HashByte.io Review

Hashbyte.io - Scam Review
HashByte.io is supposedly a cloud mining service run by a team of entrepreneurs who will generate maximum profits using clean source of energy. Their website design is pretty clean and the attention to details given by these crooks is enough to trick most newbie cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

After going through their platform, we have noticed enough red flags to deem them as a ponzi type investment which will cause a huge dent on your wallet if you unknowingly fell for their tricks. This firm claims to double your money every couple of months which is a bluff as these kind of profit margins are no longer existent.

To know how this platform deceives the investors, continue reading our detailed review.

License and Support

Cloud mining is a firm of investment service and as such it should also operate only after acquiring proper legal documents. HashByte.io is an ICO which in layman’s terms raises funds from a select group of investors and in return provide them with an easy way of making profits without having to deal with the problems of maintaining the mining farms.

The main aspect which reveals the credibility of any service is the legality aspect but with regards to this company we could not find any. We have searched the database of both FCA and FTC, they clearly do not have the slightest clue about this fraudulent firm as the number of online scams are ever rising.

Since these faceless criminals also have failed to talk anything about their license status, it means they are aware of the fact that they are in direct violation of law and are just trying to find excuses to justify their anonymous operation under the name of privacy.

Daily we strive hard to save investors from falling to the online traps, despite our warning if you want to try them out remember that if you need any kind of assistance the livelihood of getting them is close to zero. The only way to contact this firm is through email.

Email – support@hashbyte.io

Do not be surprised if you do not get reply from them as they care only about filling their pockets. Once you send your funds, you are non-existent for them.

How does HashByte.io work ?

This service claims to be using renewable energy sources like solar power for mining purposes thereby not having to pay the electricity cost which according to them is the reason why they are so profitable. Their explanation has many short falls in them, though it is enough to overwhelm the inexperienced crypto investors, it takes a lot more to convince us.

They claim to mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Monero but fails to provide any evidence which showcase their mining capacity or the hash rate they achieve. On their website they state that they own farms across Norway, Sweden and Estonia, as expected since the precise location is not stated we believe it to be another lie spit out by them.

There is no acknowledgement from their side as to what kind of machinery they use and the pools which they are an integral part of. Also considering the total absence of clarity along with the fact that the alleged employees are maintaining disturbing amount of anonymity, do you feel they are trustworthy?

Returns Advertised

The net profit arising from mining should not be guaranteed under any circumstances as they depend on many factors and it is unethical to put an exact number. However assuming this firm gets electricity for fee it still is impossible to double the investment amount every 8 weeks.

Moreover all their mining plans are so expensive. No rational person will invest so much into this unregulated firm. Here are the details of the mining plans.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining

  • Silver Package – $150 to $749
  • Gold Package – $750 to $1,499
  • Diamond Package – $1,500 to unlimited

Ethereum Cloud Mining

  • Silver Package – $150 to $599
  • Gold Package – $600 to $1,199
  • Diamond Package – $1,200 to unlimited

Lite Cloud Mining

  • Silver Package – $100 to $499
  • Gold Package – $500 to $999
  • Diamond Package – $1,000 to unlimited

Monero Cloud Mining

  • Silver Package – $100 to $499
  • Gold Package – $500 to $999
  • Diamond Package – $1,000 to unlimited

Affiliate Program

Traffic is the main element which fuels the ponzi scheme to last longer. To expand their horizons and increase their revenue this firm features an affiliate program. Any person who creates funnels leading people to their platform gets 5% of the total spend made by the investors.

Since the promoters are rewarded heavily for driving people to this service,do not trust any blog post or videos promoting them as they are paid to lie to the audience. As usual just like all the online fraud companies this platform also does not need the affiliates to buy any plans from them.

Domain Insight

A search on whois.com reveals that this domain was registered on 02/05/2018 and it’s validity expires after one year. There is no registrant contact details available as they are using whois Guard Protection.

Thanks to Alexa.com this website has a global rank of 1,688,954 and it ranks 33,545 in Nigeria which is where roughly more than 65% of their traffic is coming from.

Is HashByte.io a Scam ?

A simple one,

If you visit their website and take a look at the information provided then, you will quickly realize that they have nothing which can vouch for their credibility. The main misleading factor which can also be called as the trademark of most of the scams can also be found on their platform which is fake testimonials.

Hashbyte.io - Fake Testimonials

They put up these kind of pleasing comments so that it motivates people with no knowledge about cryptocurrencies to join them but the question you must ask yourself is will you trust a service which lies about their customer feedback ?

HashByte.io Review Conclusion

In today’s world access to various money making opportunities are abundant. Since many people are not aware of how things work or have not dedicated enough time to learn things before choosing to invest in them have created a perfect scenarios for the frauds to make a fortune at other people’s expense.

Do not follow the masses and until any firm you want to deal with is not showing proper license or if it does not hold transparency at the highest level then quit proceeding with them. This company is a confirmed ponzi scheme which may or may not pay you but at the end we assure you that you will be the lamb to the slaughter.

Have you lost money to HashByte.io? Feel free to share your feedback with us by commenting below.


  1. Christopher Scott-King

    THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM!! I can NOT withdraw my accrued interest and this company will not respond to emails … DO NO INVEST!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. jjo

    The seem to play with your withdraw limit, in my case 150% of what I’ve invested there, forcing me to wait for their “mining” to catch up against this value, I totally expect it to move up, so that I can’t actually succeed on it.

  3. Alain

    Well i took a dive, i invested 500$ back in June. Back then the profit was 0.90 Daily…. now it is 0.50 Daily. I saw all the red flags… but i had so litecoin that was tanking at that moment ( i did not pay FIAT money for this) . i re-invested every single “money” i made in it… on paper, i made my money back (650$ up to now). But never tried the withdraw function… now they have a even scammier ICO…. the HSB token… i was curious as of when and how this will end.


    I think I was a victim of hashbyte.io. I invest $50,00. I can never succeed with the withdraw. I already have sent e-mails but they never answered me. After send $50,00, they nevermore answer me by the chat.
    I think I was fooled.

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