Review - Scam Review is a cryptocurrency mining solution which supposedly extract many popular altcoins at once. Their website is available in four languages and has the most minimalist appeal. The returns promised by this platform is a major red flag which changed our perspective about them completely.

While we were investigating this fake cloud mining service, the list of questionable practices kept on growing and after carefully analyzing each of them we were confident about calling them a scam. Before you take any decision impulsively read our review to find out the dark side of this firm.

Company and Support represents an ICO wherein they maintain and upgrade the mining farms on a large scale while allowing the investors to take advantage of them depending upon the terms of the contract. All the firms which provide any type of financial service has to be regulated failing which they will face criminal prosecution.

While we were conducting a background check on this company, we did not find relevant information about them on FCA and FTC which proves the fact that they are not only unregulated but outright illegal in most countries.
The fraudsters orchestrating this firm also has not put up any details about the incorporation which is a trait of fake platforms. Also remember they have not revealed a single contract detail.

If you did buy any contract from their platform and get stuck or face any issues there is no customer support to address your pleas. Think rationally these crooks do not care to provide any after sales support, do you really want to do business with them ?

How does work ?

Mining is a process of solving new blocks with a possibility of finding a reward which should cover the operational cost thus becoming a profitable venture. This service conducts the above stated activity and even looks after the maintenance of the firms such as ensuring proper ventilation and keeping electricity cost at the minimum by using renewable source of energy.

If any individual has spent a decent amount of time in the crypto world then they can see through all their manufactured fabricated stories. The scammers behind this firm have not talked about their mining capabilities in terms of hash rate.

Some of the major red flags about this platform are that there is no information about the equipments they use, the margin of profits and the pools they are associated with. Bearing in mind all these facts will you send your funds to this company which already has earned itself a very bad reputation ?

Domain Whereabouts

Based on a quick search on we know that this website ranks 239,336 globally and it ranks 26,184 in Russia. The countries this firm has got considerable amount of traction are Russia, Brazil, Iran, Turkmenistan and Ukraine.

Thanks to we know that this domain was registered on 03/09/2018 and it expires after one year.

Profits Promised

Mining is not what it used to be few years ago. Many people who do not have the fundamental knowledge of cryptocurrency still seems to think mining as a very attractive and profiting ventures but the whole scenario is reversed in the recent times.

According to this firm, their average profit is said to be around 7% per day. If you calculate the returns on a monthly basis it raises to a mind blowing profit percentage of 210%. Regardless of what kind of machinery they use it is impossible to double the investment amount every month if it was even remotely possible all of humanity could quit their jobs but that is not the way reality works.

Is scam or Legit ?

This whole scheme is a big fraud,

Since the cryptocurrency transactions are hard to trace, many scams are utilizing this loophole to their advantage and make money via creating bogus organisation. The deadly trap they use can be called as ponzi meaning they do actually pay some percentage of the clients in order to lure them into depositing more and earn credibility.

If you by any chance got back your initial investment with profit consider that to be a miracle and never invest with them again because we all know everyday is not a Sunday. Review Conclusion is the perfect example of a ponzi scam. Their main area of expertise is exploiting the gullibility of the people and making money from it. Whenever you see any so called shortcuts to making money remember there is always a catch. After all the point of every business is to make money and this fraud operation is no different.

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  1. Hamza Malik

    This site is totally scam please do not invest here

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