LTCMiner Review – Mediocre Investment Scam!

Hosted at (previously:, LTC Miner is another shining example of an elementary-designed Ponzi scheme that has successfully nested its way into the cryptocurrency domain. Operating as a Litecoin mining operation, Litcoin Miner looks like it could be a safe and trustworthy investment opportunity for those with Litecoin to spare. Showcasing an immaculate site interface, this one-stop mining operation could deceive even the most experienced of investors.

As you will unravel for yourself throughout the duration of our unbiased review, Litecoin Miner promotes desirable returns that allure crypto investors of all experience levels. While LTCMiner may appear to be a reliable investment solution, the facts bestowed to you in this review will convince you otherwise. - Litecoin Miner

What is Litecoin Miner?

Litecoin Miner is an online platform that allegedly mines Litecoin for investors who deposit through their site. The volume of litecoins an investor departs with will dictate which mining package an investor gets enrolled with. As with most illicit mining operations, LTCMiner claims to host a variety of cryptocurrency miners, yet we aren’t provided with any transparent evidence to confirm these operational guarantees.

How Does LTCMiner Work? takes the deposits of investors to enroll them in 1 of 4 separate mining packages. According to the site, Litecoin miners will then harvest and mine Litecoins for you to fulfill your mining package minimum daily return for all eternity. As with most operations that promise far-fetched returns, like Litecoin Miner, all of them seem to function off the unsustainable business model of a Ponzi scheme.

Basic Version 1.0

Deposit: 1 LTC

LTC/Min: 0.00014 LTC

LTC/Day: 0.2 LTC

Affiliate Bonus: 30%

Standard Version 2.0

Deposit: 5 LTC

LTC/Min: 0.0007 LTC

LTC/Day: 1 LTC

Affiliate Bonus: 40%

Standard Version 3.0

Deposit: 15 LTC

LTC/Min: 0.00021 LTC

LTC/Day: 3 LTC

Affiliate Bonus: 50%

Premium Version 4.0

Deposit: 40 LTC

LTC/Min: 0.0105 LTC

LTC/Day: 15 LTC

Affiliate Bonus: 60%

LitecoinMiner Scam Test

Does the website promise unbelievably high returns?

Yes! The returns promised through Litecoin Miner are beyond the scope of possible. The business model employed through this operation is unsustainable without question, and it is evident that is just another Ponzi scheme. Relying upon the deposits of new victims to acknowledge the first couple of withdrawal requests authorized by new users is how this scam will function.

LTCMiner - Plan/Return

Is there any information regarding the owners of the site?

The same corporate entity allegedly operates Litecoin Miner as BitMiner and StartMiner, both of which we exposed as malicious investment scams! The company, supposedly operating Litecoin Miner, is known as BitMiner Cloud Eu Ltd and can be researched further in a CompaniesHouse report by searching company number 09951039. As the report will verify, the company status reflects an “Active proposal to strike off” status, which means that unless the company pays its dues, it will be disbanded and struck off the business register.

How old is the website?

A search will reveal that is a semi-new operation that was created on July 15th, 2017. Unfortunately, the domain was privately registered, which means we cannot find any information regarding the creators behind this Ponzi scheme.

Does the site have a physical address?

While the site provides a physical address of 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, England, N1 7GU, we believe it highly unlikely that this operation is headquartered from that location due to their company status and known corrupt nature.

Are any legitimate sites affiliated with Litecoin Miner?

No legitimate sites are affiliated with LTCMiner. Only bonafide scam sites such as and have shown a connection with Litecoin Miner.

How popular is the website? had a SimiliarWeb global rank of 32,679 as of December 2017. The site is popular in Brazil and Venezuela. People reach the site also from the United States, Russia and Ukraine. Over 80% of the referral traffic the visits the site originates from traffic exchange sites where users get paid to browse various sites in order to give the misconception that the site is more popular than it organically is.

Complaints We Received

On November 30, 2023, we received the following complaint from a person who reported being scammed for $100:

I invested in the site, believing it to be a reliable investment platform. For two weeks, I encountered no issues and received €1.92 daily. However, starting on November 30 (today), they informed me that my ‘IPV’ is empty and that I must wait indefinitely.

Litecoin Miner Review Conclusion

Litecoin Miner is a variation of the StartMiner and BitMiner Ponzi schemes that we have previously exposed as scams. It goes without question that Litecoin Miner is not a trustworthy or legitimate Litecoin mining platform, not to mention that the returns promised reside within the realm of being too good to be true. Avoid this bogus cryptocurrency rip off and all sites shown to be affiliated or endorsing this scam.

Review Verdict: Litecoin Miner is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site: &

Have you lost litecoins to Litecoin Miner? Please share any feedback you possess by leaving a comment below!

