to provide their personal data (personal ID document, passport, driving licence, selfie portrait, selfie with ID document, utility bill) to scammers. This is covered by KYC (Know Your Customer) policy, account verification process etc. other bullshit. Personal data can be later used for illegal activities and other scams (identity theft) for various purposes – money laundering, establishing new fraudulent “enterprises” with faked management, fraudulent loans, false identity of illegal immigrants etc.

  36. Martin Hannett

    It seems that the biggest problem with crypto tokens is that the market is barely regulated and controlled by financial authorities that makes Ponzi schemes and financial pyramids like Questra/ AGAM, Five Winds (FWAM), Digitherium, Alpha Cash, Golden Island possible.

    And their creators, like Prochukhan and Pestyuk are still able not only to avoid criminal punishment and attack other market players with black PR-campaigns.

    The market definitely needs international professional standards to be implemented as well some global regulative acts.

    Also, in my opinion, the players shall create and participate in the professional associations, which would provide no place for the people like Alex Prochukhan and Cheslav Pestyuk.

  37. Elinor

    As my Questra’s director (8th level) said, which is now in this project, the company is from Pestyuk and Prochukhan. And it’s as if everyone knows. This HAYP is likely to stretch for year or so. But to my question to jump in now or not, he advised it’s better not to do it anymore. So it’s up to you, risk if you’re lucky but you’ve been warned!

    • Eugenia

      Fake company registration numbers:
      170,292 Belize International Business Companies Act 1990
      11362239 UK Companies Act 2006
      2697171 Hong Kong Companies Ordinance 1984
      188462 Florida Limited Liability Company Act 1982
      1187746596421 FZ on state registration of legal entities and FE 2001
      Also the website contains the address of the company: Belize Corner Hutson & Eyre street, Blake Building, Suite 302 Belize City. If you spend just one minute and search for this address upon Google, you come to the conclusion that there is no Dominant Finance company there.

  38. Doug

    Ok – so some of the company employees have Facebook profiles and they all appear in a picture together. How many scam sites do you find that on? Answer: NONE.

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