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Online BTCminer ( is a Bitcoin cloud mining platform which aims at making mining accessible to all the crypto enthusiasts.  Their platform is very simple and easy to understand. They do have some concerning points but it all comes down to whether you prefer to work with unregulated firms or not.  

We could not trace out the identity of the creators of this firm but that is acceptable because majority of the website holders prefer to use privacy protection services for the obvious concerns.  This platform does not make any claims on returns because that depends upon a number of factors which no one can assess precisely.

If you were considering to buy any mining contracts from this service then go through our impartial review which will help you understand their operational model. - Review

Company and Support

Though it is not a hard and fast rule majority of the firms which deal in the cloud mining sector features registration details as they act as a credibility boosting factor.  They claim to be a Canadian registered company but there is no certificates showcased on their platform so we couldn’t verify them.

The only reason we gave them the benefit of doubt is because they house a free mining plan so they fall in the category of firms which upholds some type of reputation in this niche.  One of the annoying thing about them is that they have not put up any contact details, if any potential investor or visitors have a query or question then there is no way of getting in touch with them.

How does Online BTCminer Work?

Online BTCminer is a cloud mining service.  They have built mining farms and have purchase all the hardware necessary for the process.  The investor by depositing funds into this firm become eligible for a share of profits which will be directly proportional to their initial capital.  

Also any individual can get started with them within few minutes as there is no type of technical difficulties involved.  On the other hand we do not know which machinery they use and what kind of costs they incur.

They state that they own 2 data centres in Europe and are planning to open up another one in North America.  Since the exact address is not provided we could not verify them but they have defended for doing so by saying that they carry enormous amount of risk if they reveal their location.  

We do understand the fact that they might get in trouble but as an investor this reason would definitely make us take a step back and reconsider our decision.


There is no straight answer to this one.  Crypto markets are expanding in size on a daily basis.  As more investors come in to the markets the price volatility will not be as huge as it was earlier as there will be many buyers and sellers.  

Another thing which makes returns almost impossible to predict is the difficulty involved in the mining process.  This firm does not state anything about the returns expect that the average time period required to profit from them is around 4 months.  

However, you should never have high hopes on the profits because the returns yielded by these activities is very minimal and is certainly not something which will excite you.

Domain Whereabouts

According to this domain was registered on 12/07/2018 and it expires on 12/07/2019.  The registrant contact details are GDPR masked.

A quick search on revealed that this website ranks 354,660 globally and it ranks 94,438 in India.  Majority of the traffic landing on this site are from India, Iran, Pakistan, Philippines and Indonesia.

Is Online BTCminer a Scam?

Probably not,

Before the contract bought by you expires you can dilute the funds by selling them to other interested individual on their platform but do remember that you will get only 80% of the face value amount.  If they were really a fake platform then they would not have taken care of these kind of aspects?

We got mixed impression about them when we saw the user testimonials online.  Below we have gathered the comments made by the people on

perfect btc mining site genuine to the core send and reply emails 24 /7 … good to have ur btc here

Poor customer service they never reply to all my emails. No contact number. SCAM!!

Online BTCminer Review Conclusion

Online BTCminer appears to be a legitimate site but since they carry a degree of mysteriousness around them we would advise all our readers to start out with a small deposit.  Once you feel comfortable and sure about their platform then gradually you can increase your capital size.

Have you tried  Share your experience by leaving a comment below.


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