Oxygen.trade by Alex Grebnev Review

Oxygen.Trade was created by the founders of Changelly on July 18th, 2017 and actively operates as an online marketplace where crypto investors can generate income from lending their cryptocurrencies.


Oxygen.Trade Review

Oxygen.Trade functions as a decentralized repo trading platform that provides cryptocurrency holders with an ability to earn additional income and raise liquidity by lending their cryptocurrencies via repurchase agreements.

Oxygen Trade was created by the founders behind Changelly, but more specifically by an entity known as Alex Grebnev, who according to their site possesses over 16 years of investment banking experience.

Other associated entities would be Oxygen Trade’s COO, Alex Melikhov along with Nikolay Volf who is their disclosed active CTO. Together both entities supposedly possess over 34 years of experience in the entrepreneurial and deep technology industries.

The primary principle behind Oxygen Trades functionality would be repo agreements, which are agreements to sell securities with the underlying intentions to repurchase them on a specified future date for a pre-agreed (fixed) price.

Alex Grebnev Oxygen Twitter has started to make waves amongst oxygen platform and oxygen token holders. According to Oxygen cryptocurrency platform, one of their main goals was to provide a solution that could help all participants and bring value to one another.

Among a few of the uses of repos would be to supply the funding of long trade positions, serve as collateral re-usage, use as a method to cover shorts and build collateralized investments.

Oxygen.Trade is operated by Oxygen Trade Limited under registration number 116676. Reflecting an active company status at Kompany, Oxygen Trade Limited appears to be a Gibraltar based limited liability corporation and has a disclosed physical address of 8a Pitmans Alley, Main Street, Gibraltar, GX11 1AA.

The only available means of contact with Oxygen.Trade would be their email at info@oxygen.trade or their Twitter.

Oxygen.Trade Scam

Oxygen Trade is a well-organized site that reflects all the legal documentation required to be considered as transparent.

Actively operated by the founders behind Changelly, most of the feedback we have received from users who have experience with that operation have reported negative consumer experiences in the comment section of our Changelly review.

To further add to the negative community chatter regarding Changelly, their TrustPilot score is categorized as poor while bad experiences compose 44% of all reviews filed.

According to SimilarWeb, Oxygen.Trade is not popular and reflects a global rank of 5,561,148 with a Germany rank of 1,260,352 as of February 2018.

Despite operating with open transparency, Oxygen Trade was created by the same founders behind Changelly, which has recently endured a large amount of community scrutiny. Due to these circumstances of recent events, we predict that Oxygen Trade will soon too come under accusatory investigation and overall support the notion that Oxygen Trade is not a trustworthy operation.

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  1. Francis Melville

    I have to say that my limited experience of Changelly has been positive.

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