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CoinSpot is a crypto currency exchange, initially focused on Bitcoin, but now supporting an impressive number of altcoins, including Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Ripple, Monero, NEM and more. Launched sometime in April 2014, the operation has always been exclusively Australia/New Zealand focused, promising its clients instant delivery and easy verification. Things have changed quite a bit in the world of crypto currencies since though, and nowadays CoinSpot looks a bit like an operation whose best days are behind it.

CoinSpot -

What exactly is it that CoinSpot offers though? The pitch made by the exchange is by no means too-good-to-be-true. It lets its users buy and sell Bitcoin and various altcoins for fiat currency and it promises them same-day bank withdrawals in Australia.

The site operates under bank-level security and it offers a multi-coin wallet-service, with low transaction fees. Calling these fees low is obviously a subjective matter though: one of the main complaints regarding the services offered by CoinSpot is that its fees are way too high.

The site does not feature an About Us page, and learning anything about who is behind the operation is borderline impossible. From the About section of their Facebook page, we learned though that the actual address of the exchange is 114 William Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

From the Bitcointalk forums, we also learned that the person who launched the operation back in 2014 calls himself Russell. While Russell was around in the beginning, answering various questions asked by the community, he no longer seems to be active in the said Bitcointalk thread.

From the same thread, a virtual history of the operation unfolds. While the fees were high in the beginning, and while Russell did later address complaints, saying the fees had been adjusted, still, even in 2017 there have been complaints about this same problem.

Another shortcoming of the operation is related to support. According to complaints in the bitcointalk thread, while there had been decent support initially, later, it sort of receded to the point of non-existence.

Reddit has seen a fair amount of CoinSpot-related activity as well. The posts there mostly discussed the various altcoins as support for them was introduced at the exchange.

The registration information of the domain is public. The site was indeed registered by a certain Russell Wilson, but that’s about all the useful information that can be gleaned from there. Based on this, it can be assumed that there is no corporate entity behind the exchange, and that it may indeed be the pet project of this one person, which would explain the support-related shortcomings as he’s probably struggling to keep the operation properly staffed.

The Alexa rank of is a pretty decent 47.4k globally. Most of its traffic comes from Australia, where its Alexa rank is 687.

CoinSpot Review Conclusion

CoinSpot seems like a legitimate crypto currency exchange, which appears to be somewhat neglected by its owner – especially lately. Its fees are still too high and while it supports an impressive number of altcoins, users are becoming disillusioned with the “limited” services that it brings to the table.

What are your thoughts about CoinSpot? Would you recommend it?


  1. Ragnar Lothbrok

    The site has many coins, but their market is for the Crypto ignorant and misinformed. They charge a massive fee, their buy and sell price is waaaay off from the actual market price. To make it all worse, the more you spend on a transaction the more they charge you because and I quote “o accommodate for the additional depth of orders necessary to complete the requested trade”
    Definitely wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Crypto is here to eliminate these bank hidden schemes and unfortunately sites like coinspot are corrupting the crypto market with similar schemes.

  2. Marc

    Terrible Spreads when trying to buy/sell and comparing to other live trading system prices.
    The spreads are not consistent and vary a lot.
    Obviously someone is making money here….
    I do not recommend it if you want a reliable platform to trade it and see real time prices.
    Staff cannot even explain how their pricing and spreads works… they only tell you that is complex and they use many pricing tools… yeah right…

    They have no official documentation or a disclosure like a FSG- financial services guide where they explain the mechanism of their pricing and/or spreads.

    Stay away from them in my honest opinion.

  3. Jay Chng

    Coin Prices are not really good conversion rates USD vs AUD and higher than usual transfer fees. There are much cheaper alternatives for Australians and for most Alt Coins, you have no trading options. Not very good imo and I will stay away from it after using it for months. Binance, Huobi, Poloniex are much better.

  4. crater

    —-Simpleton Thieves…—-STAY AWAY — BEWARE

  5. J Doe

    Coinspot is a complete SCAM. I tried to withdraw my funds from my account and they have since froze my access. Not sure if i 100% but it is looking like a Ponzi Scheme or Exit Scam. Big red Flags with them using Poli Pay and taking your internet banking password and keeping on file. They have no phone number you can call. The staff email you using fake names and first names only. The physical address is fake. They have changed the ABN, and business name slightly almost every year. They manipulate coin buy/sell spreads which do not match the international market. Sometimes over 10% Coin Buy/sell spread plus the 6% fee to buy coin from Fiat and return to Fiat. That’s over 16% they take just to transact a coin purchase and sale. They Add Coins for you to buy then they delist them shortly after which causing the price to crash. They manipulate the trading by halting buying/selling during many major movements which leads me to believe they do not even have the coins in your wallet.
    They keep most airdrop coins for themselves when they actually belong to the coin holders. They fudge there charts to not show actual issues that have occurred. Ie. Last week when everyones coin wallets and Fiat Currency wallets all dropped to $0. The charts all showed this and now they have manipulated the charts to hide the data. Not sure if they were hacked or just practicing the Exit scam. STAY AWAY. STAY VERY FAR AWAY. YOU WILL MOST CERTAINLY LOSE ALL YOUR MONEY.

    • Craig

      Wow, I’ve been using them 3 years and nothing but good things to say. Support team are excellent they have helped me almost instantly every time I talk with them even on a Saturday morning.

      Sounds like a fairly disgruntled rant rather a useful review.

  6. Ivan

    Singed up for coinspot in December 2017 providing ALL my personal details. Still can’t get access even though was given approval. Stay away, Folks… Apparently they sold my details to Guinea, that’s where the doddgy calls from I started receiving all of the sudden.

  7. Nikt

    AVOID….it’s a legalised robbery

  8. jamie

    DO NOT use coinspot. It will only frustrate you, charge you massive fees, and your assets will be stuck.

  9. Norbs

    Do yourself a favour and stay away from CoinSpot.
    – Rip-off fees
    – No support
    Says it all?
    Not yet!
    Malfunctioning website, too (can’t even get a simple login going).

    • unhappy

      scam,they decide as they go to give or not market value. had a coin and bought extra as it was taking off,the margin was over 30% in a short time yet my wallet went spiralling down rather then up.when i checked the value of coin it went down 20% on their sell page yet in reality it was 30% up from my purchase price.disgraceful…….to top it off,on the webpage it was blatantly prised as having had a 180% increase over 24 hours,go figure

  10. ziggy

    Been using this wallet for just over 6 months now, security it extremely good on here as in 2fa wise being google auth to log in and emails sent with a comfirm url before transfering coins, there facebook and support team are quick for answering your questions, fee may be slightly high but for what this company offers its worth it in my opinion
    [affiliate link removed] create an account and see for yourself

  11. original samuel

    Please, which is the BEST platform where I can trade (sell a coin to buy another) crypto currencies and that has minimum charges?

  12. Margret Myers

    Is it save to invest to.????

    • Admin

      Yes. But if you’re in AU, then CoinJar may be a better option.

      • Wayne

        Problem with Coinjar is it is Bitcoin or nothing. I also found Coinjar’s spread greater than Coinspot, which I guess makes up for the fees. Buy and sell in Coinspot is about the same most of the time where as Coinjar differs somewhat.

  13. bort

    I like it! Super easy to use, 40+ altcoins, but the best bit is they buy and sell for the same price which is always over spot. SO you can send coins to coinspot and sell them.. NICE

  14. crater

    Pretty good support – Pending swaps visible in your wallet straight away.
    I use this now after losing coins on **COINTREE*

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