Review is a cryptocurrency faucet which provide a fun filled way of procuring Bitcoins.  There is no standard figure we can put on the amount of returns you can potentially make but do know that it takes a lot of time to reach the minimum payout threshold.  

If you have seen the video on their website then you already know how they work in general.  This platform is operational for less than 3 months as of writing this review. There is a lot of confusion regarding the legitimacy of this service.  

To know how exactly they work and whether or not you should stick with them continue reading our full review. Review

How does Work?

This platform at the core is a faucet.  In order to earn Bitcoins the users are required to do certain tasks and fill out some surveys.  Apart from these things the platform gives you 50 hits every 3 hours once. Those hits can be used in the virtual game.  

Once there are enough coins in your account then you can choose whether or not to withdraw them.  Note that minimum payout threshold is 0.03 BTC which is very steep. It will certainly take you a lot of time to reach that limit unless you are increasing the rewards using the affiliate program.  Sometimes if you happen to stumble upon special boxes in the game then you will earn a lot more satoshi than normal ones.


This topic is something which has no straight answer.  The earning depend upon your level of activity on their platform and your marketing skills.  

Assuming that you play only the games frequently then it will take you at least a couple of months to earn money which may not be worthwhile for the time spent.  Other changes in the cryptocurrency sector like the Bitcoin price, changes in the difficulty of procuring them will affect the earnings rate.

On the other hand you should never expect the payout to be worth decent amount of money.  Remember at the end of the day it is just a game which pays you for playing on their platform.

Affiliate Program

The only thing every firm or platform wants to achieve is reach maximum amount of people in their niche and convert them into customers.  This firm features an affiliate program wherein any individual who refers people to this platform gets incentives for doing so.

There aren’t much rules for becoming their promoters but do know that following shady tricks like opening multiple account under the same IP address might get you banned.  Moreover the exact rules for the affiliates are unknown as they have not put up any details about that on their website.

Domain Whereabouts

One of the impressive things about this site is the way they have become popular in such a short period of time.  According to this domain was registered on 08/09/2018 and it expires on 08/09/2019. The registrant details are unavailable.  

A simple search on revealed that this website ranks 52,874 globally and has a rank of 1,287 in Iran.  They have used adnetwoking sites such as for their promotions. Majority of their traffic is coming from Iran, India, Pakistan, Nigeria and Indonesia.

Is a Scam?

Most Probably no,

One of the main parameters we consider while taking a look at any platform is the amount of positive comments they have earned.  When we were searching for user testimonials online then we faced a dilemma as it gave us mixed impressions.

Take a look at these comments which we have gathered from

I think its similar site to btcheat which is scam. Most of the site with higher withdrawal rates are scams because they just wanna generate income through ads and at first they give payment aftee some time they dont give any withdrawal to anyone

The minimum pay out is too high i think it will take some time to reach the 0.03 Btc.

please if anyone withdraw from this sit post his payment proof and thank you. Review Conclusion is another easy and fun way of earning Bitcoin through playing games.  The only prerequisite you need to get started with them is a Bitcoin wallet. Users can login using Facebook or Google account. If you prefer not to share those details then your wallet address is enough.  Bottom line is that since this platform does not require you to spend money it might be worth taking a look at.

Have you tried  Feel free to share your opinion with us by leaving a comment.


  1. Amir Miri

    This is a scam site. From 88% onwards, he does not give a rating.

  2. Leonor


  3. Robert Lee Phenicie

    BTC Smash is a scam. Sure, you can work all you want to build up coins at no expense except your effort and personal computer time. However, leaving your coins there, which is required to meet the withdrawal threshold, puts you in jeopardy. Your won BTC coin amount will vanish one day. No record of transactions. No deposit transaction at your BTC withdrawal address. No nothing. They tend to leave behind a small amount of coins just to make it confusing for you. This is twice that it’s happened to me. Now I’m convinced that playing BTC Smash is helping terrorists.

    • Mike

      I’ve been stuck at 2,999,999 since early january and quit. can’t contact anyone, and after 70,000 mined hits at 0 satoshi’s i officially put this one into the SCAM category.

    • Suzanne

      I noticed that my mining wasn’t actually giving me hits a few days ago, so I dumped my browser cache… Tell you this: Once I did that, all my “progress” at the site vanished. I couldn’t get it to reload my existing “balance” (which was at 89%!). I tried my referral link thinking that doing that would ‘refresh’ the site or ..whatever. .. I’m thinking that they are a scammish sort of site. And to think i was looking forward to the little chunk of BTC I was going to get at the end of it all … 🙁

  4. Gio

    I arrived at 0.02825211 very easily
    I have so many shots to make
    so many hits available because I’m using the mine option
    I also switched to the first level
    but now everything has stopped
    I can also make 50 clicks but no bonus I take
    and as if it is off

  5. Batman

    As your anount earned increase your chance to get coins while smashing decrease drastically
    Also, affiliate programs gives you nothing but steal your info
    In that sense this website is a scam

  6. bojan cajkic

    Please help me. How to change a btc wallet because I do not know who it is. When I typed the wallet code, I did not register in which wallet the money went from being smash. Or can you help me tell me which is my wallet with that code? Thanks in advance !

    • Mike Hayden

      If you changed your wallet its probably going to be a new account. Use original address.

  7. Mar

    somebody get payout from the btcsmash i have already 95% before reach the payout limit, but my 25000 smash didn’t get any reward, for 1 week smashing.
    Thank you

    • Mike Hayden

      Im at 2.6 million. Percent of hit 1% to 3%. Taking awhile.

    • Mike

      have you gotten any further ? i’m stuck at 2.99. After a week of mining hits, i haven’t got a single satoshi with over 3,000 hits…

  8. dani

    it’s not a scam in that sense.

  9. javier e coronado f

    81% in this moment. .02858, 🙁

  10. Tharion

    I’m one hit away from 95% of the withdraw limit and the last 2000+ smashes gave me nothing! Please post if you have a similar experience or if you successfully reached 100%

  11. Mike

    it’s not a scam in that sense. it is in the way they lure a person in. they give very high rewards right away. then around the 700k satoshi mark the percent to win drops off around 800%. last 350 smashes got less than 5 wins. so high min cash out, lure in, then make you play longer for nothing, but click bait. put the percent to random rather than get fkd at the end, would draw more in.

  12. Gab

    I think that people are saying that it’s a scam because the payout is too high, which I agree with. I’m actually pretty close to the payout, so I will update when I try to cash out.

    • ahad

      have u got ur payout till now?????plzz do let me know

    • Suzanne

      The high payout is fine, if they pay, and apparently they don’t :/

  13. javier e coronado f

    Llevo ya 2 meses, he llegado hasta ahora a 0.028, aun no he podido corroborar que si pague, lo que si se puso duro es que salgan fracciones, de 500 hits pueden salir 10 con valor, lo demás es vuelve a intentarlo. Si lo logro por acá escribiré.

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