Fflakmining.com Review – More Crypto Cloud-mining

Fflakmining is yet another crypto cloud-mining operation, which instantly makes it suspicious for many of the experienced members of the crypto community. Cloud-mining operations aren’t just very unlikely to make ends meet math-wise, they are the preferred “tools” of scammers, who can pay their victims in a trickle, until they built a pot large-enough to close up shop and fade away with the lion’s share of the funds. Even cloud miners that are legit, are generally unprofitable.

Unfortunately, the business model described at fflakmining.com fits the above mold perfectly. For the time being, the operation does seem to be paying its clients (proof of payment has been posted in the comment sections of several reviews, though we can obviously not vouch for the validity of these claims). All that is well in-line with the above described model though. Solid proof regarding actual mining activity – which would preferably have to come in the shape of a public mining address – cannot be found anywhere on the fflakmining.com website, or elsewhere.

fflakmining.com - fflak mining

What Exactly Does fflakmining.com Offer?

To make a long story short: cloud mining contracts. We’re talking about ETH, BTC, LTC and Monero mining here, and for each of those cryptos, different contracts are offered. According to the operator, its most popular contract is the BTC one, which requires a minimum investment of $10 per 100 GH/s. The return on this contract is 1.1% per day, meaning that as soon as they “start mining,” users can expect $0.11 to be added to their account within 24 hours. This way, it will obviously take the user around 90 days (3 months) to earn back the principal.

Though the site states that profits will be rolling in within a day, that is simply not true. One can only expect any kind of profits after the first 3 months of fflakmining.com use. Afterwards though, the 1.1% per day deal, which adds up to ~33% per month, suddenly becomes too good to be true. The contracts are for 3-year periods, so one should theoretically pocket quite some profits before they mature, but as said, the math is a little too generous over the long run.

The other crypto contracts offer slightly different terms, but by and large, they are similar to the above presented one.

While there are service fees involved in the deal too, according to the calculator featured at the site, these only amount to some $17.17 per year, for a $10 contract, which will thus end up generating a profit of $36.64. Even if one subtracts the principal from that, the clean profit still amounts to some $26.64, which is indeed the definition of too-good-to-be-true.

Just picture someone investing $100k instead of the $10. At the end of the year, this person would walk away with $266,447 in clean profits. Not very likely huh?

The site does mention that the whole deal may slip into unprofitable territory as the variables of the equation change. In this case, they say that mining will be suspended until things turn profitable again. On our part, we find this little added fact quite unsettling.

The operation offers a money-back guarantee, which in their case is a no-brainer, really. Since they are only ever supposed to pay their users a trickle, they can obviously afford to pay and keep things ticking until they feel they’ve amassed enough funds.

Fflakmining also offer a 15-day trial period, during which their users can assess the whole process. Those who upgrade to a paid contract afterwards, can keep their hashpower and the profits accrued during the trial. There is no actual proof of mining offered during this period either though.

What fflakmining.com Has Going for It

Unlike a typical cloud mining scam, Fflak Mining are actually quite transparent in regards to the people running the operation. They list their leadership with names and pictures. The company behind the operation is Cointech Ltd. though granted, not much information is made available on it. The About Us page of the website says that the operation was launched in 2012, and indeed, Fflak’s main website, fflak.com was registered in 2012 as well.

Red Flags and Question Marks

Everything considered, the corporate background of the operation is far from transparent. Cointech Ltd. is apparently based in Hong Kong (at The New World Tower, 16 Queen’s Road, Central), but there seems to be a UK-registered company operating under the same name, too. No information is available online about the Hong Kong-based Cointech Ltd., though one would think that since 2012, it would’ve left a rather prominent online footprint.

Though the main site of the operation is indeed ~5 years old, the site which runs the actual cloud mining scheme, is only a couple of months old. It was registered in August, 2017, by a certain Ronda Fisher, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Who is behind fflakmining.com

Though there are photos of the Fflak team provided on the above mentioned About Us page, they have a stock photo of a corporate team on that same page, which makes absolutely no sense. A solid operation, with actual offices and activity going on, would find it extremely simple and easy to upload a photo of its own employees pondering over tablets and notepads.

As said in the beginning of this review, there is no proof of mining offered by the operator in any shape or form. They do have a video of a mining farm in their Data Center section, but such a video can be located and uploaded by anyone within a few minutes. By solid proof in this regard, we mean a public mining address.


