CryptoXL Review – Can You Trust This Operation?

CryptoXL integrates a unique operational model that is used to attract crypto investors from all walks of life. Asserting their operation as a profitable and user-friendly e-commerce investment company, takes a strategic marketing approach towards attracting Bitcoin and other related cryptocurrency investors. As you will learn throughout this in-depth review, CryptoXL is not a licensed investment company and guarantees returns that certainly arouse suspicion in regards to the so-called legitimacy of this investment firm.

About CryptoXL

While the majority of Bitcoin related schemes we come across embody a cryptocurrency mining model, CryptoXL gives their operation a twist by claiming to be an e-commerce ecosystem that invests among a variety of avenues. While the About US page fails to provide us with any pertinent information regarding who is responsible for this operation, the FAQ page claims that is owned and operated by CryptoXL Limited.

Allegedly registered globally in many countries with corporate headquarters based in Victoria, Seychelles and Hong Kong, we took the exhaustive measures necessary to research “CryptoXL Limited” among these demographic business registers and found that each search query generated no results. Furthermore, no trace of CryptoXL Limited can be found anywhere on the web besides in correlation with CryptoXL Facebook page and their site.

How does CryptoXL Work?

CryptoXL incorporates a deceptive business model that bares every trait of a Ponzi scheme. For a flat sum deposit of no less than $50 in Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum investors can have their deposited funds “professionally managed,” where they will receive generous daily returns for an excessive duration of time. While it is clear cut that this business model is unsustainable, it is the concept behind this model that concerns us since most novice investors will be greatly attracted to such a far-fetched ROI.

CryptoXL claims to be active in Bitcoin mining along with gold, diamond, real estate, hardware and agro processing investments. The fulfillment of your deposit ensures that you will receive a daily return but it should be noted that after a 7 day period, that your principal deposit will be difficult to retrieve due to “having been invested in several portfolios to produce interest to our investors.” In the most simplistic of terms, essentially CryptoXL is saying you may not get your initial deposit back and that if you have a problem, you can contact their “support” for assistance.

Promises and Features

There are 4 investment packages offered through CryptoXL. As expected the guaranteed returns are preposterous at best and equate to a value 3 to 12 times the average ROI generated from genuine cryptocurrency ventures.

Starter Plan

Deposit: $50

Duration: 365 working days

Total Return: 170%

Daily Return: ~0.65%

Ruby Plan

Deposit: $1,350

Duration: 330 working days

Total Return: 191.20%

Daily Return: ~0.80%

Sapphire Plan

Deposit: $36,450

Duration: 300 working days

Total Return: 260.40%

Daily Return: ~1.10%

Emerald Plan

Deposit: $350,000

Duration: 270 working days

Total Return: 378.24%

Daily Return: ~1.60%

CryptoXL Complaints

CryptoXL is not a popular investment destination, which is perhaps why we cannot find any investor feedback regarding this operation. Most of the reviews regarding CryptoXL are inconclusive and include the incorporation of affiliate links to accrue earnings off your deception.

Can CryptoXL be Trusted?

As we always express, complete anonymity is the last characteristic you want to come across when considering alleged online trading destinations as an investment opportunity. While CryptoXL claims to be owned and operated by CryptoXL Limited in several governing countries, business register searches fail to churn up any credible results to support that corporate entity truly exists. Combine that with the outrageous returns on investments and how they fully acknowledge how withdrawals may be difficult to receive and the answer becomes quite clear… No! CryptoXL cannot be trusted!

CryptoXL Review Conclusion

Avoid the illicit CryptoXL operation if you wish to prolong the longevity of your crypto wallet. For those of us who are experienced in the Bitcoin domain, it is evident that the sole motive behind this sites creation would be to mislead gullible investors out of their cryptocurrencies. Don’t be fooled by petty promises of rich-rewards obtained through minimum effort, nothing worthwhile comes without the exertion of hard-work. Always do your due-diligence before investing with any cryptocurrency related venture but most of all do not invest with CryptoXL!

Review Verdict: CryptoXL is a SCAM!

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  1. wim

    Yes, they don’t pay and no response from support! SCAM!

  2. Kenny

    I invested $12000 and never received a return. They have stopped responding to my email, their website is not down yet.

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