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  1. Alx

    As of today I have not received any pay out and i am version 1.1.I have multiple pending withdraws of 1.0 or more past 10 some 15 days. IPV of .20 does nothing even if i try smaller increments of satoshi. I call site a scam.

  2. Matthew Davis

    Litecoin Mining online. Received: 0.20000000 LTC – Transaction Receipt (TXID): e6d5d9de90370b98798c0fcca32d98f5189a46c66b6d7b065333135d67ed4d8

    Purchased the version 1.1 for .75 of a litecoin i just withdrew .2 ltc instantly hopefully i can do it a billion more times its in my coinbase wallet now but says pending…. Will update in a few days guys

    • Matthew Davis

      Litecoin Mining online. Received: 0.20000000 LTC – Transaction Receipt (TXID): e6d5d9de90370b98798c0fcca32d98f5189a46c66b6d7b065333135d67ed4d86 Earn Litecoin, visit: [affiliate link removed]

  3. Dukie D

    Found this site one night last year, paid the 1ltc to upgrade to v1.1 waited the allotted time and cashed out. Checked my account over at Coinbase and to my cock up I had only gone and input my Bitcoin wallet from a completely different coin bank and not my Litecoin wallet and linked to my coin bank I’m actually using. That being said, Never manage money after midnight… I have just found and it’s run by the same Giacomo Buggini that is running the site, I’ve checked his business number and it was liquidated some time ago now, even Google maps’ed his ass. If any one has had any legit payouts or even no payouts and proof of transfer to his account, I would be greatful if you could provide evidence of this to help others?

  4. Hussein

    I work for two monthes in free plan and have pending withdraw suddenly all my list of pending withdraw disappear and listed only last withdraw. I sent msg in there contact and no reply ,, it’s sure scam .. don’t lose your time and effort

  5. Bushwhacker

    I too got suckered by this site. Buy in for 10 LTC, they will let you draw out 5. Then everything becomes pending. I have a feeling (from what I have read here) is that there really is no such thing as manual processing. Save your LTC!! They are all scams!!

  6. Robert

    Yeah I was taken by they basically stole my LTC and now there website is offline.

  7. one fucked guy

    this is complete scam they let you withdraw your little mined ltc in start to scam you but when you purchase v1.4 as i did, they are now laughing on me . they fucked me

  8. Mol10

    It has to be some kinda of scheme but still are some have been profitable. I have done alright… not big returns or nothing like but real returns for nothing other than leaving computer on with browser open to mine. First return took 10 days after withdrawing .01 ltc since I was only using v1.0, since then I have become a v1.1 user after signing one other persone up using my referal code [referral link removed] So before it took me 4 days to earn .01 ltc, now it takes alittle less time. For me its just taking it slow and easy… you know the saying right, lol!? Anyways thanks for reading and use my referal code please [referral link removed]

  9. hamed

    Litecoin Mining online. Received: 0.05000000 LTC – Transaction Receipt (TXID): Earn Litecoin, visit:

  10. Errol

    I withdrew 0.2ltc. It was removed from my total, but nothing was deposited into my wallet. That’s over 1 month now.

  11. Ismail

    I think it was legitimate, but takes a little long time to approved. I just use the 1.1version, and withdraw 0.5 and it was okay and smooth. But taking 5 days to be approved

  12. YuHang

    Thank you,man,you saved my time and my money.I can delete anything about sites similar from my disk,my note and my memory now.

  13. Nilesh Rathod
    Site ScameOr Real?

    • Nilesh Rathod
      .Site ScameOr Real?

  14. Syeah

    Saya kena tipu 1 Ltc dan tak pernah bisa tarik lagi modalnya

  15. Jurij Kuhar

    So, people, how many of you did report one or another LTCMiner* scam site (and their owner(s), including web provider) to the authorities by now?!?
    (There are many opitons, like your local Police, or go to:, or perhaps even

    More criminal reports to the authorities should cause more presure upon official institutions and thus greater chance they will involve into this case more seriously, more deeply and thoroughly at all!

    P.S.: There is always a chance, however, those two sites are actualy – so to say – an ongoing “Government’s” (…) little crypto experiment …

  16. TWPan

    Scam… is a real scam.
    Do not send any ltc or you will loose you coin.
    I sent 20 ltc to buy ver 4 but nothing happen!

  17. Johanna Altamirano

    fijencen en el administrador de tareas y se darán cuenta que el uso de pc es bajo y se supone que cuando minan eso debe subir hasta 50 o 100%

  18. Zal Moxis

    Yes, a real, genuine scam platform! Do not encourage and do not loose your coins on it !

