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Cryptohopper ( is a trading bot that entered the crypto marketplace on July 2017. Owned and operated by Cryptohopper BV, the Cryptohopper trading bot functions as an algorithmic technical based trading bot that is compatible with select cryptocurrency exchanges. To learn more about the Cryptohopper trading bot, we encourage you to read our factual and unbiased review. - Crypto Hopper

Cryptohopper Basics is home to the semi-automated trading bot known as Cryptohopper. Eliminating emotions out of the trading equation, Cryptohopper is a manipulatable and effective trading solution for cryptocurrency investors of all experience levels.

Employing technical based trading algorithms while being able to incorporate programmed trading approaches, Cryptohopper was engineered to serve as a viable solution to help investors generate profits through investing the cryptocurrency markets.

Cryptohopper is compatible with up to 75 cryptocurrencies depending upon which plan you subscribe with while their solution is currently offering a free trial (which we will further discuss below) prior to commitment.

Functioning as a web-based solution, Cryptohopper can be utilized on any Internet enabled device such as a desktop, PC, mobile phone and tablet.

For the time being, this trading bot is actively synced with five separate cryptocurrency exchanges with are Kraken, Poloniex, Bittrex, GDAX and Binance. As indicated on their site, they are soon to be compatible with BitFinex, Cryptopia and KuCoin. - Supported Exchanges

How to Trade with Cryptohopper

Getting started with Cryptohopper is a simple process that requires minimum time. Unless you embark with their free trial, you will need to select and pay for one of their subscription plans online then sync the Hopper to one of their supported exchanges. In this case you will need to have an account with Kraken, Poloniex, Bittrex, GDAX or Binance.

Once you have completed the installation and linking process, you will have unrestricted access and control over the Cryptohopper trading bot.

From there you can log into your Hopper dashboard through any Internet enabled device where you will be able to access performance reports, trading positions, manipulate trading settings, select trading concepts along with determine trading conditions.

Trading conditions that are controlled by the user include inputting a fixed amount to trade for each investment, setting a stop loss if desired and incorporating an auto-sell feature if a predetermined profit target has been reached.

An investors trading portfolio can easily be accessed through their Hopper’s dashboard where they can analyze a comprehensive performance report of their signalers. In addition, traders are given access to all their supported currencies price history and their relative investment statistics.

Cryptohopper Features

If you are looking to incorporate a dynamic trading solution into your investment arsenal then consider the following features currently provided through Cryptohopper:

Trading Approaches

An impressive number of trading concepts and approaches are currently offered with this trading bot. If you notice through the Hopper dashboard that a particular trading approach is not as effective as you would like, you can filter and customize the strategy to your liking and move onward from there.

Site Infrastructure

Cryptohopper provides a user-friendly and sleek platform that can be easily navigable and understood by even those who possess little technical background.

Hopper Academy

An educational section is provided through the Hopper dashboard where investors can browse a library of relative videos on how to utilize Cryptohopper and employ specific trading approaches.

Community Growth

Cryptohopper is used by many online day traders while their investor base is growing by the day. One unique feature would be the Hopper Community, which is an online community composed of active Hopper users who help others, share trading settings and ideas while also offering tutorials and user support from Cryptohopper’s support team.


An advantageous concept offered would be backtesting, where investors are able to backtest their trading approaches to see how effective their trading concepts would have panned out for them based on an assets historical price movements.

Multiple Cryptocurrencies

Currently, Cryptohopper supports 75 digital currencies which will likely further increase once their platform has finished introducing their soon-to-be linked exchanges. An investor can elect to invest in any supported currency once an external signal has been generated while also being able to diversify risk while investing through a multitude of cryptocurrencies.

Signal Sources

Cryptohopper claims to implement professional external signals for most of their trading bot’s functionality. In addition to supporting numerous trading approaches and manipulable trading parameters, Cryptohopper users can adapt their trading bots in relation to their performance reports to create more effective trading outputs.

What Others Are Saying

Cryptohopper possesses positive and insightful feedback regarding the performance of their trading bot. According to Reddit, Cryptohopper has been reported as generating consistent weekly profits while the overall feedback is constructive and beneficial. Some users report generating between a 1.5% to 7% daily profit while others seem more interested in implementing other users trading settings. Regardless, the feedback surrounding Cryptohopper appears promising while their trading bot is endorsed by many reputable blogging domains.


According to SimiliarWeb, has experienced substantial growth over the past half year and currently reflects a global rank of 81,833 with a US rank of 38,244 as of April 4th, 2018. Currently, their platform supports nearly 550,000 monthly visitors while roughly 34.2% of their traffic derives from US based users.