Being a little over a couple of months old, Fflakmining.com hasn’t had the time to build up much of a reputation. Judging by the sparse user feedback that’s available, it looks like the operation is trickling funds back to its clients as promised – for the time being. A page dedicated to crypto scams on Steemit, has fflakmining listed though, designating it a “fake cloudmining scam.”


As of November 19, 2017, Fflakmining has a SimilarWeb global rank of 166,133, indicating this is a rather popular site. Much of its traffic consists of people from Russia, Brazil, United States, India and Indonesia.

Fflakmining Review Conclusion

By the looks of things, FFlakmining.com might just turn out to be a cloud mining operation that’s paying for a while, only to fold down the line, taking the lion’s share of its users’ investments with it. The operation offers no actual proof of mining, in the shape of a public mining address, so there is no proof of profit-generating technology offered. That’s a capital sin in our book.

Review Verdict: FflakMining is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Sites: FFlakmining.com

Do you have any knowledge or experience regarding Fflak Mining? Please provide your feedback with us by sharing a comment below!

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  1. Gabi

    Newbie here…how is public mining address different from a wallet address?
    Cannot understand, thank you in advance for help!!

  2. Denny

    Hi. Nth ugly history, now as it does him to recover something? Will it be possible?

    • Fausto De Matteis


      • Denny

        Hi! But a collective report, civilian and penalty, to the competent authorities it would be possible?

  3. Fausto De Matteis


  4. Fausto De Matteis


  5. bhawesh

    FFlak is scam please nobody can trust and invest in this site because today i contact with support team but support address not found, please everybody be aware and not trust any mining site. All sites are fake.

  6. Anuar

    hi all,
    fflak mining website finally can’t be contact anymore
    with email, twitter and finally facebook shut down
    anyone tell what happened actually?

        • Ronald Johns

          I warned everybody about this months ago when they stole $50,000 worth of bitcoin from me and closed my account. Even started the website fflakminingisascam.com and posted the link here. Lesson to be learned is research an investment like this before investing. The info that this was a scam and a first-hand account of loosing a fortune has been available for months now.


        • Viktor

          26 января купил”по акции” мощности,
          Лиза прислала :спасибо за деньги и ).
          27 не открывается.я думаю все. скам. кинули..

        • Dino

          cannot get touch with her anymore. SHIT!

  7. Ferenc

    now its down.
    for sure i will give it to my lawer … thx for the contacts!

  8. jeeva

    i want to close my account of FFLAK mining but after delete confirm button not click any one have any idea how to delete the account

    • bitcoin4free.biz

      Why do you whant to close your account? Have you try to contact the support? Lisa is verry helpful

    • todd

      Flakk mining has to be a scam because last night I requested a withdraw. This morning when I tried to log onto to Flakk mining my browser says there is a problem loading the page. I’m going to fill out a report at Rip Off Report.com.

      • bitcoin4free

        They work actually on a new website/ app. This problem occurred 2 weeks ago. Liza will give you an answer in 2 days

        • san

          Please keep us posted if you have any information.

        • Mphumezi Namba

          what is the website name.please

        • Richard Noriega

          what is the address. I can’t get a hold of any one. If you can give me a address it would be appreciated.

  9. Jonathan Menyon

    I’ve been paid out twice in BTC. Really hope they stay around and paying.

    • bitcoin4free

      Yesterday I’ve got my 3. payout. It was the last payout from ROI . Now it’s time to reinvest for me (I can’t lose). Fflakmining is good for my and I trust them. This is my opinion! I’m not here to convince others and start discussions. I only want to give my review. If other trust them is themselves.

  10. John

    Their data center video is a generic video that is also used in a Microsoft Data center video.
    FFlak data center video: vimeo.com/236913028
    Microsoft data center video: youtu.be/0uRR72b_qvc

  11. Jose A CRUZ

    And for the guy that says he invested 50,000 why not invest in your own mining rig yea power consumption may be a little expensive but with that kind of $$$ it’s worth investing in yourself in trying to find your own block and get awarded 16 bitcoins

  12. Jose A CRUZ

    I been with fflak since November I do agree it might not be a big company but I do think it’s legit I invested 20 and been paid twice I think the owner might be and hopefully is using the money to buy more miners to become a legit company unlike Sierra hash and bank so I do trust them and hopefully they do become bigger and better then Genesis and hash flare

    • Fausto De Matteis


  13. Daniel

    Fflakmining is no scam!!!

