Review is supposedly a perfect investment solution for everyone who is interested in the cryptocurrency sector.  This platform advertises returns of up to 100% after 3 days.

Newbie investors might be impressed and even tempted by seeing these kind of easy returns.  The question you should ask yourself is whether it is really possible. We went thoroughly through their platform but unfortunately could not find any details about the creators of this firm.  

Their website showcases many transaction details and other type of statistics of their firm but they are all fabricated.  Read our impartial review which will unravel the true nature of this fraudulent program. Scam Review

Company and Support

Any firm operating in the investment service sector have to hold licenses otherwise they will get shut down. represents an ICO wherein they generate revenue through trading and mining cryptocurrency.  

They raise funds required for their activities from investors. In return the investors are entitled to some amount of profits in the near future.  Since this firm is reluctant to disclose any details regarding their legal documents, we checked the FCA and FTC to see if they are listed by them.  As expected we did not find any information about this company which means they are in violation of law.

Whenever an investment platform lacks transparency and still have the audacity to make bold claims then you should stay away from them as they are most likely to be some sort of scam.  With regards to this company which operates anonymously, it is better to avoid them as the risk is far more than the potential reward.

How does Work? has not provided the investors with any proper narration.  They claim to be involved in mining related activities but have failed to provide further information.  

To enumerate on that we do not know the kind of equipment they use and the location of their mining farms.  There isn’t information about the precise amount of expenditures they incur. The time required for them to breakeven is unknown.  

Assuming that they are trading with the money, there isn’t much information on it either.  The investors are not told about the strategies this firm follows and the type of results they have been getting so far.  

They do not showcase any verifiable trading history on their platform, and don’t even reveal the name of the employees of this firm.  How can they expect the investors to trust them without providing any evidence to support their claims?

Plans and Returns

If you see the type of returns they advertise which is impressive, you might be drawn towards depositing with them.  Before you do anything impulsively think for a minute if they really had a skill which will double the investment amount once in every 3 days then why are they offering it for free?


Returns – 20%

Minimum Deposit – $10

Period – 24 Hours


Returns – 40%

Minimum Deposit – $100

Period – 48 Hours


Returns – 100%

Minimum Deposit – $1000

Period – 3 Days

Referral Program

All the fake investment platform including this one need new participants to stay alive for longer.  To expand their reach and earn more revenue they have structured a referral program which brings enormous benefits to them and their promoters. Referral Program

The affiliates who promote this platform get 5% of their referrals’ total deposit amount.   All the promoters are marketers need not be an active investor in order to collect their payments.  Basically the promoters are driving traffic to this website and will get paid for doing so.

Domain Insight

This website is very new and there isn’t enough data yet to pinpoint their exact traffic source.  We have gathered some key details below about this site with the help of and

Domain –

Registered On – 04/03/2018

Expires On – 04/03/2019

Alexa Global Rank – 2,897,160

The registrant details are not traceable.

Red Flags

First and foremost this platform despite their flashy and appealing claims lack any details concerning the administrative side of the firm.  They have not revealed the fund manager’s profile, licensing information and the location of their company. Literally there is no way for you to track them and once you deposit with them it is almost game over.

Most of the social trading platform and the reputable services which operates in this segment features a demo account.  The investors can always check the software out before committing with any capital. In short the only reason they don’t offer demos is because they have no skills in trading. Review Conclusion is a ponzi scheme which is currently going around looting investors who made the mistake of trusting them.  Cryptocurrencies are the most volatile markets we have ever seen and has a ton of opportunities but that does not mean everyone will become rich by trading or procuring them.

Have you lost money to  Feel free to share your experience by commenting below.


  1. Ksv77

    Dear any body I am very silliest , I lost $500 to crypto profits club on yesterday 12/04/2019. Any body please be careful.

    • Ritesh

      Is it not paying ..IAM ready to invest plz tell me if it is right are wrong
      ..any one get withdrawals here

  2. Moses kigongo

    Provide us with the legit company

  3. okiror brian

    they pay money but the problem is that they ask investors to pay upgrade to the next plan when not ready

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