LTCMiner Review – Mediocre Investment Scam!

Hosted at (previously:, LTC Miner is another shining example of an elementary designed Ponzi scheme that has successfully nested its way in the cryptocurrency domain. Operating as a Litecoin mining operation, Litcoin Miner looks like it could be a safe and trustworthy investment opportunity for those with Litecoin to spare. Showcasing an immaculate site interface, this one-stop mining operation could deceive even the most experienced of investors.

As you will unravel for yourself throughout the duration of our unbiased review, Litecoin Miner promotes desirable returns that allure to crypto investors of all experience levels. While LTCMiner may appear to be to a reliable investment solution, the facts bestowed to you in this review will convince you otherwise. - Litecoin Miner

What is Litecoin Miner?

Litecoin Miner is an online platform that allegedly mines Litecoin for investors who deposit through their site. The volume of litecoins an investor departs with will dictate which mining package an investor gets enrolled with. As with most illicit mining operations, LTCMiner claims to host a variety of cryptocurrency miners yet we aren’t provided with any transparent evidence to confirm these operational guarantees.

How does LTCMiner Work? takes the deposits of investors to enroll them in 1 of 4 separate mining packages. According to the site, Litecoin miners will then harvest and mine litecoins for you to fulfill your mining packages minimum daily return for all eternity. As with most operations that promise far-fetched returns like Litecoin Miner, all of them seem to function off the unsustainable business model of a Ponzi scheme.

Basic Version 1.0

Deposit: 1 LTC

LTC/Min: 0.00014 LTC

LTC/Day: 0.2 LTC

Affiliate Bonus: 30%

Standard Version 2.0

Deposit: 5 LTC

LTC/Min: 0.0007 LTC

LTC/Day: 1 LTC

Affiliate Bonus: 40%

Standard Version 3.0

Deposit: 15 LTC

LTC/Min: 0.00021 LTC

LTC/Day: 3 LTC

Affiliate Bonus: 50%

Premium Version 4.0

Deposit: 40 LTC

LTC/Min: 0.0105 LTC

LTC/Day: 15 LTC

Affiliate Bonus: 60%

LitecoinMiner Scam Test

Does the website promise unbelievably high returns?

Yes! The returns promised through Litecoin Miner are beyond the scope of possible. The business model employed through this operation is unsustainable without question and it is evident that is just another Ponzi scheme. Relying upon the deposits of new victims to acknowledge the first couple withdrawal requests authorized by new users is how this scam will function.

LTCMiner - Plan/Return

Is there any information regarding the owners of the site?

Litecoin Miner is allegedly operated by the same corporate entity as BitMiner and StartMiner, both of which we exposed as malicious investment scams! The company supposedly operating Litecoin Miner is known as BitMiner Cloud Eu Ltd and can be researched further in a CompaniesHouse report by searching company number 09951039. As the report will verify, the company status is reflecting an “Active proposal to strike off” status which means that unless the company pays their dues they will be disbanded and struck of the business register.

How old is the website?

A search will reveal that is a semi-new operation that was created on July 15th, 2017. Unfortunately the domain was privately registered which means we are unable to find out any information regarding the creators behind this Ponzi scheme.

Does the site have a physical address?

While the site provides a physical address of 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, England, N1 7GU, we believe it highly unlikely that this operation is headquartered from that location due to their company status and known corrupt nature.

Are any legitimate sites affiliated with Litecoin Miner?

No legitimate sites are affiliated with LTCMiner. Only bonafide scam sites such as and have shown a connection with Litecoin Miner.

How popular is the website? had a SimiliarWeb global rank of 32,679 as of December 2017. The site is popular in Brazil and Venezuela. People reach the site also from the United States, Russia and Ukraine. Over 80% of the referral traffic the visits the site originates from traffic exchange sites where users get paid to browse various sites in order to give the misconception that the site is more popular than it organically is.

Litecoin Miner Review Conclusion

Litecoin Miner is a variation of the StartMiner and BitMiner Ponzi schemes that we have previously exposed as scam. It goes without question that Litecoin Miner is not a trustworthy or legitimate Litecoin mining platform, not to mention that the returns promised reside within the realm of being too good to be true. Avoid this bogus cryptocurrency rip off and all sites shown to be affiliated or endorsing this scam.

Review Verdict: Litecoin Miner is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site: &

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