Zoxtel Review

Zoxtel (zoxtel.com) supposedly functions as an online mining cloud service that was incepted on December 20th, 2017 and is allegedly operated by Zoxtel LLC.


Zoxtel Review

According to the Zoxtel About Us page, their site is “a company that offers mining cloud service that provides to investors the mining gains in a simplified form.”

As indicated near the footer of their domain, Zoxtel.com is supposedly overseen by a corporation known as Zoxtel Inc, although extensive research across numerous business registries and search engines were unsuccessful in churning up any relevant or validating results.

Zoxtel promotes some pretty lofty ROI assertions by claiming that investors typically receive a 100% ROI within a 3 to 5 month period.

Currently, Zoxtel supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum.

Zoxtel tries to appear transparent by disclosing withdrawal transactions although if you take the time to surf through them you will begin to notice how their disclosed blockchain addresses feed into one another, meaning they are likely showcasing their dummy account transactions.

Zoxtel.com employs a referral system that reportedly compensates the referrer 10% for each successful deposit their convert on their behalf. Minimum withdrawal amounts available at Zoxtel are 0.0005 BTC, 0.05 LTC, 1000 Doge or 0.05 ETH.

As disclosed in their WHOIS report, Zoxtel.com was a privately registered domain that was created on December 20th, 2017 through the GoDaddy registrar.

Zoxtel Scam

Zoxtel renders an intuitive site template yet fails to disclose verifiable evidence or ownership information regarding their operation.

Asserting an unverifiable corporate entity while privately registering their domain does not go towards building credibility for Zoxtel. Couple those components with the fact that their site does not disclose any contact methods then one begins to question the legitimacy of this operation.

Disclosing blockchain transactions through their dummy accounts, none of their alleged payouts or income gains asserted on their site are legitimate. Furthermore, no reference to employed mining hardware is ever disclosed.

According to SimilarWeb, Zoxtel.com possessed a global rank of 83,085 with a Brazil rank of 10,736 as of February 2018. As detailed in the report, over 33% of the sites traffic originates from users who reside within Brazil while over 26% of the sites cumulative traffic is derived from referral based sources such as adbtc.top, which is a well-known unethical traffic exchange site.

The ROI claims asserted by Zoxtel don’t coincide with the creation date of Zoxtel.com, meaning that their assertions that investors receive a 100% ROI within a 3 to 5 month period when their domain was created just over 2 months ago are ill-founded.

After considering the information disclosed above, we do not feel that Zoxtel is a trustworthy cloud mining service for cryptocurrency investors. Operating with voluntary anonymity, our recommendation would be to avoid the Zoxtel platform and utilize more legitimate investment alternatives.

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  1. Santos El

    I had around 300 gigahashes there and was about to withdraw but then this site deleted itsself.

  2. swapan

    why zoxtel site is not opening ? it is scam ?

  3. teddy hers

    the site is down,somebody knows more about?

  4. me

    Zoxtel is the only cloud mining service i’ve found so far that actually works

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