Crypto Coin Rankings Review - Scam Review
Crypto Coin Rankings ( is a trading but which supposedly help the investors gain quadruple of the amount of money they put in. Their website and platform is specifically designed in such a way that even for average traders and investors who have considerable exposure of the markets, it is difficult to access this software.

Initially we also felt like this might be the real deal but the factors found during our investigation clearly pointed otherwise. The win rate of their so called revolutionary bot is not revealed.

To know all the reasons because of which we are suggesting you to stay away from this nasty scam, read our full review.

Company and Support

Every company which offers investment advice which is a form of financial service. Crypto Coin Rankings is an auto-trader which basically requires the investors to fund their account in order to generate returns, so risk is always present.

While we checked this platform to see if they have the proper legal rights to carry out these type of activists, we couldn’t find any certificates. Since even on the database of FCA and FTC has no information about this company, they are definitely violating the law and every person who is in charge of this firm will face criminal prosecution if they are caught.

Whenever the investor face any kind of problem then the only way to reach the customer support is through a contact form provided on their platform. Since this signal service is not able to provide basic assistance via email or telephone it shows how unprofessional they are.

How does Crypto Coin Rankings work ?

This software is said to simultaneously generate signals on more than 100 cryptocurrencies on all major time frames. The signals can be tweaked according to one’s preference thereby seeing only the setups in the coins they are interested in.

As interesting as the idea behind this platform may sound it does not help you to increase your balance by 4 times as portrayed because every technical indicator shows the right direction correctly for some amount of time and as we know the markets are even changing so it will not be profitable if the individual does not adjust the trades depending upon the volatility.

Their algorithm is said to scan media outlets for any crypto related news to gauge the market sentiment but we have no clue about how accurate they are. The sheer amount of absurd narration along with so many red flags means this software is not the one you can trust.

Returns Offered

These fraudsters are getting smart day by day and it is clearly evident on their platform. They do not promise to make you certain amount of money daily but instead they drum into your ears that the more money you invest, more returns you will make. - Fake Results

This is a perfect example of emotional selling but unfortunately you are on the losing side. There are a few results posted on their platform showing the detailed stats about the investors account but do not drift away but instead know that they are all fake and the images shown are not of real users, they all are just bogus profiles with a stock photo.

Ask yourself why would they have to lie about the results unless they are not profitable in the first place.

Affiliate Program

Most of the scams we have reviewed in the past gives much attention on the marketing part as that is what their net profit depends upon. This service offers a huge incentive of over $400 per investors to any individual who will promote them.

Along with the cash bonus, they even provide the promoters with email scripts and promotional tools to help them effectively reach the target audience. The affiliates gets 60% of the total revenue they bring in. Note that the affiliates are not required to hold an active account to cash in their pay cheque.


There are tons of testimonials glued on the front page of their website. They have done this to earn the trust of the potential clients and appear like a reputable firm with a track record of producing impressive results but do not get sold to the hype. - Fake Testimonials

All the comments are too pleasing and since they are only screenshots, there is no way anyone could verify or trust them. Question anything you see online especially when money is involved.


When we tried to gather the information regarding the marketing plan of this service, we couldn’t draw exact conclusion because of the lack of data. According to this website ranks 2,541,825 globally, thanks to we know that this domain was registered on 12/04/2018 and it expires after exactly one year.

Is Crypto Coin Rankings Scam or Legit ?

This platform is a pretty convincing but 100% confirmed scam,

The creator behind this software is a guy known as Michael. Apart from his name there isn’t any information provided except that he was once an average Joe and after he stumbled upon the crypto world he made significant amount of money.

These kind of stories are told only to encourage people to deposit with them but as we said earlier you should be very cautious when dealing with online schemes as the chances of getting back your money sometimes is non-existent. Moreover given all these facts, we strongly advice all our readers to avoid this software.

Crypto Coin Rankings Review Conclusion

Just like most investment scams this platform also has a lot of unethical practices and tactics spread across their interface. All the awards can be considered as “all show no go” because they are not from any prestigious institutions but are simply from imaginary entities.

The way you can interact with the people working for this firm is via email and telegram only so there is no personal touch what so ever. Now the only question is will you take a shot in the dark with them or instead preserve your money for future endeavors.

Did you get scammed by Feel free to share your feedback by commenting below.


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