CryptoBlizz Review

CryptoBlizz ( functions as a dynamic platform that supports automated cryptocurrency trading and investment bot creation that was launched in late 2017 by Emvee Solutions. - Crypto Blizz

What is CryptoBlizz? is an innovative online platform that enables cryptocurrency investors the ability to construct and engineer their own automated trading bots.

Serving as one of the cryptocurrency pioneers for effective automated trading bot creation, CryptoBlizz delivers an exciting and engaging solution to handle day trading the cryptocurrency markets.

Making their appearance in the crypto domain in late 2017, CryptoBlizz acts as the trading name of Emvee Solutions, which is a verifiable registered corporation based out of the Netherlands under company code 58386130.

Synced with a number of popular cryptocurrency exchanges, CryptoBlizz enables day traders and chartists the ability to create, manipulate and customize their own automated trading systems with custom trading concepts and algorithms in a web-based environment.

CryptoBlizz Features

A wide selection of intuitive features are available through the CryptoBlizz platform. Users who enroll with CryptoBlizz are able to optimize their bot by employing smart triggers, which are trading conditions and alerts that are met via market movements.

Automated capabilities are rendered to CryptoBlizz trading bot creators while they also have the ability to create an unlimited quantity of trading bots all with configurable trading approaches.

In addition, e-mail and phone notifications are able to be synced with mobile and internet enabled devices while backtesting and simulation scenarios are able to be employed prior to committing in a live investment situation.

For those who possess a more technical background, specifically in coding, they are able to compose and upload their own algorithm for their CryptoBlizz trading bots to automatically incorporate on their behalf. The same could be said for day traders who already possess a custom tailored algorithm that they wish for their trading bot to implement.

Currently, CryptoBlizz is compatible with the following exchanges: Poloniex, Bittrex, Kraken and Binance. The summation of all the cryptocurrencies featured across these exchanges are supported through CryptoBlizz, which means crypto investors are able to invest a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. has made it known that more exchanges are soon to enter the fold and if for any reason an exchange is to be removed from their exchange list their investors will receive a notification ahead of time alerting them to the future change.

CryptoBlizz Simulation

As previously disclosed, CryptoBlizz trading bots are able to perform backtests prior to executing investments in a live investment situation. Investors looking to utilize their own algorithms are able to upload their algorithm underneath the Algorithm tab in the CryptoBlizz dashboard.

Day traders who wish to utilize CryptoBlizz’s effective algorithms are able to create their own trading bots instantly and select from a variety of parameters for their trading bot to utilize. Among the offered algorithms would be an Uptrend Scalper, Downtrend Scalper and Midpoint Scalper.

CryptoBlizz Parameters

Over 4 dozen cryptocurrency pairs are supported through CryptoBlizz while investors are able to dictate which cryptocurrency and the quantity they wish to invest, how frequently to have their bot operate their signal cycle, their selected buy and sell offset values or percentages along with the ability to incorporate spreads.

Investors who wish to make revisions to their previously created bots are able to do so by selecting their desired bot and clicking on “Go to Trader Details,” where they will then be able to customize numerous features regarding their bot.

CryptoBlizz - Graph

In addition to being able to manipulate your trading bots settings, day traders are given access to seeing their employed trading bots historic performance and order details. Once again by clicking on “Go to Trader Details,” investors are able to see completed fill orders, cancelled orders, their bot’s buy and sell graph, profit and loss history along with log history.

Can CryptoBlizz be Trusted?

CryptoBlizz does not possess much community feedback which leads us to believe CryptoBlizz to be trustworthy due to operating with well-known cryptocurrency exchanges along with being transparent regarding their overseeing entity, which is rare commodity this day-and-age. Actively functioning as a trading name for a verified and registered corporate entity known as Emvee Solutions, CryptoBlizz’s trading bot promptly fills the void of a much needed cryptocurrency integration.

CryptoBlizz Review Conclusion

CryptoBlizz delivers a promising and accountable trading solution for the cryptocurrency domain. Providing prospective investors will the innate ability to construct and manipulate their own automated trading bots to their desired preferences, CryptoBlizz empowers investors of all experience levels with an innovative trading solution.

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  1. Isua-mfon Offiong

    Cryptoblizz is sure a great tool that has brought about the damm good result in cryptocurrency trading fir beginners and nerds.

    The best thing is that it also has a great customer support to leverage your quests.

  2. Damon Johns

    Cryptoblizz is a great tool. A honost company that pays attention to their customers. I have had a great experience with both the tool and their service / support.

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