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When trying to determine if a certain online offer is a scam, the first thing we want to look at is the URL, or the Uniform Resource Locator, which is also known as a web address. definitely looks suspicious to us since we have seen countless scam websites which use a combination of the words “coin,” “minining,” “fx,” and “247.” There’s no brand name or anything novel in this URL.

Preliminary Checks

To start, we run the website’s address through a whois query to determine who is behind the website and when it was formed.

We discover that coinminingfx247 dot com is registered with the NameCheap, Inc. registrar since July 31, 2021. It was registered for one year only, meaning that if it is not renewed, it will expire on July 31, 2022. A privacy service is employed to hide the owners of the website.

In our opinion, any legitimate business would register the domain name for at least 3-5 years. A registration time of one year gives the impression that perhaps they do not expect their business to continue beyond that time frame, at least not with this particular domain. It’s a common practice among scammers to open a domain and then when it becomes too blacklisted, open a new one in its stead.

The website is more than 6 months ago which is good news (in fact it is exactly 6 months old). It means there should be plenty of information online to indicate whether or not coinminingfx247 is a scam.

Checking a website traffic information resource reveals that the website is not at all popular and does not receive significant traffic regularly.

Coin Mining FX 24/7’s domain rating (DR) is 0-2, strengthening our conclusion that the website gets very little traffic.

It also has no valuable backlinks, meaning no other trusted website has linked to them. (Except perhaps for, which is a automated review website containing no information regarding the subject of our investigation.)

To summarize this preliminary check, is almost a desolate website.


Now, we’re ready to visit the website.

Many browsers have built-in features designed to alert about dangerous or deceptive websites. does not trigger any such alerts and does not appear to be blacklisted by any domain reputation engines.

The connection with is secure, meaning that the domain resolves as:, rather than just The security certificate is issued by Sertigo RSA.

When online shopping, always look for the https (not http) and the padlock icon in the address bar to ensure there’s a secure connection between you and the website.

Checking the About page next, not much is written about the “company” who runs There’s some general information regarding the forex market. They claim to employ teams of experts and write: “our teams of experts have installed a trader platform that is extremely easy to use.”

In addition to Forex trading, they also offer cryptocurrency trading, offering their “clients an opportunity to trade different bitcoins and altcoins for US Dollars and BTC, as an alternative way to get involved in the Crypto World.”

There’s no information regarding who is behind the company. Who are the people? What is their LinkedIn and social media profiles, and so on.

Regarding contact information, an address is provided:

In the Support page, there’s also a contact form as well as the mere “+1” of a US phone number.

Needless to say, reputable businesses provide legitimate contact information. If a website does not list a phone number, this is a big red flag in our opinion.

Moreover, plugging the address into Google Maps reveals it is the building of Canara Bank, McLaren Construction Group, and a computer consultant company called QUANTIQ.

A certificate of incorporation of a private limited company is provided however it is an empty form with neither a company name nor a company number. Any EU company must possess a valid VAT or Partita IVA number. Without these details CoinMiningFX247 can simply not be trusted.

On the website there is a UK registration number: 09914444, however a search on, reveals this number belongs to an active company called Trade Fast International LTD, which was incorporated on 14 December 2015. Their address is: 125 Higher Meadow, Preston, England, PR25 5RP. Whether or not Trade Fast International LTD has anything to do with remains unknown.

There are also no links to social profiles on the website. A Facebook and Telegram icons exist, but they lead nowhere.

Next, we take a look at what is offered by

  • 4% after 24 hours
  • 7% after 10 hours
  • 10% after 48 hours
  • 15% after 72 hours

Indeed, their offer is too good to be true and includes returns of between 4-15% returns on a short term investment. Always remember that there’s truth in the old saying that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Also, the fact that the domain name includes the word mining, while the website offers no mining servies is another red flag.

Other information regarding the offer:

Minimum deposit: 300$

Payment methods: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Bitcoincash, Perfectmoney, Payeer

They are also offering a referral commission of 5% to affiliate marketers who would be willing to promote this website.

Coinminingfx247 Review Conclusion

Based on our investigation, we are pretty certain that we’re dealing with an investment scam. Here’s one last nail for their coffin:

On January 7th, 2022, we received the following complaint from one of our visitors:

I invest with they took my money 🤦🏻‍♂️

This person claims he lost $5,000 and we have reasons to believe he is telling the truth. He probably signed up with their Standard Plan, which is supposed to provide a 10% ROI after 48 hours.

Don’t let it happen to you. If it does happen to you, make sure to leave a comment below so we can help you recover your funds.

If you have any information regarding Coin Mining FX 24/7, please reply to this review and let us know!


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