Review – Cloud Crypto Auto Trader is yet another automated trading platform for crypto currencies, which takes this game a tad further, allowing users to have their bots hosted on the cloud, to create their own trading bots and to rent/buy bots created by others. The trading bot game is indeed very solid at CryptoTrader, but what about profitability? This is usually where things become a little murkier with operators like CryptoTrader, which is by the way about as legitimate as it could possibly be. - Crypto Trader

What is CryptoTrader?

Though we’ve already revealed what CryptoTrader is, it is time to take a closer look at how it’s supposed to work and how people have thus far managed to make it work…

The operation does not require users to download anything. Everything is cloud-based. CryptoTrader supports all the major cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Bitstamp, Bitfinex, Poloniex, Coinbase, Kraken, Bittrex and OKCoin. What this essentially means is that traders can put their bots to work on any of these exchanges.

A handy backtesting tool is available, which allows traders to put their bots to the test on batches of past data. While according to some, such testing is irrelevant in regards to future results (as the crypto markets are notoriously unpredictable and acting like nothing else out there), some still view it as a useful and interesting feature. It can indeed at least give bot creators an idea whether they’re on the right track or not.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the site is the strategy marketplace, where various trading systems can be bought or rented. The marketplace features a superbly straightforward interface, and it delivers plenty of information for every one of the featured bots.

While most of the strategies are premium ones (costing BTCs), there are a few free ones tossed in for recreational traders to experiment with.

Can I Trust CryptoTrader?

As far as doing what it says it does, yes, you can definitely trust the operation. It has a 9-page long thread dedicated to it at bitcointalk, and no one is complaining that it is a scam there. The thread is maintained by the creator of CryptoTrader, who seems keen to react to and to act on user feedback.

Promises and Features

Financial gains-wise, CryptoTrader promises exactly nothing. As a matter of fact, all its promises have been covered above and it does indeed deliver on all those accounts. Again: profitability hinges on many factors, and the mere possibility that users get to create a trading bot, carries no guarantees in this regard whatsoever.

Users can make use of the cloud, they can discuss their strategies with the community and they can use backtesting to see whether their creations work or not. They can rent or buy third-party trading bots (though some will adamantly advise against such an approach) and they have access to API and TALib documentation. In a word: the operation is focused on facilitating the creation and transaction of trading software, and not on generating profits for its users.

Instant email alerts and SMS notifications are also available (the auto-trader communicates with the user through these channels whenever it makes a trade).

The site features several subscription packages, from Basic+ to Premium. These packages offer more and more features and they cost more and more as one moves up the ladder. The Basic+ package will set you back 0.003 BTC per month. The top option, the Premium package, costs 0.046 BTC per month. One can always upgrade from one account package to another.

Question Marks and Red Flags

Given the above described nature of the operation, there aren’t any question marks or red flags thrown up by it in any way…it is very clear what users get. What they make of it, depends on their individual abilities.

The only thing that’s a little suspicious is that we don’t learn anything about the identity of the creator. At bitcointalk, he posts under the moniker “pulsecat” and he apparently registered there back in January, 2013.

A query for reveals that the site was created on April 17, 2013, and that the owners of the site purchased a privacy masking service to hide their identities from the public.

CryptoTrader Complaints

As one would expect with an operation like this, there are plenty of complaints in regards to the profitability of the setup. Some traders simply cannot make it work. One complaint on Reddit details how the user spent some $250 per month just to gain access to a third-party trading bot, which then made all the wrong trades. Such issues though – as said above – are beyond the reach of the CryptoTrader platform, which does indeed deliver on every one of the promises it makes.

CryptoTrader Review Conclusion is definitely legitimate. It is also something of a work-in-progress, as its creator acts on the feedback he receives directly through various channels. None of this means though that you’ll be able to just rent/buy an auto-trader at the site and then effortlessly ride it to fabulous profits.

Important: Do NOT confuse with the scam we’ve already exposed which can be found on

Please share with us any feedback – positive or negative – about CryptoTrader.


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