Cryptohopper Trading Plans

One of the characteristics we found most attractive regarding Cryptohopper would be how they offer a no-strings attached free trial period. No payment details or service obligations are required to enroll with their free one month trial while their subscription plans are quite affordable when compared to experiences shared by Cryptohopper traders:

Bunny (Adventure Hopper)

  • $19 Per Month
  • 80 Positions Supported
  • 24/7 Cloud Trading Bot
  • Optimal Customer Support
  • 10 Minute Buying Intervals
  • 15 Cryptocurrencies Supported

Hare (Advanced Hopper)

  • $49 Per Month
  • 24/7 Cloud Trading Bot
  • 200 Positions Supported
  • 5 Minute Buying Intervals
  • Extended Customer Support
  • 50 Cryptocurrencies Supported

Kangaroo (Master Hopper)

  • $99 Per Month
  • Arbitrage Trading
  • 24/7 Cloud Trading Bot
  • 500 Positions Supported
  • 2 Minute Buying Intervals
  • Superior Customer Support
  • 75 Cryptocurrencies Supported

Crypto Hopper - Subscription Plans

If none of Cryptohopper’s available trading packages match your needs, you are encouraged to contact for a tailored solution.

Is Cryptohopper Safe to Invest With?

Cryptohopper is overseen by a transparent entity and offers many supplemental trading features and advantages not commonly accompanied by cryptocurrency trading solutions. While some of their supported cryptocurrency exchanges may spark some debate, overall we feel that Cryptohopper is safe to invest with while their extensive free trial period is definitely an advantage that should be considered by all prospective investors.

Cryptohopper Review Conclusion

Cryptohopper renders an empowering trading experience and has been reported as a consistent and profitable trading bot amongst cryptocurrency day traders. Creating a more practical investment atmosphere by eliminating human emotions from the trading equation, Cryptohopper delivers an unparalleled quantity of trading features and parameters that can be tailored towards any investors desires.

Given the surge in popularity of Cryptohopper along with the information disclosed in our review above, we believe Cryptohopper is an effective trading bot that should be considered by all cryptocurrency enthusiasts looking to invest and generate earnings through practical investment means. As always we advise that you embark with their free 1 month trial prior to obligating fully-heartedly with their subscription service.

We ask that you please share any feedback, insight or experience you may have by leaving a comment below!


  1. Jose

    I signed up for Cryptohopper end of July and I have been using since then. However, it has many bugs and the support does not help. I have been struggling with the same issue for more than a week now. A trigger I set up just doesn´t fire. Actually, it only fires the sell signal regardless if it should fire or not. I reported that problem last Friday. And since than the support has not helped at all. They said it was working, than they blamed the template, than said the trigger should not have fired… I proved that none of those were the problem and it should have fired many times over the last few days. If it worked, it would be a very good bot.

  2. Marten

    Hey tim,

    Thank you for your fair and balanced review! Reading your review, your clearly did do diligent research regarding our platform. One of the things we really focus on is to listen to our community, making sure the platform trades the way our users want it to trade, adding requested features almost weekly. The more profit our users make, the more users we get, it’s a win-win situation!

    We would like to ask you, what can we do to improve our rating from 3 to 5 stars?

    Please let us know if you have any questions regarding our platform!

    Kind regards,


    • Admin

      Hello Marten,

      Thank you for reaching out and touching base with us, for your kind words, for providing a valuable platform for many investors and being professional when connecting with us! I just increased your rank to 4 stars, and if you would answer the other comment you will find below, I will be happy to give you a 5 star rank.

  3. Tibo

    I try cryptohopper for 1 month. It can help you earn money but DO NOT BE CONFIDENT WITH THEIR STATS. I use 1 050 € full dedicate to cryptohopper. After 15 days I got a +2.94% benefice.

    But my total balance is now 927 €….

    I ask the support why there is a big difference like that. They told me to check some stuff who could have impact the result. I did check and saw nothing wrong. No more answer form the support….

    Conclusion, Trading bot can make you earn money but do not be confident with stats they give you.

    • Marten

      Hey tibo,

      That does sound rather strange! Right now i do not have the required information to judge what happened.

      Is it possible you looked at the BTC invested and BTC returned, not total balance? Was the start balance set correctly? Profit tracking is complicated, there are a lot of factors that can throw things off. Please send in another ticket asking for clarification if you haven’t done so already, we should at least be able to give an indication of what happened.

      Kind regards,


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