Fiscal Investment Review - Scam Review
Fiscal Investment ( is an auto-trading platform which focus only on trading digital currencies. At first their site appeared genuine but the main spoiler was their return claims which is around 10% per day and not to mention they have all the traits of a pyramid scheme.

Nevertheless we carried our investigation and found nothing but exaggerated claims and telltale stories. Before you send your money to these fraudsters go through our complete review which will show you all the ill intentions of this fake platform.

License and Support

Any type of investment carries a degree of risk. Whenever a firm associates with retail group of investors and present them with any kind of contract,they are required by law to hold proper legal documents.

Fiscal Investment is an ICO which generates their revenue from various forms of investments around cryptocurrencies like trading and mining at a macro level and they raise money required for these ventures from the public. According to the terms and conditions dictated by the contract entered by both the parties, the clients are supposed to get profits along with their starting capital.

One of the major aspect we consider is the legitimacy side of the business, since we couldn’t find any license this firm should possess along with the fact that there isn’t a clue about this organisation in the database of FCA and FTC means they are operating illegally. This firm also refuses to acknowledge any details regarding the legal aspect which we believe is done purposefully.

The ways of getting in touch with the support team of this firm is via telephone and email. Isn’t it a little concerning that they have even failed to share the address of the firm’s location ?

Telephone – 009 – 215 – 5596

Email –

Employees and Background

Transparency is an element which serves as a credibility boosting factor in all forms of business whether it is online or offline. This platform features the details of their employees which is a trick used to give the potential clients a sense of being trustworthy but actually the facts points south. - Stock Photos

We searched the internet for hours to find the slightest clue about these people but they all ended in vain which means, these characters are all imaginary. In case if you were wondering the images used are just stock photos which nowadays can be found on the internet for free.

How does Fiscal Investment work ?

This company is involved in cryptocurrencies heavily. They claims to have been awarded the best platform for both mining and trading but there isn’t any supporting evidence to that. The trading strategy they follow is undisclosed and their isn’t any previous verifiable trading history to prove that their system actually works.

Cryptocurrencies is too volatile and very reactive to fundamental factors unless you are following a strict money management plan with focusing on risk diversification the odds will be against you. They claim to be involved in mining but have failed to provide any hint apart from saying that they are the most reliable platform for that.

The algorithm they use, machinery they employ and the location of their mining centers are not revealed. With so many red flags how can anyone entrust this firm with their money.

Returns Promised

There are 8 investment plans featured on this platform wherein for high returns in short amount of time, the investors have to put in more capital but this is just an attempt to evoke the greed and make you lose more. Here are the details of the most popular packages:-

Plan 1

Returns – 4.5% Daily

Duration – 7 Days

Min Deposit – $3,000

Referral Bonus – 5%

Plan 2

Returns – 5% Daily

Duration – 7 Days

Min Deposit – $5,000

Referral Bonus – 7%

Plan 3

Returns – 6.5% Daily

Duration – 7 Days

Min Deposit – $10,000

Referral Bonus – 5%

Plan 4

Returns – 10% Daily

Duration – 7 Days

Min Deposit – $20,000

Referral Bonus – 5%

Referral Program

All the fake platforms spend a fortune on advertising and marketing as it in return helps them make a lot of money. This service offers huge bonus and rewards to any individual who refers more investors to their platform.

The commission rate depends on the investment plan chosen by the customer and it ranges from 5% to 7%. Since the affiliates do not hold an active account with them , there is no risk for them and they are making money by misleading innocent investors.


Testimonials acts like a seal of trust when it comes to online services. Many platforms embed them on their platform as it upholds transparency and instills a feeling of community unless they are twisted for other ill intentions. - Fake Testimonials

This platform features a lot of positive comments from happy customers but as they have not put up any images or details of those alleged early users, there is no way to verify them. Considering the flattery comments they are most probably from fake user profiles.

Domain Insight

Since this website is very new, 12 days to be exact as of publishing this review there is no information with regards to what countries they are trying to capture and what kind of launch strategy they are using. According to this domain was registered on 28/08/2018 and it expires after one year.

Is Fiscal Investment a Scam ?


Almost everything about this platform is falsely portrayed or constructed. They operate not only anonymously but illegally. These so called experts do not have any idea about trading which is clearly proven by their narration.

They are trying to get the attention of the potential investors by showcasing a false impression of how easy trading can be but that is not the case. If you for any reason fall for their deceptive tactics do not be surprised if the support team fails to address you, their main goal is to take your money after that they are least bothered about what you do.

Note that the telephone number they have put up on their platform is not operational.

Fiscal Investment Review Conclusion

Usually most of the investment companies focus on trading a particular type of asset but rarely are involved with all the financial instruments because as the focus becomes widened it is very difficult to cater to the needs. Unlike what these crooks do which is lure in maximum amount of people by featuring every type of assets.

This firm is not at all involved in any type of activity concerning the financial markets and their model is a simple ponzi scheme which are banned in most countries. We suggest our readers to stop entertaining scams like these in any way despite what story they come up with.

Have you lost lost money to We encourage you to share your opinion by commenting below.

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