  19. minhgifted

    this is scam site. i tried to withdraw but not completely

  20. Pedro

    Complete scam site. I requested a withdraw and is pending since last December.. or are real scams!

  21. jose faus

    yo compre la primera version el litecoin estaba en 60 euros ahora la pagina no se habre que debemos hacer ahora hay alguna plataforma para denunciar

  22. Lanz

    Now is here:
    I’m waiting for my 0.01 free….. 2 days…..

  23. Crypto-homeless

    Tested free version. Suspected scam when opened account #2 from the same IP. Was 100% sure about the scam nature of the website sometime by account #40. Stopped creating new accounts pending payout from the oldest one. Needless to say – free version didn’t pay. Forgot all about it for over a month. Tried logging in today – and the website “refused to open”. Error message in chrome suggested to check cables. But my cell phone doesn’t have any cables hanging. Maybe I should check cables at that free miner? Maybe chrome is right and loose cables stand between us and our payouts?

  24. bill

    Bill Columbus, OH invested minimum possible 12/12 to “see”. Now site doesn’t open. Interested in any recover y effort.

  25. Hama yones

    is not working the website is down I guess this miner is Scam! !!

  26. Jurij Kuhar

    Hello, does anyone have or know of any OFFICIAL reason for the closure of the website? I mean from any of the law enforcement institutions, like NFIB etc.?
    It would be great if all the “suckers” have come together somehow and file some sort of a collective criminal report and correspondingly claim the obviously stolen funds!!!

  27. Michael Brown

    Thanks for this review! It appears at this moment (1/17/2018@11:30pm EST) the site is down. I never received a payout from the free account either. The only reason I didn’t pay, was because LTC went from $100 to $350 when i was considering it. Thanks again!

  28. Chatterjee

    site seems to be now closed and is not opening up. Yesterday also I had worked and it opened and was functioning but from today about an hour before when I woke up and first attempted to open to check the balance, the site is not opening.

  29. WPHL-DB URock Philly (@urockradiophl)

    So has anyone been able to receive the a payout from mining for Free? You know once you reach .01 as it says you can.

    • Michael Zachary

      Your given an instant pay out value when u start and it increases as u upgrade versions but ipv is so small it doesn’t really do much anyway I was able to take out 60$ worth of litecoin and than I was out of ipv and I had 48 litecoin in total on my website and was never able to cash it out cuz I was out of ipv so I was waiting over a month for Manual cash out and still never got it…I also invited referrals and never got any ipv points for that

  30. Chris Hayes

    This is a scam, it’s been over 26 days and I got no pay out. This company took my money and now I have to find someone and rip there fucking head off!! Yes this is a threat to ALL employees of!!!

  31. Nitin Jaiswal

    Glad i saved my time after reading and experimenting so much about the ltcminer, i get to know from one of my friend. He taken basic model and all coin gone company didn’t paid at all.

  32. Marc

    So ” mine the minimum ” and then abandon. do not buy any upgrade…. got it. Thanks.

  33. K

    We too tested the upgraded miner. Fortunately we upgraded when the price of litecoin was < 1/3rd what it is now. After having mined a decent amount of coin and after exhausting the instant 0.15 LTC payouts, we made a withdrawal request for a small amount, which said it would take 10+ days for alleged "manual processing.". We are 15 days out and have yet to receive any kind of payout. DEFINITELY A SCAM! STAY AWAY!

    • Robert Young

      I joined today and withdrew 0.015 LTC and it happened almost instantly to my coinbase wallet

      • Johanna Altamirano

        pagaste ipv o como hiciste

  34. John

    So before reading this, I did buy the v1.1 for 1 LTC. So far I have been able to withdraw my “IPV”. Of .15, hoping to at least get my money back after reading this. Was going to mine for 25 days to accumulate the 5 LTC to buy the next step. Probably won’t be doing that now.

  35. Phil

    I Paid 1TC up upgrade to their V1.1 Miner. I’m not 25 days in and not had a payment, the contact form does not get you a reply also. This is without a doubt a SCAM please stay away!!!!!!


      I fell into the same honey trap. But with me withdrawing works instantly but only up to a limit. Then they say it takes longer. I hope it will work so I get my money back at least (0.5 LTC).

  36. CW

    i’m the same way. i happened to see the ad on one BTC faucet site, so i clicked on it. all i had to do was go to the site and i already have an account. it seems to be giving me LTC, and I didn’t even have to register. if my first withdrawal is successful ( to a LTC address that I don’t have anything in) then I’ll continue getting free LTC til it dies. steal from the thieves and sleep better at night.

  37. Mark

    Not yet but I will take all the free coins and not give them any of my lite coins!!!
    Glad I read this before I sent them any of my lite coins cause they are very valuable now!!!

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