CpuCap.com / CpuCap.org / CpuWin.com Review

Cpu Cap (CpuCap.com/CpuCap.org) was created on February 6th, 2018 by Alex Denial and is an online platform that supposedly enables users to participate in free cryptocurrency mining.

cpucap.com - CPU Cap

Cpu Cap Review

CpuCap.com does not provide any information regarding their operation except for in their meta tag where they promote the ideology that users who sign up with their platform can participate in free cryptocurrency mining.

According to their platform, Cpu Cap currently supports the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Stellar, Monero and Nem.

Upon further investigation, Cpu Cap mostly embodies an affiliate platform and provides no outlet for cryptocurrency mining.

When visitors decide which particular supported cryptocurrency they wish to mine and select “Switch to Mining,” they are prompted to disclose their wallet address.

Upon disclosure of their wallet address, users are then redirected to their affiliate dashboard where no reference to mining is disclosed besides a “Run Terminal” button. Which when activated does not render any cryptocurrencies to the user which leaves them with solely an affiliate driven income opportunity.

According to their affiliate dashboard, users will earn 20% from Bitcoin producers that they lure into using their platform. Whether or not this platform is compensating its affiliates or not is still unclear.

According to a WHOIS report, CpuCap.com was created by Alex Denial through the PDR Limited registrar on February 6th, 2018. Reflecting an expiration date of February 6th, 2019, Alex Denial’s disclosed contact information is as follows: Alex Denial, California California, Kırıkkale, Turkey 55123.

Provided contact information in the WHOIS report would be the email address phpsxs@gmail.com along with the telephone number +505.555555555.

Cpu Cap Scam

CpuCap.com provides an attractive site interface yet fails to disclose any information of value regarding their operation.

Lacking transparency and credibility, Cpu Cap deceptively asserts that their operation is an online platform that supports free cryptocurrency mining when in reality it is nothing more than an affiliate platform.

Cpu Cap references that CpuCap.com Inc is their alleged corporate entity underneath their supported cryptocurrency assets although thorough research on the web and amongst Turkey business registries fail to validate that CpuCap.com Inc is an existing corporation.

The disclosed contact information in the WHOIS report is falsified, rendering a physical location that is unable to be plotted according to search queries which likely means that the true creator behind this operation rented a virtual address and alias online.

According to a SimilarWeb report, CpuCap.com does not possess any market intelligence rankings or insight.

Given the deceptive nature behind Cpu Cap, we do not condone that any cryptocurrency investor, miner or enthusiast consider utilizing their platform.

Whether or not this platform is paying is uncertain and until more community feedback surfaces regarding CpuCap.com, we are classifying this operation as not credible or trustworthy.

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  1. Azam ul haq

    My status on CPUCAP INC is paid but i have not received anything in my blockchain wallet as yet anybody please help and guide me what to do now?

    • Charles

      They never paid. Fraud / Scammers.

  2. Eli

    Twenty days ago I applied for payment, do not pay.

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