    Today is return on invest.
    I got my money back completely!
    Now I can start reinvesting.
    Fflak is absolutely trusting!
    The calculation almost matches my computer except the website bitcoin4free.biz/mining/calculator.
    You can follow the transaction here: blockchain.info/tx/f490316c7b250b6c92ba0af495abc0575ee49bb6dbb561549f60cfde4ce43616

    • iMineNonstop

      Oh really?? Try logging in right now then. Maybe we can all share a good laugh and a lesson learned!

    • Anuar

      they shutdown their website, their connection through twitter, facebook and email
      now dunno how to contact them

      • san

        please contact me if anyone can contact them.

    • Fausto De Matteis


    • Fausto De Matteis


  14. João Filipe de Oliveira Ventura

    I also purchased about 4000 GH/s at fflakmining. As long i’m monitoring my investment i note that the daily earnings are reallistic,when compared to the same amount of Hashrate in Hashflare or Genesis Mining,for example. But paying only 10 USD(worth of Bitcoin) per 100GH/s means that the ROI would be much shorter,what is not indicative of a scam.However, there are a few tell-tale signs that indicates that fflakmining is in fact a SCAM in a very sophisticated shaddy way. First of all,as this article demonstrates, the Whois.com reveals that the registered domain belongs to a person of Sao Paulo,Brazil and not Hong-Kong, as we should be expecting. In second, please note that fflakmining only accepts payments in form of cryptocurrency, not in fiat money, as we should be expecting. No Visa?No MasterCard?Payeer?AdvCash?Paypal?Another point is that they claim to belong to a company called CoinTech Ltd but i searched for it in google and found no official website of this company.But the most revealing sign that they are lying is in the presentation video. Watching the video we should expect that they show us their mining hardware, such as the rigs of graphics cards and ASIC miners sitting on long racks,right?But what we see in the video is much more of a company of Cloud-server computers, or VPS company.In fact, i´ve found that the fflakmining presentation video have coppied parts from a presentation video of Microsoft, that can be seen in the following link: youtube.com/watch?v=zXsoygN_v7A. The video was published in 2014. Looking at this facts, i am sad to say that fflakmining is a pure scam of a brazilian guy from Sao Paulo.Is a Ponzi, or just a way to steal your money right away. All the people can do now is to take the ROI and not reinvest. If you are reading this post and are thinking into investing, just stay away from fflakmining,unless you like to play Ponzies. I do not, so because that i’m writing this post for misinformed people become aware.Now i see how ingenious i was into investing at fflakmining.I Hope i can take what i can…

  15. khalif morgan

    Not a scam….pays once minimum is met. Longest payout took 24 hrs, but funds were there. They also give frequent bonus coupons for more hashing power. Just think, when Bitcoin first surfaced, there were people saying it was a scam, and today some still think so. There is no gain in no risk. Try fflak for yourself. No scam.

    • Ronald Johns

      I tried myself and they paid me twice, the third payment request didn’t happen for a week and when I complained they closed my account and took all of my bitcoin. Read all about it at fflakminingisascam.com They ARE a scam. They may selectively pay out to individuals with a little bit of hash power purchased for the time being till they can bait you into investing more and/or gain more customers but once you invest a lot, they take your money and close your account. Feel free to contact me directly for the evidence, and the fact that they aren’t mining and using money from new investors to pay out others, it’s only a matter of time before they shut down.

  16. Brian

    They used same pictures of people for the leadership teams of these two websites with different names.

    Fred and Oliver are the same picture. Lukas and David are the same. No more doubts in my mind. It must be fake.

    • Daniel

      Maybe litemihub.com is scam and they have copied the staff pictures?

  17. Nonyaz Bizz

    Haven’t had a single issue with FFLAK.

    • iMineNonstop

      Oh reaally?? Try logging in right now then lol

  18. bitcoin4free

    Yesterday I,be done a withdraw request, today it was on my Wallet ?. blockchain.info/tx/8266c59dcb8ad7058bac50299d5ef34b17005583228462ba9a46e09fbbc5e992 Fflakmining is no scam! I trust them

    • Ronald Johns

      Yes… I got my first 2 withdraws within 24 hours as well. The 3rd stayed pending for a week and while it’s pending you can’t initiate any other withdraws. After complaining to support, they closed my account an d took all my bitcoin. Don’t trust these guys – they will take your money – fflakminingisascam.com

  19. adamfwoods

    If they were a scam, why would they be SOLD OUT of Monero contracts right now? That would be a weird thing for a scammer to do. “Oh, sorry, we are sold out of that scam right now.”

