Crystal Crypto Scam Review

Crystal Crypto is supposedly an investment firm that caters to the needs of the people all around the globe. They claim to be a well known brand in the western hemisphere.

Their platform looks decent and they mainly are said to be involved with forex and cryptocurrencies. While they do not showcase any red flags at first glance, if you focus on the small details, it is easy to figure out their real intentions.

Just in case you are wondering, know that this firm is obviously a fraudulent entity and nothing good will come from them. So, do not give them access to your funds and information or else you will have to go through a lot of suffering to rectify the situation.

Profits promised by them are capped at 21% weekly. Anyone that is involved with the markets will certainly tell you that it is impossible to sustain double digit returns on a weekly basis.

If you are curious to know all the party tricks this scam employs, continue reading this post.

Is Crystal Crypto Regulated?

This firm says that they offer investment services to people all over the world which means they have to be regulated. If you run a deep check on them, it does not take long to figure out that they are bluffing and they are not under the radar of any entity.

To simplify things, we can boldly say that they are making false claims to earn the trust of the audience and they are ready to go to any lengths to convince the public. Their behaviour is outright criminal and if the owners ever get caught, they will be put behind bars.

Forex and cryptocurrencies are massively unregulated industries. Of course, the volatility is huge, but things are not as easy as they might initially appear.

For your own good, always look at the licensing information and do not invest money until you have talked to a financial planner. Remember, skill is required to make consistent returns and no software can do that job for you.

What services do they offer?

Crystal Crypto throws a lot of curve balls at the potential investor. They claimed to be involved with providing investment advice, forex, cryptocurrencies and mining. Note that there is no evidence to back up any of their narratives.

We strongly believe that they are just using popular sectors to their advantage and are pretending to be involved with hot products. In reality, they do not have any approach and cash flow is something that they aren’t generating.

Even after spending a lot of time reading through the content, we still had a lot of questions about their business model. In short, they are pretending to do something in a sector that they know nothing about.

Flaws in their story are way too easy to spot and these crooks did not do their homework correctly. As the facts are solid, listen to them and act accordingly.

Contact Information

We tried to gather contact information for this firm. Sadly, we could not get any details as this company talks with the public via email only. The only way to get their attention is to fill out a contact form on their website.

Keep in mind that response time is not guaranteed and chances of hearing from them is slim to none. Now, the question you need to ask yourself is, why are they trying so much to stay anonymous?

Can’t you tell that they are trying to hide their footsteps?

Investment Plans

There are 4 investment plans and the returns promised range from 15% weekly to 21% weekly. Hands down, we agree that these figures are enticing to say the least.

Nonetheless, in reality these targets are impossible to sustain and anyone that says otherwise is either a genius or a con man. It also goes without saying that they are making ridiculous claims only to hijack your attention and push you into investing.

Though the traps are designed well, do not fall for it because if you do, then you will regret it a lot.

Crystal Crypto Feedback Bluff

There are few testimonies from alleged users featured on the homepage. As you might have already guessed by now, it is also a gimmick and the comments made from dummy profiles are way too positive and encouraging.

On third party forums and social media sites, they have not got any traction. To put things into perspective, they do not have a solid reputation and the owners are making use of unethical ways to create a sense of authority.

Lack of user feedback is a major negative factor and you should not avoid this obvious sign for any reason.

Is Crystal Crypto a Big Scam?

Crystal Crypto is a scam and their only intention is to loot their own users to make money. They are trying their best to minimise their digital presence and most of the activities conducted by them are criminal in nature.

Trouble is their middle name and as such, you need to avoid them at any cost. As a general rule, do not even bother about any firm that is unregulated. After all, you cannot compromise the safety factor ever, right?


Sketchy companies like this one has existed for decades. Sadly, no cure is present to address the type of situation. Given current circumstances, the best thing to do is stay updated and follow conservative approach towards new offers.

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