  20. Bintang Kejora

    Payments always on time. Super clean, easy, and PROFITABLE!…Have to give them a 5 star .

    • Admin

      This review was sent from the same IP and email as the previous comment, but using a different name. Obviously, it’s not a real testimonial.

    • Ronald Johns


  21. Gilang Permana

    They are amazing and they payout in a timely manner

  22. Tobias

    fflakmining.com 10000000000000% Scam yes big scam

  23. Lebo

    They are paying just made withdrawal.. I’m happy to work with fflakmining..

  24. Nasir Amin

    I am happy to work with fflakmining… i just received my withdrawl.. thank you

  25. TONY

    I sent a payment to the company yesterday 7th december using Coinbase.
    They had some problems so I informed FFLAK customer service that I sent the payment but after some time it was still in pending mode.
    When I received a confirmation email from Coinbase I checked my FFLAKMINING account but the money was not there.
    I contacted LISA support manager and she started to ask me if I had another account with them.
    I confirmed that I have only 1 account.
    She told me that she cannot find any payment connected under my email address.
    And finally she wrore me that associated with my email there is another wallet address instead of that where I sent the money.
    So for me they are 100 % SCAMMERS.
    I sent only 55$ so be aware if you want to send more money.

  26. Ronald Johns

    This site is a scam. I paid them $50,000 for mining and have yet to receive a payout. Current withdraw request is a week old. I got scammed please learn from my mistake and do not give this scheme any more money. Calling the SEC in the morning.

    • Daniel

      Hello Roland Johns
      It’s a little bit funny here you post $ 50‘000 and on your website you post $40‘000. Anywhere it’s even himself to trust Fflak.

      • Ronald Johns

        Yes… the fluctuating price of bitcoin as that is the only method of payment. Today’s amount is probably closer to $100,000. I need to update my website – thanks for bringing that to my attention.

  27. btcdreams

    They wouldn’t give me a refund within the 24 hour period as advertised on their site. Their customer service was very unprofessional. Most like is indeed a scam, BE CAREFUL.

    • bitcoin4free

      Im happy with the Support. They gave answer within 12 hours. How many did you spend to rece back?

      • Daniel Metzen

        At the 21.12 i will reach the min payout and at 17.02 break even. At this time I will you inform if fflak scam or not ?

      • san

        can you try to contact them now?

  28. Daniel

    If fflakmining scam is or not i can not say, but according to my calculations the daily mining amount is realistic. Also the fee of $ 0.47 / THs are appropriate. Only the contracts are cheaper, compared to hashflair about 1/3. You can even recalculate it with my calculator on bitcoin4free.biz/calculator.htm Could also be that fflak currently has low prices to get to the market.

    • Far More

      Yes, the mining amount correspond with the hashrate and complexity

      I don`t think everyone can easily decide to put such commercial infromation as mining address to public access

      As for the suspiciously low contract price, take into account that they calculate the price according to the rate of $7000 for 1BTC which now costs 10K.. Here we really have a little “scamming”, but everybody wants sunshine, the conditions are profitable anyway.. so I have invested in this project and wish good luck for them and for me)))

  29. andreas

    Έχω πληρωθεί 3 φορές μέχρι τώρα η ατυχία είναι όμως ότι την ημέρα της black friday κέρδισα προμήθεια από έναν referral αξίας 0.014btc και είναι σε αναμονή η πληρωμή μου ήδη 18 ωρες

  30. Mitsos Theodorou

    They paid me i hope that they will keep paying because I invsted like 110 euros

    • john

      Μακάρι φίλε και εμένα με πλήρωσε στις 19 Νοέμβρη

      • Mitsos Theodorou

        Μια χαρα ειναι το site μαλακιες λενε εμενα μου εστειλαν και αποδειξεις οτι τους εκβιαζαν απο ενα site αν δεν τους στειλουν λεφτα θα κανουν αρνητικο review …τελος παντων ας ελπισουμε πως δεν ειναι scam

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